50 Limiting Beliefs About Money

50 Limiting Beliefs About Money

Limiting Beliefs About Money

People are often found to have limiting beliefs about money that prevent them from achieving their dreams and goals.

Our mind is like an airport in the 50s or earlier – it allows anyone or anything to walk in unchallenged. No checking, no screening, and everyone is considered honest and harmless.

This is fine as long as the things allowed into the mind are actually harmless. But there is no guarantee. As you keep accumulating beliefs, some of them are bound to be negative in nature. And, unless you do something about it, these negative beliefs will remain entrenched in some dark corners of your mind. 

They stay hidden most of the time, giving you no sign of their existence. However, whenever they see that your mind is focusing on some related topic, they will crawl out of the dark shadows and create as much disruption and destruction as possible, only to crawl back to their hiding place later.

This is how limiting beliefs work. 

Wrong beliefs about money are the worst of the lot. They prevent you from progressing in life or improving your status and lifestyle. 

This article helps you understand limiting money beliefs and offers you ways for clearing limiting beliefs about money. You will find here a list of limiting beliefs about money to help you understand what you are up against.

50 limiting beliefs that prevent you from making money

  1. I can’t make money doing what I love.
  2. Making money involves hard work.
  3. Money is the root of all evil in this world.
  4. My life will go out of control if I am rich.
  5. Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  6. It takes money to make more money.
  7. I need sizable capital to build a successful business.
  8. I will never have enough money.
  9. I will never have extra money.
  10. Money is not important. After all, it is just money.
  11. Money is to be spent. So, it doesn’t make me rich.
  12. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So, I don’t want to contribute to the widening gap.
  13. I’m not good at managing my finances.
  14. Money is a limited resource.
  15. You can either be happy, have peace of mind and health, or be rich.
  16. It’s selfish to want large sums of money.
  17. It’s greedy to wish for lots of money.
  18. Having more money translates to more problems.
  19. It is not the right thing to be wealthy when others are poor.
  20. My family has never been rich. So, I won’t be.
  21. It is more important to stay happy than get rich.
  22. I don’t deserve to have large sums of money.
  23. You need to hold on to money.
  24. I don’t know how to start making money.
  25. I have no self-control when it comes to spending money.
  26. Having lots of money is bad.
  27. Money will go as fast as it comes.
  28. Money can cause conflicts.
  29. Being wealthy is scary.
  30. Money leads to unnecessary trouble.
  31. Money creates misunderstandings and jealousy.
  32. Money erodes my values.
  33. Money can change my core beliefs and behavior towards others.
  34. Money can make me an unlikeable person.
  35. Money can rob me of my empathy towards others.
  36. Money can create a barrier in relationships.
  37. Money can make me arrogant.
  38. Money doesn’t solve any problems.
  39. Money can make me vain and proud.
  40. Money can make me shallow and greedy.
  41. Money will make me look down upon others and disrespect them.
  42. Money will make me forget to identify the right from the wrong.
  43. Wealth will attract sycophants and freeloaders.
  44. I will never be able to make millions.
  45. You would want to be rich to satisfy your materialistic needs.
  46. Making insane amounts of money is not a healthy goal.
  47. I am not capable of making money. So, why try it?
  48. Wealth is power and power corrupts.
  49. I am not talented or educated enough to make money.
  50. Making money will take up all my time that I won’t have any left to relax.

How to change beliefs about money?

Overcoming limiting beliefs about money or money blocks is hard but not impossible. It is a slow process that may call upon the last ounce of your willpower and courage to succeed. You need to learn not to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about the idea of having lots of money.

You can start the process with these 8 steps.

1. Let go of past mistakes you made in financial management.

We all make mistakes. You can turn it into something positive when you learn something from it. Holding on to your mistakes and beating yourself up is just unproductive. What is the point in doing this? Learn from your mistakes and move on.

2. Get rid of the scarcity mindset and embrace the abundance mindset.

You have a scarcity mindset when you think that there is not enough for everyone and whatever you will ever have will never be enough for you. On the other hand, an abundance mindset about money will help you see it as powerful and a game-changer. It will help you develop a healthy relationship with money and move towards financial freedom.

3. Feel thankful for everything you have.

Gratitude is a game-changer on its own. It can help you eliminate negative money thoughts and fill up the mind with positive ones in their place. An attitude of gratitude can wash away your money-limiting beliefs in no time.

4. Identify what you want and commit to it.

The reason why most people don’t do anything to change their mindset is that they don’t know what they really want. So, they let it be. Finding your passion and life’s purpose is key to success in life. Crystal clear goals, unwavering desire, and complete commitment are the ingredients to succeed.

5. Declare your commitment to money. 

You can do this in your mind or in writing. Or openly tell the people in your close circle. Declaring your intention has a huge effect on you. It will help to hold yourself accountable for the commitment you made to yourself. By doing this, you can also get it out in the open any hesitations or reservations regarding the decision.

6. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Practice mindfulness when you make the declaration and immediately afterward. Irrespective of the image you project about yourself to show the outside world, it matters most what is going on in your mind about the topic at hand.

7. Challenge your beliefs.

When you try to walk a new path, you can expect some resistance from your own belief system. Your limiting beliefs will get active and try to create roadblocks in your path. The only way to overcome such negative assumptions is by challenging them. Offer the alternatives and show the courage to try them out.

8. Reprogram your money beliefs.

This is easier said than done. Instead of banishing negative beliefs, replace them with positive ones. It may be a slow and difficult road to travel but if you have the courage and conviction, you will be victorious.  

Recognizing the mental blocks and making a conscious effort to transform them are the first steps towards reclaiming control over your wealth potential.

Some positive beliefs about money

Changing a negative money mindset to a positive one is hard work. Once you identify your limiting belief, all you need to do is flip the switch. Here are some positive money beliefs.

  1. I can make money doing what I love.
  2. You can choose to use the money you have to help others.
  3. Money has the power to buy resources to make you happy.
  4. I am capable of managing my wealth.
  5. There is enough money in the world to make everyone happy.
  6. I can help others or solve their problems and still make money.
  7. More money means more choices.
  8. I can do more for the less fortunate when I am rich than when I’m broke.
  9. Any time is a good time for money-making.
  10. I am a money magnet.

What are your limiting beliefs about money, personal self-worth, and purposeful lives?

Being rich or poor is more a mindset than stacking them up. When you have a positive mindset about money, it doesn’t matter whether you actually have them in your possession. It is just a matter of time before you amass wealth.

As long as you believe that you need not be born rich to be rich and everyone can be rich, you are on the right path.

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