How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated

How to make your wife feel loved and appreciated

how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated

At the beginning of a relationship, you would experience a rush of love, hormones, excitement, joy, hope, and dreams for a future that is perfect in every sense. Everything will look magical and you will feel euphoric.

You would be wondering why you remained single for so long and wished you had met your wife earlier. You can’t help thinking how dull your life was before you met her. 

At this stage, you would overlook each other’s faults and believe that you could melt away the disagreements with love.

Sadly, this stage cannot last forever. After the rapture of the new relationship wears off and the honeymoon period is over, couples begin to “settle down” into the humdrum of everyday life. 

Some couples settle down to a deeper and secure relationship with ease. While others have a hard time and long for the passion and excitement they felt at the beginning. When the shine wears off the relationship, each other’s flaws become visible, and disagreements last longer, if you do nothing to stem the rot, the relationship is bound to go downhill before you know it.

Learn the simple ways to make your wife feel loved and appreciated. Everyone wants to be adored and admired. And, maybe this is more pronounced in women. 

Treat your wife with the love and respect she deserves. Know how to take care of your wife. Remember to appreciate your wife. 

You may have a thousand excuses for forgetting things or ignoring the warning signs. If excuses are what you are looking for, go right ahead and throw your life away. 

Or if you are interested to know how to keep your wedding vows and make your marriage last forever, read on.

Make this unquestionable rule an integral part of your life – your wife deserves to be loved. 

Once that is clear in your mind, you can go ahead and think of how to tell your wife you love her. The point to remember here is that your wife should know, understand, and sense your displays of affection and believe them.

You can come up with many ways to show “I love my wife”. In case you are running out of ideas, here are some infallible ways to say it. Believe me, these simple gestures will reap rich rewards for you in the long run. 

Ways to make your wife feel loved and appreciated

1. Listen to her

This means really listen and not just hear what she has to say. Know the difference. When she wants to talk, offer her your undivided attention. 

Stop what you are doing and turn to face her. Maintain eye contact. Switch off the TV, put your phone away. 

Pay attention to what she is saying and respond appropriately. Talk less and listen more. Offer advice or opinion only if asked for. 

More often than not your wife merely wants a sounding board; someone to talk about what has been troubling her or to think things through. Your input is not expected at all. All she expects from you is attention and support.

2. Make “I love you” a part of your daily vocabulary

These three simple words can take your relationship to another level if used properly. Say it often and like you mean it. 

Include it in your casual conversation or as part of a greeting. But occasionally say it formally in a serious setting as well. 

Say it when you are happy, sad, irritated, dejected, or feeling low. Say it when things are going great or downhill. This will impress upon her the fact that your love for her is constant in good times and bad.

3. Make her top priority

What better way to make your wife feel loved than prioritizing her needs? Do things for her to make her life easy and not because she is incapable of doing it. Take care to do it with a smile and not as if it is a burden.

Practice the old-fashioned chivalry if she likes it or opt for the modern kind that includes a show of kindness, attention, love, and respect.

Make her feel cherished and beautiful

Never assume your wife understands that you consider her lovely and beautiful. Say it aloud. Proclaim in no uncertain terms, “My wife is the best”. Most women like to know that they are attractive to the person they love.

Notice and compliment her new hairstyle or a new dress. Avoid comparisons with others or even her old self. Tell her that she looks beautiful whether is dressed up or in her sweatshirt.

4. Bowl her over with surprises

Surprises need not be expensive and exotic to get the desired effect. Smaller and affordable ones are equally endearing if you plan it well and execute it perfectly.

Plan a date night as a surprise. Book a table in a restaurant she loves, arrange a babysitter if need be, get tickets to her favorite movie, or even surprise her with a fancy bracelet or earring.

Or come home early and spend some quality time with her. Cook dinner, binge-watch her favorite show, go for a walk in the park – do things that she loves. 

You may be swamped with work at the office but taking some time out for your wife is also important.

5. Take time to know her well

After spending a few years together, if you are still unable to know her likes and dislikes and her preferences and aversions, it says a lot about the effort and time you spend on knowing her.

For a relationship to flourish, the two people involved must know each other inside out. You can get to know a person by listening to them and observing them. This is not possible in a day or two.

To know her well, you should invest in this endeavor from the day you met her. Notice her choices and preferences and store them away for future reference. And retrieve this information to use it at the right time. 

Your wife would definitely appreciate the fact that you know her well. She will feel loved and secure knowing that the person she loves the most reciprocates the feeling.

6. Expose your vulnerabilities

You may want to project the image of being strong and manly to the entire world but you may reveal your weaknesses and frailties at home. This is the right approach for your own mental health as well as to strengthen the relationship with your wife.

Your wife will appreciate the fact that you trust her enough to reveal your vulnerabilities. Her maternal instinct is bound to kick in and this will offer her a chance to be the tougher partner. 

Let your guard down and allow your wife more into your personal space. Let her see the real you. This will prevent her from having unrealistic expectations from you. And this is a sure way to strengthen the relationship.

Simple gestures to make your wife feel loved

You can make them part of your everyday life. Initially, this may require a conscious effort but after a while, it will come to you naturally without effort. 

  1. Kiss her on the cheek as a greeting or merely a show of affection.
  2. Compliment her in her presence.
  3. Praise her when she is not there as well.
  4. Hold hands in public.
  5. Open the door for her or hold the chair for her.
  6. Sit next to each other on the couch when watching TV.
  7. Binge-watch her favorite shows with her.
  8. Make breakfast before she gets up.
  9. Cook dinner for her occasionally or cook together.
  10. Leave her sticky notes with short messages of love.
  11. Be available for her when she needs you.
  12. Go shopping with her.
  13. Go on a trip to a place of her choice.
  14. Bring her flowers.
  15. Give her presents.
  16. Plan a surprise party for her.
  17. Book a day at the spa for her.
  18. Ask for her opinion about a personal decision.
  19. Fuss over her when she is sick.
  20. Go on a spontaneous vacation.
  21. Take up the task of grocery shopping. 
  22. Help out with the chores like taking the trash out, washing dishes, and doing laundry.
  23. Get the kids ready for sleep and put them to bed.
  24. Wake the kids up in the morning and get them ready for school.
  25. Send her a loving message in the middle of a busy workday at the office.
  26. Be polite and kind to her parents.
  27. Put in the extra effort to remember all the important dates.
  28. Do not take her for granted.
  29. Just ask her “What can I do for you?”.
  30. Do not hesitate to say “I’m sorry”.

Last word

Happy wife, happy life. And obviously, a wife is happy only when she feels loved and appreciated. This means, by making your wife feel cherished and valued, you are investing in your own happiness as well.

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