Saying Goodbye To Your Twin Flame

Saying Goodbye To Your Twin Flame

Saying Goodbye To Your Twin Flame

Some say that meeting your twin flame is like finding a part of yourself that you never knew was missing. This blog post is about saying goodbye to your twin flame.

You may have heard about the twin flame relationship – its purity, intensity, and uniqueness in every aspect.

Relationships with such high levels of passion and energy are hard to sustain for long. They usually exist for short bouts and then vanish. Twin flame separation is a common concept. So is the twin flame reunion. 

In most cases, separation is not permanent. The deeper level of soul connection will pull them back together at a later date for a reunion. In fact, a twin flame connection continues through lifetimes; the twin flames come together after each rebirth. Twin flame permanent separation is not common. 

This article explores the topic of the twin flame separation phase – why it happens, how it pans out, and how to deal with it. Here you will also find out what to do after you are separated from your twin.

Why do twins separate?

As a twin flame connection, like any other relationship, involves two individuals, the reason for separation may be different for each couple. However, we can find certain common circumstances leading up to the twin flame separation phase.

1. Not ready

The twins come across each other and recognize the other as their twin souls. But as they begin to experience the intensity of their twin flame journey, one twin may feel that they are not up for it yet. They feel that they want more time and feel like running away. Ultimately, they end up taking this step one day, becoming the runner.

Being mirror souls, twin flames know each other and recognize each other’s imperfections well. The ability to love and at the same time maintain healthy personal boundaries is too challenging for some to manage. 

So, the other twin naturally becomes the chaser. Chaser will go after the “runner” to bring them back into the relationship because they realize its importance in both their lives. 

2. Need to grow

The purpose of a twin flame journey is to help each other grow. But at some stage in the relationship, this becomes hard and impossible. A short-term separation is needed for both twin flames to accomplish their life goals, before coming together again.

Most often, this situation will arise when the twins meet before they are ready for the twin flame journey. Typically, the Universe prepares them well for this occasion and allows them enough time as well. Meeting twin flame is indeed a tremendous occasion.

When the growth of one or both is stunted in the relationship, separation is the obvious outcome.

3. Lack of self-love

You may have heard the saying – you cannot love others without loving yourself first. When one or both twins are unable to practice self-love and compassion towards themselves, their love for each other will be imperfect. 

There is this belief that we all need to find perfect partners to complete us. In this endeavor to find the “perfect partner”, we tend to lose sight of ourselves and forget to love ourselves. The flaw in this theory is that the concept of a “perfect partner” is a myth and the absence of self-love is defeating the purpose of this relationship.

Moreover, a lack of love in the relationship may lead to insecurity, jealousy, and even interdependency. When the relationship turns toxic, separation is a means to get rid of the negative energy. 

4. Absence of maturity

For any relationship to succeed, maturity is vital for both partners. When one or both partners lack maturity, both emotionally and spiritually, it can lead to a difficult situation. 

When one twin flame is less mature than the other, they will find the relationship too stifling that they may run away. Also, their personal growth may be slower than their twin’s, making them fall behind on various levels. 

Twin flame relationships will remain strong and healthy when both partners are equal and grow together.

5. Goal is fulfilled

When twin flames have been together for a while, they have helped each other grow and find their potential. But twin flame relationships have their own limitations. When a twin flame relationship has reached this limit and fulfilled its goal, it is time for the twin flames to go their separate ways. 

Though this is a sad end to a beautiful relationship, each partner needs to think for themselves as an individual. When their personal growth is stunted, they have no choice but to move on and find better opportunities.

When does separation happen?

You need to realize that twin flame separation is just a temporary situation. Twin flame relationships are meant to continue across lifetimes, rebirth after rebirth. This means that the separation is not permanent; you never really break up with your twin forever. Twin flame permanent separation is rare.

Whether you are together or separated, your twin flame is always present in your heart. Even when you have moved on after separation and found another relationship, you never cease to think of your twin or forget them completely. The pull of the relationship is too strong for this. 

When your twin flame relationship is ready for the separation stage, you may come across these signs. 

  • You no longer feel comfortable in the company of your twin.
  • You feel traumatized for reasons unknown.
  • Your relationship turns cold.
  • You are not running/chasing anymore. This phase is over.
  • You feel the need to break free.
  • Abuse of diverse forms is present in the relationship.
  • You feel the need to have space to heal.

How to deal with the twin flame separation stage?

Just like the Universe arranged circumstances for your meeting twin flame and brought the two of you together in this beautiful relationship, it paves way for the separation stage when the time is right. There is no need to feel let down or bad about it. Separation is as much part of this relationship as a reunion. It’s normal.

As mentioned above, there are various reasons why twin flames undergo the separation stage. Whenever you experience the signs mentioned earlier, you can prepare yourself for this eventuality. 

Sometimes, the separation stage begins with a running and chasing routine. Once both of you realize the inevitability of the separation phase, you stop runner-chaser roles and settle down into a new life. Twin flame permanent separation is more difficult to deal with.

While some find it easier to move on and find another soulmate, others face a harder time getting over the end of this intense relationship. Eventually, they learn to get on with their lives the best way they could. 

Bottom line

Despite separating from each other, twin flames don’t forget the life they shared. However, only when the time is right for a reunion, the Universe will make it happen. 

In the meanwhile, it is time for self-love, personal growth, and getting rid of the negative elements in their mindset so that they can avoid another separation in the future.

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