Signs of Good Luck on Your Body in Nature From The Universe

Signs of Good Luck on Your Body

Signs of Good Luck on Your Body

When faced with a serious problem, even the most practical person cannot help wishing for a bit of luck. This is merely human nature.

Despite all the hard work that you put in, there are times when things don’t happen the way you expect them to. Then, it is hard to resist the urge to seek blessings from heaven.

Luck is looked upon in many ways. Some treat it as chance or fluke. For some others, it is karma or destiny, that is the consequence of their actions. There are still others who consider luck as blessings from God or elders.

No matter what you think luck is, how to know if you are having a lucky run right now? 

Knowing this fact is sort of reassuring. You know that when luck is on your side, you need not worry about the consequences as much. All you need to do is your part of the deal and your luck, shining bright, will take care of the rest. 

This can take a load off your mind and help you get through the task without stress and anxiety. Luck or no luck, this in itself can help you succeed.

This article delves into the topic of luck and tells you how you can find the signs of good fortune on your body itself.

Why do we search for luck?

Why do we give so much importance to luck? Isn’t knowledge, skills, and hard work enough to succeed in life?

Even the most logical and practical people display the tendency to lean on luck to get them through the difficult phases in life.

When the going is good, no one is bothered about luck in any of its forms. However, when you hit a rough patch and whatever you do is not bringing in the expected results, you may increasingly get frustrated. As a way to calm yourself down, you may turn to luck. 

When you have an intuitive feeling that your lady luck is showering benevolence and smiling brightly down on you, it can help you relax and take it easy. You will no longer feel on the edge. 

When you work in a relaxed manner, you have a better shot at success. As you succeed more often, your belief in luck rises automatically. You will think that your success depended on your luck.

This is the logical side of the explanation.

Again, we haven’t yet unraveled all the mysteries of the Universe. This means it would be unwise to write off anything we cannot find an explanation using facts or logic as wishful thinking. Maybe, after all, there is some meaning in luck.

Good luck signs on your body

Typically, we look for lucky signs in the environment around us. Such as bats in the attic, animals getting on fine with you, seeing lucky numbers, or a bird “blessing” you. 

You would be surprised to know that there are signs of good luck showing up in your body as well. Here is a comprehensive list of such good luck signs.

1. You feel pins and needles on your left hand

Pins and needles are uncomfortable and not usually associated with anything good. However, in some parts of the world, this is considered lucky.

The logic is simple. The numbness on your left hand happens because it is sensing that you are coming by money soon. 

However, the logical reason for the sensation can be easily understood. Often this happens when you sleep on the left side for long periods and your hand gets pressed on too much so that blood flow is restrained.

2. You feel an itching sensation in your ears

It is a superstitious belief that when your ears are itching, burning, or ringing, it means your luck is shining bright. And, whether it is good or bad depends on which ear is itching.

Again, there is a conflict about which ear signifies good. In most parts of the world, it is the right ear itching that means good luck, and the left one relates to bad luck. However, in some places, it is the other way around. You can choose which narrative you want to believe in.

3. Moles in some areas of your body 

Moles are that small black/brown blemish on the skin. You may find them anywhere in the body. These are considered lucky signs if they appear in some specific locations.

  • Forehead: Mole on the right side of the forehead is believed to be a lucky charm for money. It may also be an indicator of future travel plans. However, a mole on the left forehead means a miserly disposition. 
  • Eyebrows: A mole between eyebrows is a sign of sound financial status and good health. 
  • Eyelids: Moles on the upper eyelids are believed to bring in good luck, while ones on the lower lid may indicate bad luck.
  • Nose: Mole on one side of the nose is considered lucky.
  • Chest: Chest moles are fairly common and are an indicator of impending good luck. 
  • Ears: Moles on your inner or outer ears signify good taste and generosity. 
  • Lips: Moles on your upper lip are expected to bring you money and success. However, the ones on your lower lip are signs of gambling tendencies.
  • Right palm: This is an indication of incoming wealth and success. 
  • Navel: Mole below or close to the navel is a good sign.
  • Feet: A triangle-shaped mole on the soles of the feet is a lucky sign.

As a general rule of thumb, moles that you cannot see without the help of a mirror are considered lucky. However, this doesn’t mean that others are unlucky symbols. Some are good luck signs while the rest signify bad luck.

Here are some more good luck signs you can spot on your own body.

It is considered lucky to have:

  • A big thumb for a woman
  • Deep navel
  • The length of the foot is the same for the right and left feet

Good luck can do only so much for you. The rest you need to contribute through your sincerity and hard work. However, these lucky charms have a way of calming you down and helping you relax and stay away from stress and anxiety.

Intentionally or unawares, most of us are guilty of relying on luck to get us through life. Even though you need to put in effort despite the presence of good luck, it actually doesn’t hurt to have some extra support.

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