How to Make a Vision Board on Pinterest?

How to Make a Vision Board on Pinterest?

How to Make a Vision Board on Pinterest?

You want to make a vision board online, but you don’t know-how. You’re unsure where to start, and you don’t have the right tools. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to make a vision board on Pinterest!

A vision board is one of the most powerful tools used in the visualization process to maintain your focus, raise your vibration and keep up your motivational levels. 

Besides the traditional method of creating a vision board using corkboard/chart paper, paper cuttings, glue, and pen, you can try the digital version of it.

An online vision board comes with numerous advantages besides a better finish and ease of making. 

Read on to learn more about digital vision boards, their benefits, vision board tips, and how to create a free vision board with Pinterest.

More about digital vision boards

A Vision Board is a visual representation of your goal. In the traditional format, you collect pictures related to your goal from glossy magazines and brochures. You can also add inspirational quotes and sayings. Bring all these together and aesthetically paste them on chart paper. Or else, you can stick them with Pins on a corkboard.

The vision board is placed in a location you frequent so that you will come across it multiple times a day. This can help you with your focus and motivation. The creation of the manifestation board is also a positivity-boosting activity. 

In this electronic age, when most of us are spending a bulk of our waking hours in front of our laptops and phones, a digital vision board is considered a better choice. It is much easier to create. More images are easily accessible. The quality and finish are much better. More than anything else, you can save it on your electronic device as a screensaver, wallpaper, or lock screen image.

Despite all its advantages, a digital vision board can be made free of cost with software easily available online. Pinterest is one such online vision board maker. 

How does the Pinterest board work?

On Pinterest, you have the choice to create a board. You can use this as a vision board.

However, the Pinterest board is slightly different from your traditional vision board or even your regular digital vision board. A Pinterest board is a place where you can collect everything related to your goal as Pins. Such Pins can be images, videos, GIFs, graphics, articles, and more.

Your Pins can be borrowed from elsewhere (re-Pinning). Or you can create your own Pins with original or existing images with text inlay or overlay. To create your own Pins, you may have to use third-party software such as Canva or PicMonkey. 

Let’s see how to make an online vision board with Pinterest.

How to make a Pinterest vision board?

Pinterest is a social media service that allows users to discover and save information available on the internet and share images as Pinboards. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions to create a Pinterest board.

Go to your account by clicking on the letter at the top right-hand corner. Click the “Saved” tab. Click on the “+” sign on the far right-hand side. Choose the option “Board”. Name the vision board you are about to create. You can choose to keep the board secret. Click “Create”.

1. Decide the theme. 

You may have spent considerable time deliberating on your desire and goal. Your vision board must have the same theme as your goal for it to help you in your manifestation journey. If you have created milestones in your manifestation path, your board theme may need modification after achieving each milestone. This means your vision board may need revision. 

2. Add image to your vision board

Now it is time to add images, photos, and Pins that resonate with you and your goal. Only then, your vision board will serve its purpose. 

OPTION 1: Upload image to Pinterest
  • Click the “+” sign on the bottom right corner of your Pinterest home feed.
  • Choose the option “Create a Pin”.
  • You can choose to drag the image and drop it in the allocated space.
OPTION 2: Repin on Pinterest

To repin content on Pinterest, use the search option to narrow down the Pins on display. You may type in your manifestation goal. If you are wishing for wealth, enter “wealth” in the search bar. If it is love and relationships you are after, type it in.

From the results, find the Pins you want to add to your Pinterest board. Hover the mouse over the Pin and you will see a “V” sign on the left-hand top corner. Click on it and from the drop-down menu choose your board. Click “Save”.

Add as many Pins as you want to your Pinterest board. 

OPTION 3: Using Chrome Plugin

If you want to add photos or anything else from the internet to your Pinterest board, you have multiple options. The easiest would be to install a Chrome plugin. This will allow you to add anything in a few clicks without any hassles. You can get the Pinterest button on your browser toolbar from the Chrome web store page.

  • Open the website where the image you want to Pin is. 
  • Click the Pinterest button on the browser toolbar. 
  • Select the image and click next.
  • Choose the board you want to save it in and click “Save”. 

That is it! Your Pinterest board is ready now. You can add or remove Pins anytime.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make a vision board on Pinterest

The Pinterest board may not be like any other vision board you have seen. This includes both the traditional ones and the digital ones. However, it comes with its advantages. You can have videos, graphics, and even articles included in a Pinterest board.

In your manifestation path, the Pinterest vision board would be your best companion.


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