How to Manifest Becoming Famous Actor Like Jim Carrey

How to Manifest Becoming a Famous Actor Like Jim Carrey

How to Manifest Becoming a Famous Actor

Many people dream of becoming an actor and making it big in Hollywood. But most of them never get anywhere close to their dreams because they can’t find the right way to attract success into their lives. This article will show you step by step how to manifest becoming a famous actor.

If you are a movie buff, Jim Carrey needs no introduction. Most probably you must have watched a few of his movies.

Do you know that before he became a household name, he too was a struggling actor like hundreds of others? Something that set him apart besides his talent was his unwavering belief in himself, his talents, and the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. 

Would you like to know how Jim Carrey harnessed this power to become a famous actor adored by millions? Would you like to do the same? Read on…

This article tells you the rags to riches story of the famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. You will also find here the steps you can follow to manifest an acting career. Or, in fact, any career.

Jim Carrey: The success story

Jim Carrey came to Hollywood like thousands with the dream of becoming an actor. But unlike many others, he believed that he was destined to succeed and become famous without an iota of doubt. He followed manifestation techniques like visualization to the tee.

Jim Carrey appeared in The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997 and shared the details of his success story with the world. This is how he managed to manifest being famous.

Much before he found success and fame with his first hit movie Dumb and Dumber in 1995, he was broke and was having a hard time making ends meet. 

He was not getting any of the roles he wanted in movies. The directors and producers were not interested in casting him in their movies. For him, daily survival itself was challenging. But he was unwilling to give up.

Carrey used visualization

He used to visualize that the directors he respected and wanted to work with were interested in him. In his visualization, they would tell him, “I like your work”. He used to visualize that all the things he wanted and wished for come to him. 

Jim Carrey tells Oprah that though he didn’t have anything at that time, the visualization made him feel better and happier. He used to think that all those things are out there somewhere. He just doesn’t have them with him then but it was just a matter of time before he can get a hold of them.

Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million

It was at this point that the idea of the check dawned on him. He wrote himself a check for $10 million for “acting services rendered”. He dated it to Thanksgiving 1995. Carrey tells us that he gave himself a period of 3 or 5 years to succeed. 

After he filled in the check, he put it in his wallet and kept it there always. Over the years, it got torn and damaged because of wear and tear. But still, it remained in his wallet until just before Thanksgiving 1995. That is when he found out that he will be paid $10 million for his role in the superhit movie Dumb and Dumber.

If you want more information about using the law of attraction check technique, download our Printable Abundance Check to get started.

Carrey manifested the success and fame he visualized.

Carrey’s explanation on why he did what he did

Carrey visualized his success and fame when he had nothing because it made him feel better. He truly believed that he had the potential to succeed. Moreover, he was putting in every effort to get himself noticed by directors and land good roles in movies. 

When he wrote the check, he was totally broke with only a few dollars in his pocket. But he knew in his heart of hearts that he was destined for fame and success. All he needs to do is believe in himself and work hard. It is to motivate himself to continue the hard work and keep up his positive attitude that he wrote the now-famous check of $ 10 million.

Carrey firmly believed that if he wrote the check to himself and supported his vision with intentional action, he would reach where he wanted to and achieve the success and fame he dreamed about.

Carrey’s quotes on manifestation

“Well, yeah. That’s the thing, you can’t just visualize and then, you know, go eat a sandwich.”

“As far as I can tell, it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and then working toward it while letting go of how it comes to pass.”

“So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach so we never dare to ask the universe for it. I’m proof that you can ask the universe for it.”

“Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.”

“I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

How to manifest an acting career?

Those who have tried their luck to become an actor would attest to the fact that luck plays a huge role in your success.

Besides the obvious qualifications required for a good actor such as natural talent, learning to act, auditioning skills, getting yourself an agent, PR skills, branding, visibility in the film world, and more, you need to channel your energy in the right path to stay motivated and attract the blessings of the Universe.

The manifestation process using the law of attraction teaches you how to raise your energy vibrations and handle them the right way to realize your dreams. The manifestation steps are simple enough to understand and follow.

1. Clear the clutter in your living space.

This may seem unnecessary but cluttered spaces tend to accumulate negative energy. This is detrimental to manifesting success and fame.

2. Live your dream.

Shed that dejected and unsuccessful attitude and embrace the outlook and mindset of the person you want to become. This change will have a huge effect on others as well as yourself.

3. Visualize your future.

See yourself in your imagination as working in a big-budget movie or receiving a handsome paycheck or driving around in a fancy car or walking the red carpet.

4. Take supportive action.

Without this, your manifestation methods will come to naught. Take acting lessons, get your portfolio done, and get yourself an agent. Constantly revise your plan to reach your goal to make it more effective.

5. Pat yourself on the back.

Even small wins do matter. Celebrate them all. If you manage to get a small role or a chance to audition, think of them as the stepping stones to success.

6. Practice gratitude.

Feeling grateful for all the things you have now is a great way to manifest your desires. When we feel thankful, our thoughts turn towards what’s good in life, which can help attract more of it into our lives!

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7. Live in the present moment.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday stressors of life and lose sight of what is happening in the present. Before you know it, days, weeks, or even months have passed, and you’ve missed out on some really important moments. Trips, birthdays, anniversaries – all gone because you were caught up in the past or worrying about the future. But if you learn to live in the present moment, you’ll be able to appreciate life a whole lot more. 

8. Think positive.

Believe in your heart of hearts that you are going to make it big and become famous.

You can do it! Stop thinking negatively and start having faith. You are going to get there eventually. Just keep dreaming about being famous or successful every day until your goal comes true.

Achieving a positive outlook might not seem easy at first. You may also want to look at our guide on how to get rid of negative thoughts spiritually.

9. Trust your instinct.

Intuition is a powerful tool and can help guide our decisions in life. Sometimes we may not know the best course of action, but if you’re feeling an overwhelming sense that something isn’t right, trust your gut feelings!

10. Use Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to change your mindset. Many studies have shown that positive affirmations can help people achieve more in life. For example, “I am an excellent actor” will prompt you with all of your strengths and talents and put you in the best emotional state to perform on stage.

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11. Be patient.

Career manifestation is neither magic nor miracle. So, don’t expect results overnight. Patience, persistence, and perseverance can get you anywhere you want to go.

Manifestation: The secret to your biggest dream coming true

Jim Carrey started from nothing and reached dizzying heights of success with his belief in the power of the law of attraction. He may have used it to manifest becoming famous. You can use the same strategy to manifest a specific job or manifest career success.

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