How to Shift Reality Fast?

How to shift reality fast?

How to shift reality fast

Can we shift our reality? Shift to what?

When you read the title, these are natural questions that will pop up in your mind. That is if you aren’t familiar with the concept. If you have watched the Keanu Reeves starrer The Matrix, you would know something about this. 

If you haven’t come across reality shifting, it is time you get introduced to the topic. 

Let’s begin at the beginning and get a good understanding of how to reality shift faster.

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    Reality shifting: Facts and fiction

    When you Google “Shifting reality” or “How to shift reality faster?”, you will come across numerous videos on the topic on YouTube. TikTok is another place where you will come across scores of reality shifting methods. 

    Exercise caution before taking these pieces of advice at face value. While some of them are bogus, others are too complicated or take longer to grasp and master. Identifying genuine ones from fake ones is not easy either. So, what is the way out?

    The best approach would be to rely on trusted websites for information. Also, you need to apply logic and use your common sense to figure out what is genuine. 

    If you are still not aware of the meaning of reality shifting, read on.

    What is reality?

    Our reality is what happens in our consciousness. This is something we can easily understand. The truth is this reality that we are all familiar with, is only the most visible one on the top of our conscious mind. There are many more layers of realities lying underneath this.

    Realities are like dimensions. As more and more dimensions get added to a space, it gets super-complicated. But it is difficult to understand doesn’t mean these dimensions don’t exist. The same is the case with realities. 

    For any person, including you, many realities exist simultaneously. However, you can be present only in one of them, which is referred to as your current reality or CR. Shifting reality is all about leaving the current reality and migrating to another of your choice.

    It is natural to ask whether all this is sci-fi, just as in the movie. This is certainly a fascinating idea. 

    How would you react when you are told that a different reality shifting is possible?

    Surprised? Hard to digest?

    Continue reading this article. You will not only be able to accept this as a possibility, but you will also learn how to make reality shift faster.

    What is reality shifting?

    Reality is indeed a state of mind. It’s all in your thoughts and imagination. As you gain better insight and control over your mind, you will find that this can be achieved and you can reality shift faster.

    Everything we see around us is reality. But all of them began as thoughts in someone’s mind. For instance, new inventions are triggered by ideas forming in the inventors’ minds. The iPhone was conceptualized by Steve Jobs. Similar lines can be drawn for other inventions like the internet, solar cells, or self-driving cars. 

    On a basic level, the dish you made yesterday started as a thought. You thought about what to cook, figured out the ingredients, shopped for them, and then, actually followed the steps of the recipe to come up with the dish.

    In quantum theory, the moment you think of something, it comes into existence in some dimension. Only when you invest your time and effort, can it exist in your current reality. 

    This means every one of your thoughts or imagination creates the desired reality. In other words, there exist infinite realities for every one of us.

    How to reality shift faster?

    You can follow various manifestation techniques to reality shift faster. However, the shortest route to achieving this is by following these easy steps. These steps form the basis of all manifestation methods.

    1. Set the intention
    2. Visualize your dream
    3. Meditation
    4. Trust the Universe

    Before we move ahead for a deeper understanding of this method, let’s learn more about the various reality shifting methods.

    Various reality shifting methods

    If you have already watched any of the YouTube or TikTok videos on this topic, you would be familiar with some of these shifting methods.

    Before you decide to try out these shifting methods, a word of caution. Being popular on TikTok doesn’t mean these reality shifting methods are workable or trustworthy. 

    Raven method

    You need to lie down with your limbs stretched out like a starfish for 10-12 minutes. Count to 100 as you maintain your focus on the reality you want to shift to. 

    As you fall asleep, you should say aloud, “My reality is shifting”. When you wake up, you will find yourself in the desired reality.

    Pillow method

    Also known as scripting, this reality shifting method involves writing about your desired reality on a piece of paper. This helps in creating awareness about your desire and the reality in your subconscious mind. 

    By engaging in scripting before you fall asleep and keeping the paper/journal under your pillow, you will find yourself in the reality of your choice when you wake up. 

    Learn more about pillow manifestation technique.

    Julia method

    This involves meditation. Lie on your back and repeat the words “I am” continuously until you feel the symptoms of reality shifting. You should experience detaching from your physical self and entering the reality that you desire.

    As you start experiencing the symptoms, you should repeat affirmations like “I am leaving my current reality” and “I am now in my desired reality”. 

    When you have completely detached from your present reality, imagine how you would like to be in the desired reality. 

    How much time is needed for reality shifting?

    The reality shifting method described here to reality shift faster actually needs less than 5 minutes to execute. However, there is no guarantee that you can actually reality shift faster. 

    The time required for this process varies from person to person. For some, it will happen instantaneously, while for others, it may take weeks and months. 

    However, one thing is certain. The more we can trust the Universe and manage to let go of our inhibitions and the need to control, the faster we can manifest our desires or reality shift faster. The more important thing is to not worry too much about the time required.

    Shifting realities needs an overhaul of the mindset. However, burdening the mind with more worries is not going to help. Worrying only leads to resistance and resistance has negative energy. Ultimately, you will end up pushing away the very thing you want to attract.

    Believing in the success of this method is key to fast reality shifting. And, believing means truly believing, without an iota of doubt. You also need to be totally relaxed to succeed in the different reality shifting method.

    In case you are having trouble believing in this process wholeheartedly, use affirmations to change your perspective. 

    Step-by-step fast reality shifting method

    This method of reality-shifting is especially aimed at beginners. It’s easy and simple. It has only four steps. 

    Step 1: Set the intention

    If you feel confused about the word “intention”, here is a simple explanation. It just means a goal. 

    If you live your life without being aware of what you want, you are undertaking the journey without knowing the direction. The same is true for the short term as well, such as for a day. 

    When you go about your daily routine without having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, you end up achieving nothing and feeling that you have wasted away your time.

    This doesn’t mean you need to have a vice grip on everything happening in your life. At times, it makes it easier to go with the flow. But without knowing the direction you want to go, you may find yourself where you don’t want to be. 

    This is where setting a goal or intention can help. With this, you are giving yourself a direction to travel in the path of life. With an intention, you are making it clear to yourself as well as the Universe what you want in life. This also means you need to let the Universe know about the intention you have set for yourself.

    How to declare your intention to the Universe?

    Once you have made up your mind about the intention, you can ask the Universe whichever way you deem right. You can say it in your mind or aloud. Or write it down in a manifestation journal. As soon as you wake up in the morning is perfect for this as your mind will be clear and not clouded by thoughts and worries.

    Step 2: Visualize living your dream

    Once you have made your intention clear to yourself and the Universe, you need to think about achieving it. If your goal is for the day, see in your mind’s eye, what your actions would be leading you up to it. Visualize how your day would pan out so that you end up achieving your goal. 

    Visualization is imagination without distractions. To make sure you are not deviating from your goal and focusing on the task at hand, choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths to anchor yourself.

    Start from the present moment and follow your actions throughout the day. Notice your own feelings and thoughts as well as what is happening in the environment. Include the five senses in the mix and your visualization experience would be perfect. 

    In the visualization process, you are tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. When you are feeling and thinking as if you have reached your goal, your subconscious mind will treat it as real. It cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

    When your subconscious mind accepts manifesting the intention as real and derives positive vibes from it, your vibrational frequency will match that of your goal. This is when the manifestation happens in real life.

    Step 3: Meditation

    Meditation is always recommended for better focus. It also helps to detach yourself from your thoughts and regard them as a third person. 

    Though meditation can help you do this, reaching this level of expertise will take time and practice. This is harder for some as they are so well-connected to their thoughts that these thoughts turn into their identities.

    They derive their sense of self from these thoughts. As thoughts ultimately turn into realities, it becomes harder to reality shift, if you are firmly attached to your thoughts. Meditation helps with detaching yourself from your thoughts. 

    If you are a beginner, meditation may not come easy. You will find your mind wandering away even as you try hard to keep them still and stay put. You may try a guided meditation to help you get started. You can find video/audio on YourTube or Spotify. 

    Begin with a short 5-10 minute session. As you gain confidence, extend the session.

    Once you gain the ability to view your thoughts as an outsider, shifting reality becomes easier. 

    Step 4: Trust the Universe

    You can achieve something only if you believe in it. In other words, you cannot reach somewhere when you do not believe that you can. This Universal rule is true here as well.

    Trust and belief directly translate into your ability to let go of related anxieties. With anxiety comes negativity and resistance. You want something, but you are preventing yourself from achieving it. In simple terms, this means that you are putting up resistance to shifting reality. 

     On the other hand, when you believe in the process and trust the Universe, you will find it easy to let go of your doubts and worries. Things happen naturally without a hitch when you can believe and trust. 

    As long as you can believe that good things are coming, you will be more relaxed and find it easier to enjoy your day. Don’t bother about “when” or “how”. 

    Trust the Universe to make your dreams come true. 

    Commonly asked questions

    Is it dangerous to reality shift? 

    As long as you feel comfortable and secure with the desired reality, this is not dangerous. If after shifting reality, you are uncomfortable or feel scared, turn back immediately without hesitation. Come back to your original reality or shift to something else.

    Once you manage to reality shift once, you can do it again. There is no need for you to feel trapped anywhere. Remember that you are in charge of your reality.

    Is it possible to reality shift reality without visualization?

    If you feel that your imaginative powers are limited, you can try scripting. Instead of seeing the future in your mind’s eye, you have to write them down like a story as you fall asleep. 

    If you are imagination-challenged, the Pillow Method is the best tool for you. However, combining scripting with visualization is more effective.

    Why am I failing in reality shifting?

    As mentioned in this article, reality shifting happens in the mind and mind alone. To make this happen, you need to follow certain conditions. Such as believing in the process, trusting the Universe, and learning to let go.

    If you are unable to reality shift, you are not satisfying one or more conditions. Disbelief in the process, inability to trust the Universe, obsessing over the outcome and inability to let go are the most common reasons for failure.

    The presence of negativity in your mindset can spoil your chance to shift reality.

    Bottom line

    Reality shifting is a simple technique anyone can do at any time. Once you get a hang of it, you will find it easy enough. The trick is not to give up after the first few failed attempts. The more you persevere, the more experience you gain and the easier it gets.

    Once you master the technique of reality shifting, you will feel that luck is always on your side. You will find your life most enjoyable. You will feel as if you are living your dream all the time. 

    In your dreams, you can do anything or become anyone you want to be. With reality shifting, your real life will resemble your dreams. What more can you ask for?

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