15 Characteristics of Alpha Females in a Relationship

15 Powerful Characteristics of Alpha Females in a Relationship

15 Powerful Characteristics of Alpha Females in a Relationship

Some may call you bossy or a go-getter. You know what you want in life and how to get it. You are an alpha female.

You are strong and confident. You are not scared or embarrassed to be in the spotlight. You are ready to work extra hard to achieve your goals. You are strong-willed and straightforward. 

Most men feel intimidated by an alpha woman in a relationship. This is because they have no clear idea about who they are and what they want. Having a better understanding of the character of alpha females can help alleviate misconceptions and misunderstandings. 

This article attempts to list the most prominent characteristics of alpha women. Here, you will also find included tips on how to handle alpha females in relationships.

What makes you an alpha female?

1. You are confident.

You know exactly where you stand and where you want to go in life. This gives you oodles of confidence. You know your worth and won’t allow others to treat you any less. You are comfortable in your own skin.

There is no hint of inferiority complex in you. You are typically an extrovert, happy to meet and interact with new people. You don’t wait for the other person to make the first move. You never hesitate to take the initiative, be it in friendship or relationship.

Some may misunderstand this as arrogance and feel intimidated by your open-mindedness and outspokenness. 

2. You are independent.

You don’t expect others to come to your help or do your work for you. You are more than capable of handling your affairs. You are fiercely independent and anything but needy.

You are ambitious and willing to put in the effort to taste success. You are highly efficient and good at multitasking. You know how to divide your attention and time between various facets of your life – career, relationship, friends, interests, and hobbies.

If you are dating an alpha woman, do not expect her to make you her center of the universe. She is neither needy nor clingy. She knows how to manage her life and knows her way around. 

3. You are capable of getting your things done.

You are no damsel in distress. You are not waiting for the knight in shining armor to come and rescue you. Rather, you are efficient, proactive, and organized. You never miss deadlines and always get things accomplished on time.

You are a natural leader and get actively involved in making plans. You are only happy to handle the situation instead of letting others run the show. Action is your byword, and you are happier to be in the driver’s seat.

Dating an alpha woman can be rewarding if only you know how to channel the energy in the right direction.

4. You have set your goals high.

You are ambitious and not apologetic about it. You want the best of everything, and you are willing to do your share of hard work. You want only the best, be it in your career or relationship.

You don’t want to compromise on one to get ahead in another. You want to be a trail-blazer and considered a role model by future generations. You want professional success without giving up on personal life and family obligations.

Often alpha women are not considered relationship material because of their high-achiever image. This is just a misconception.

5. You are tenacious.

Persistence, perseverance, and determination are the hallmarks of an alpha female. This trait can be viewed in both positive and negative light.

You don’t allow others to push you around and want to chart your own path and get things done in your own way. On the other hand, you won’t give up easily in pursuit of your goals or even relationships. You will keep fighting for something you want and believe in.

Some may misread this as being controlling, aggressive, and competitive in an unhealthy way. Unless your partner knows how to handle your passion and force of character, it may lead to conflicts.

6. You are a positive influence.

You inspire people around you to excel in their lives. This works for your partner in the relationship. 

As an alpha female, you impact the lives of people you come into contact with. Your natural leadership qualities help bring out the best traits in others. 

Teaming up with an alpha woman is a good move for a man who is looking for inspiration and wants some persuasion. The energy and drive of an alpha female can be infectious. She brings a sense of purpose into the relationship, helping you in the pursuit of your goals. 

Having an alpha woman as a partner can do wonders for some men. She may also trigger “hero instinct” in her partner, even though she has no need for a “hero” in her life. Instead of a lackadaisical attitude, the guy will be more caring, attentive, and devoted to the relationship.

7. You know your mind.

This is one of the most important qualities of being an alpha female. While most people float through life without knowing what they want and where they want to be, you are crystal clear about your goals, priorities, and expectations.

This makes communication easier with an alpha female. She is genuine and straightforward, and there is no chance of misunderstandings. She knows her mind and always speaks her mind. In short, she is very good at communication, which is the mainstay of any healthy relationship. 

As her partner, you know where you stand in the relationship because she always makes it clear what she likes and dislikes. 

8. You have above-average emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is often ignored in a relationship though it has a tremendous impact on it. For a healthy relationship, the partners must understand each other’s emotions well and have the ability to manage their own feelings maturely.

Women are already well-known for their high intuitive abilities and for reading emotions and subtle signs of others. Having a higher emotional intelligence means they can process the information and use it in the right sense. This skill can be very useful in avoiding conflicts or dealing with differences in viewpoints.

Having an alpha female as a partner can be a blessing in disguise in a relationship.

9. You have a magnetic personality.

You can charm the stars and hypnotize the moon, so to speak. Most people find your confidence, self-worth, and force of character alluring and are in awe of the way you carry yourself. 

You need to remember that alpha females do not go out and actively seek attention or want to grab the spotlight. But because of their magnetic personality, they always end up in the limelight. Men who are confident and secure about themselves can handle this better. 

The effect of your charming self is so evident that your partner will find himself rising to the occasion to prove himself worthy of your attention. It is a win-win situation.

10. You push boundaries.

You are not content to gloat over your achievements and remain satisfied wherever you are in life. The only constant in life for you is a change for the better. With an alpha woman as a partner, the relationship is never going to be dull and boring. It will constantly be evolving.

Be it earning more degrees or getting better jobs, alpha females are forever exploring avenues to improve their lot. Being her partner, she will take along on the ride as well. That is the collateral benefit you enjoy for being part of her life. 

11. You stand out in a crowd.

You have never tried to consciously seek attention, but it seems to seek you out. You are clearly not run off the mill in the way you conduct yourself and run your life. Your uniqueness can be charming to others though you don’t see anything special in it.

In a large group setting, people tend to notice you. You can get along with others easily and strike up conversations and friendships without much effort. Your natural aptitude to take charge and lead turns the spotlight on you though you never seem to realize this.

12. You don’t want help to run your life.

You know everything you need to know to manage your affairs without help. This can be both a blessing and a curse. While some men are happy to ride piggyback with you, others may feel threatened by your independence. Especially, men with a strong “hero instinct” may be disappointed that you aren’t interested in the help they are offering.

However, in the long run, this works out well in a relationship. Once men get adjusted to their partners handling their own lives, they will be more than happy to let them do the hard work. However, as an alpha woman partner, you can also be sensible and sensitive to your partner’s needs to be your hero.

13. You act as the glue in relationships.

Be it in your family or among friends, you help in keeping people together. No gathering is complete without you. Your presence is vital to get people to come and get the conversation flowing.

It is not just your leadership skills that play a role in this. Your charisma and positive influence have a magnetic effect on people around you. When you say something, others find it natural to follow you. Moreover, you are seeking out for insight, help, and advice by one and all. 

14. You have no qualms in admitting your mistake.

That comes with a feeling of confidence and security. You own up to responsibility for your words and actions. You have no problem owning up to your mistakes.

You recognize mistakes as learning experiences and not as failures alone. You know that it is impossible to succeed without making a few mistakes. You are quick to accept this, learn from it, and move on.

You also know how to take criticism in your stride. You know that you will be criticized and judged for being ambitious and a go-getter. You also know that you cannot feel bogged down by them if you want to find success.

15. You don’t tolerate mediocrity and stupidity.

This may get you into difficult situations. But that is who you are, and you aren’t apologetic about it at all.

You aren’t kind to people who are harsh on you. You brush them off without a second thought. You are successful, and this will attract hordes of detractors, haters, and people who are jealous of your achievements. Others may judge you and be rude to you. You know that you should not pay much attention to such people. You cut them off to avoid negativity in your life.

You love and respect yourself too much to put up with such behavior.

How to deal with an alpha woman in relationship?

Alpha females tend to gravitate towards equally strong and competent partners. While they treat their partners with love, respect, and admiration, they expect the same in return.

Here are a few pointers to enjoy happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships with alpha women.

  • Understand the basic nature of alpha females. 
  • Define and enforce clear personal boundaries.
  • Respect her for her choices and the desire to enjoy freedom.
  • Resist competing with her. Instead, appreciate and support her.
  • Be honest with her.
  • Treat her with the love and respect she deserves.
  • Validate her emotions and acknowledge her emotional needs.
  • Accommodate her boundaries and limitations. 
  • Help her grow and grow with her.
  • Last but not least, accept her without preconditions and reservations.

Bottom line

In life, alpha women are successful in achieving the goals they set for themselves. However, the same may not work in relationships. Some of her innate characteristics may work against her.

Alpha females seek out equally strong partners to match their own personalities. However, their tendency to control, take charge of situations, and desire for freedom may act as dampers for their partners. 

Triggering hero instinct is a surefire way to get men to commit to relationships. This means they need to feel wanted and needed. This goes against the fiercely independent nature of alpha women. 

However, all is not lost. As long as an alpha woman and her partner can balance their intrinsic character with the need of the situation, all will be well in the relationship.

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