The Power of Feeling Your Twin Flame Inside You

Feeling Your Twin Flame Inside You: The Connection That Can’t Be Broken

Feeling Your Twin Flame Inside You

Are you on a twin flame journey? If so, you would know why it is called the perfect match.

Even before you actually meet your twin flame, you know that the Universe is planning something big for you. Your energy level goes up and the abnormalities and weaknesses in your character start disappearing. This is the Universe preparing you for the big union.

Once you meet your twin flame and make the connection, the positive developments in your life will continue. At the same time, you begin to feel an unbreakable bond with your twin flame. 

You feel as if you have known them forever. This is true as the twin flame connection runs across lifetimes. As you get to know each other more and more, the attraction you feel for your twin flame continues to grow. This will reach such levels that all you can think of is the twin flame and your time together.

When your twin flame starts living in your heart and thoughts permanently, you know that the twin flame journey has attained perfection. It’s strange when you start feeling your twin flame inside you. 

If you haven’t yet reached this level of the twin flame relationship and would like to know what it is like feeling your twin flame inside you, read on. This article presents the most prominent signs of the immortal and everlasting twin flame journey.

Signs of feeling your twin flame inside you

1. You feel like an extension of each other

You start thinking and behaving like each other. You have this irresistible urge to imitate them and be like them. If you have never experienced this before, it may appear weird to you.

You seem to have a nonstop conversation going on in your head with your twin flame. Even when you are miles apart, you can feel their presence close by. Now and then, when you are alone, you get a strong feeling that your twin flame is standing right next to you. You can even smell their presence. But when you turn to look in that direction, you are disappointed.

If you can take this in the right way, you will feel thrilled and exhilarated. You know that you are carrying your twin flame inside you, notwithstanding the physical distance.

2. You become aware of an intense twin flame energy connection

You feel the perfect sync between your energies and minds. You may even sense an out-of-body experience when you swap your bodies. When you are together, the rest of the world blurs and fades away. This is an incredible experience, to say the least.

If you pay close attention to your feelings and thoughts, you will discover the effect the presence of your twin flame has on you. The moment you are in each other’s presence, all you can feel is the strong twin flame energy connection between the two of you. You feel alive, energized, and motivated to take on the world.

You can sense the shift in energy, mindset, and behavior when you are with your twin flame.

3. You feel an intense affinity to certain things and places 

You may feel deeply connected to the place where you first met or kissed. You may feel the same way about the places you visited together or the people you met. This feeling is strange and has to be experienced to understand its significance. It’s hard to explain it in words. 

Every time you come across these things or places, you are reminded of your twin flame and all the passionate feelings associated with the twin flame journey. The smell of soil after the first rain reminds you of the time when you went hiking. Or when you see a bouquet or feel the soft touch of the fabric, it reminds you of your twin flame. 

You start associating these things and places with your twin flame. You will even link the sensations to the memory of your twin flame. So much so that your mind may imagine their presence even if they are not there.

4. You feel overwhelmed by emotions

The twin flame relationships are not all about riding high on energy and positive feelings. At times all these can get too much and make you feel confused and out of sorts. When you are swamped with too many emotions at the same time, your mind will need time and space to process them. 

You may feel a deluge of emotions due to the high energy level in the twin flame relationships. There will be times when your twin flame energy levels will go out of sync. You or your twin flame may experience higher or lower twin flame energy than usual. This may upset the balance until it stabilizes. 

The emotional roller coaster may trigger dreams and recurring visions of something significant in your life. Seeing something linked to your twin flame in your dreams and visions may fill your mind with emotions and thoughts about them. 

If you find this experience disturbing, don’t worry. There is no need to panic. All you need is a bit of rest and time to unwind. Take it easy for a while until you feel normal.

5. You can sense your twin flame’s thoughts and feelings

You don’t need to spell it out to understand each other. You can learn what is in their mind and what emotions they are feeling through telepathic transmission. You may even gain the capacity to see them in your vision wherever they are. 

When you are alone and lost in your thoughts, you may get an insight to communicate with your twin flame. You may have an entire conversation with your twin flame when they are not present with telepathic communication. But don’t expect to gain mastery over telepathy overnight. It is a slow process and the more you use it, the better you get at this. 

Some more signs of feeling your twin flame inside you

  1. You will develop a long-lasting relationship with your twin flame’s family.
  2. You may remember your past twin flame relationships.
  3. You may feel a strong urge to build closer ties with your twin flames.
  4. You may be led in specific paths by your twin flames intentionally or otherwise.
  5. Your jealousy may be triggered when your twin flames show interest elsewhere.
  6. You may notice a change in your feelings and thoughts.
  7. You may have the sensation of being observed or pursued closely.
  8. You may not be able to sleep well for nights together.
  9. You may start imitating your twin flames and adopt their lifestyle and thought processes.
  10. You may feel compelled to take certain decisions though you don’t know why.
  11. You may get the feeling of being under the control of your twin flames. This is when you should have complete trust.
  12. You may feel an intense connection with your twin flame’s feelings but feel disconnected from yours.
  13. Your emotional surges may leave a physical aftereffect on your body. Such as cold, fatigue, headache, and dizziness.
  14. You may feel that you are on an emotional roller coaster with no end in sight. 
  15. You may receive a clear message from your twin revealing their true self.

Final thoughts on feeling your twin flame inside you

The intensity of twin flame relationships is so much that you may start feeling your twin flame inside you. The proximity of your twin flames doesn’t matter. You may feel this way even when you are far apart. The best way to make sense of this connection is through telepathy and energy transfer. 

Every time your twin flames think of you, they are sending twin flame energy your way. When you receive this energy packet, you will become aware of their presence as well as know about the message your twin flame is trying to send you. Being twin flames, your energies will be stronger and in sync with each other, making possible telepathic conversations.

When you start feeling your twin flame inside you, don’t feel scared. You shouldn’t ignore or deny it either. Tell yourself that this is real and is happening to you. You aren’t making it up. Just ride the wave and you should be home safe and sound.


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