16 Signs You Are An Attractive Woman

16 Signs You Are An Attractive Woman

16 Signs You Are An Attractive Woman

“Am I attractive?”

Do you ask this question to yourself often? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

At some point in their lives, even the most attractive people find themselves confronted with this question. Maybe all they are searching for is confirmation and reassurance. It’s the basic human desire to be considered attractive by others, especially members of the opposite sex. 

Asking the question and finding the answer by yourself is not easy. You may find these powerful signs helpful in confirming the fact that you’re indeed attractive.

When we’re on the topic of the attractiveness of a person, it would be worth mentioning that being attractive is a heady combination of various aspects of a person. Often when we refer to the attractiveness and beauty of a person, we mean the physical aspect of it. 

However, emotional and spiritual beauty also plays a huge role in the image that a person projects to the outside world. So, to consider someone attractive, we need to consider their whole persona.

This article will make things easier for you to figure out whether you are physically attractive or not. Here you will find 16 powerful signs you are an attractive woman. You can look out for them to confirm your own attractiveness. 

16 powerful signs you are an attractive woman

All these are compelling signs of an attractive woman. But you may not find all of them in the same person. Before you begin checking these signs out, a word of caution. 

You need not have all the 16 signs present to make you an attractive woman. But the more signs you can spot, you can make a better case for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. You get favors without asking

Maybe it has always been this way and you’ve never bothered to pay attention. People seem to go out of their way to do things for you. More often than not, you never asked for favors. Maybe you thought it is the same with other women. 

Look around you and talk to your friends. Let’s face the truth. Others have it hard. When you come right down to figuring out the reason for your special treatment, you will realize that your attractiveness has a role to play in this. 

Unfair though it is, this is the way the world works. 

2. You have often caught others staring at you

Be it in the office environment or at family gatherings, you catch people staring at you. When you look at them, instead of acknowledging you, they turn their head away as if they are guilty of being caught at something they shouldn’t do. This may happen in public places as well.

If you don’t know the reason behind their behavior, this can make you feel jittery and self-conscious. There’s no cause for worry. They just find you attractive and feel compelled to look at you, just like you would look at a beautiful flower. 

But when they sense your eyes on them, they feel guilty and avert their gaze. They know that staring is not polite. Also, they may not want you to think that they are crushing on you.

3. You are flooded with gifts

People seem to offer you things for free and shower you with gifts on special occasions. You must have assumed this to be the case for everyone. You would be surprised to learn that life is hard for the rest. No one ever gives preferential treatment to a plain Jane, let alone give her gifts and free stuff.

Being good-looking or having a pleasing personality can get you many things that you won’t get otherwise. Free drinks or free handouts and samples at checkout counters – you always seem to strike the right chord with people.

4. Men fall over each other to help you

When a man notices a damsel in distress, they can’t help coming to your aid. If there is more than one pursuing you, they might fight amongst each other to decide who is eligible to help you.

Some say that chivalry is long dead. But if you care to notice the actions of men around you, there is no reason to believe that. It’s the hero instinct in men that makes them fall all over you and act like a slave. All they want is to protect you and make your life better.

5. Girls seem to stay away from you

If you had noticed your group of friends, you might have wondered why you have so many men hanging around you and almost no women. If you are physically beautiful, it’s typical for other women to feel jealous of you and consider you their competition. 

They consider you a threat and don’t want to be seen in your company. Even your friend couples seem to desert you. Most probably, the girlfriends don’t want you around their boyfriends. They may think that their boyfriends may be bowled over by your pretty face and leave them.

6. Strangers walk up to you and make conversations

Maybe in the elevator or standing at the checkout counter at the supermarket, strangers seem to be attracted to you and begin conversations. Maybe they feel that you’re a friendly soul and would be interested in talking to them. But the more probable reason would be that they find you attractive and hence drawn to you.

Who wouldn’t want to be seen with an attractive woman? Or seen talking to them? They are trying to project an image to the outside world that they’re cool guys and have attractive women for company.

7. Your girlfriends fail to understand when you say you look plain or unsightly

You have your bad hair days when nothing seems to work in your favor. You seem to be gaining weight no matter what you do. Pimples have invaded your pretty face. Your clothes don’t fit or your hair looks like a handful of hay. You are at your wit’s end and thought venting your feelings and a bit of whining will help.

Unfortunately, your girlfriends don’t share your belief. They roll their eyes when you tell them how horrible a day it has been for you. They clearly think that even in your distressed state, you look more physically attractive than any of them.

8. Some men are discomfited by your presence

Have you ever wondered why some men seem nervous and flustered around you? Is it your presence making them tense up or something else?

Look no further, you are the sole culprit here. It’s typical for men to feel nervous when they are around physically attractive women. This is one more proof that someone thinks you’re attractive.

The reason is simple enough. They want to make a good impression on you. But they aren’t sure how to. They fumble, stutter, and even freeze overthinking about it. 

9. People assume you’re taken

Others presume that you, being an attractive woman, are in a relationship. With so many men showing interest and pursuing you, they assume that there is no chance of you remaining single.

When you reveal your relationship status as single, they seem to think that you are teasing them. They refuse to believe that you are unattached. 

Though this assumption is highly prejudicial, that is how most people think. You can do nothing about it.

10. You never faced problems with landing dates

If you even look at a man, let alone reveal any interest, he will pounce at the opportunity and ask you out. But if you make your disinterest in someone clear, they will rarely approach you. Because they feel intimidated by your beauty and charm and assume that you’re seeing someone else.

However, you may also come across men who are smart and confident. They will not hesitate to get to know you and romantically pursue you. In short, you’re never short of suitors if you’re pretty.

11. People think you can get anything you want

This can work for and against you, mostly unfavorably. Most people attribute your achievements and success to your good looks. They think that you used it to gain an advantage for yourself. In this thought process, they assume that you aren’t good enough in your skills and abilities. 

Such people expect you to be selfish and self-centered. This can lead to unhealthy competition. Whether in an office environment or a friend/family circle, this kind of assumption can act as a trigger for toxic relationships. 

12. Random people want to know you

And approach you for your number. These kinds of people will come up with strange excuses to get close to you and pry the information from you. Most probably, they think of you as girlfriend material as you are a cute girl.

If you find a way to evade this, they will find you on social media. They will continue to send you messages until they get a response from you. 

You were probably amused by it all in the first few instances. But now all you can feel is irritation. You may even give them fake numbers to get rid of such relentless followers. 

13. You feel annoyed by all the attention

That is understandable. When there are too many men pursuing you, it can get crazy at times. You may not recognize this as a fallout for attractive people. That will make it all the more difficult for you.

You never seem to get any me-time. Even when you go for a jog, men approach you, trying to hit up on you. 

14. Others are surprised that you are irritated

An attractive woman is bound to get more attention. People don’t seem to understand that there can be too much attention that you may consider as unwanted.

Others also find it amusing that you feel flustered when complimented on your looks. They don’t seem to realize that you aren’t aware of your good looks or don’t consider yourself attractive.

15. Men blow hot and cold toward you

Either men are bending over backward to please you or they are icy cold in their behavior toward you. It’s always one of the extremes and never the middle path. Men could never seem to ignore or be indifferent toward you.

The warm part is understandable. Men are bowled over by your beauty and want to befriend you. But some men use the other extreme approach to grab your attention. They know that you’re used to men falling at your feet. They tease and throw mild insults to rile you up. 

16. Others are not annoyed by your behavior

Even when you do something disagreeable, they will try to make excuses for you and forgive you without you even apologizing. That is the kind of spell you have on others. 

They may have to go out of their way to help you but they seem fine with it. When you disrupt their day or interrupt them, they seem fine with it. But you have seen them getting angry at others for the same reason. 

They are slaves to your beauty. They can’t help it.

Final thoughts on attractive women

For attractive people, it can go either way. If you want to make sure about your attractiveness, all you need to do is notice how people treat you and react to you. Once you know the spell you have over others, you can use it to boost your confidence and develop a can-do attitude. 

When you are aware that you’re one of the attractive people, you can use them in the right way and make the most of it. There is nothing to be ashamed of it or feel bad about. Physical attractiveness is not going to last forever. You can help yourself and others while it lasts.


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