15 Signs Of Karmic Relationship

15 Signs Of Karmic Relationship

15 Signs Of Karmic Relationship

As you sow, so shall you reap. What goes around, comes around.

Karma is the cause and effect of your actions, words, thoughts, and more. Anything you do, say, or think has consequences, both good and bad. But we usually use karma to talk about bad aspects of karma rather than the positive side of it.

The meaning of karma is easy enough to grasp as we all have been told from childhood how our actions have consequences and that is why we need to be good. So, where does this apply in a healthy relationship? What exactly is a karmic relationship?

Read on to learn more about karmic relationships, their purpose, and indications. As there are similar and closely-related relationships, it helps to make life easier if you can identify a karmic relationship. The karmic relationship signs serve an important purpose. 

What is a Karmic Relationship?

When two individuals in a romantic relationship have many unresolved issues, if they part ways without clearing the record, these issues will not disappear into thin air. They remain as debts in the account of whoever did wrong. 

Once this life ends and they are reborn, this karmic debt gets carried over to the new life. Unless this debt is paid, the soul will find it difficult to progress in life. To repay the debt you also need the partner from the former life. They also must be reborn as another person. 

To clear this karmic debt, the Universe brings together these partners from their former lives. This is the karmic connection meaning. This is a relationship brought about to repay the karmic debts to each other. Once repaid, often they break up and go their separate ways.

Purpose of karmic relationships

The Universe can bring together two individuals who have karmic debts to each other. Then it is up to them to figure out the purpose of their relationship and make the most of the opportunity. There are times when karmic partners split up again without repaying the debt. This means they will have to come together again and fulfill their mission.

How can you repay your karmic debt?

When in a relationship, we all make mistakes. Arguments, accusations, fights, or inflicting pain in various senses – are common in most romantic relationships. Making mistakes is one thing but when you refuse to learn from them and correct your attitude and behavior, you are creating a karmic debt. You owe your karmic partner this debt. Unless you acknowledge your mistakes and take corrective steps to prevent the repetition of the same mistakes in the future, the negativity attached to your wrongful actions will be linked to your soul.

In case your life together ends without clearing these issues, they will remain with you in your next life. In your afterlife, you will continue to make the same mistakes and follow the same pattern as earlier. To break free from this rut you find yourself in, you need to repay your old debt to your partner from your previous life.

To make this happen, the Universe brings the two of you together in a karmic connection. This is the opportunity for you to acknowledge your mistakes, learn lessons from them, and get out of the toxic cycle of negativity. This is also about healing old wounds and forgiving the person who wronged you. 

Only this can help you find peace and happiness in your present life. With the old debts cleared, you are in a position to welcome new, joyous experiences into your life. 

How to Identify a Karmic Relationship?

This is a valid question as most relationships, whether at the spiritual level or otherwise, go through rough patches occasionally. Disagreements, quarrels, accusations, and sometimes even cheating happens.

A karmic relationship is recognized to be a difficult one. You will find all these negative elements in them. So, what is the difference between a karmic relationship and any other toxic relationship?

The dissimilarity lies in the fact that extremes coexist in a karmic relationship. Such as pure joy and depths of sadness or passionate love and extreme hatred. This kind of confluence of conflicting emotions, feelings, and thoughts are clear indications of a karmic connection.

The other two well-known relationships at the spiritual level are soulmate and twin flame relationships. While soulmates come together to celebrate and support each other, twin flame connection is the coming together of the two halves of a soul. Being mirrors of each other, twin flame relationships also have difficulties and negative elements, though a clash of feelings is unique to karmic relationships.

15 Signs of Karmic Relationship

Most relationships go through ups and downs. That alone is not enough to identify a karmic bond. Here are some relationship signs that are unique to karmic connections.

1. You feel an instant connection.

It is as if you have been waiting for this person to come into your life for a long time. You recognize that this person is going to play a major role in your life right away. You could sense that you are destined to be together. Though you met this person recently, you feel as if you have known them for a long time.

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2. You find it hard to let go.

When you experience difficulties in the relationship, you try to break free from them. For some strange reason, you keep coming back to it and are helpless to escape from it. It is as if you are addicted to a toxic relationship. 

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3. You want to gain the upper hand.

The negative karma associated with the relationship will make you do all sorts of harmful and painful actions. You feel the urge to take charge of the relationship and want to gain control of your partner. You drive them into a codependent relationship.

4. You repeat the same mistakes.

You may have lost your perspective or lost touch with ground realities. But you fail to recognize your mistakes and repeat them over and over again. You may not remember that these are the same mistakes that drove your healthy relationship into a karmic debt in your previous life. 

5. You begin to act irrationally.

Your behavior and mood swings become unpredictable. In some corner of your mind, you could sense the feeling of dread. Even when everything is going great, you could feel a sense of doom. That something may go wrong at any moment. This makes you do things without any rhyme or reason.

6. You feel that something is off.

You find yourself plagued by a sense of impending disaster all the time. Even when you are supposed to be happy, you find yourself worrying over inconsequential things. You know that you should not be doing this, but feel compelled to. You feel unsafe and something is just not right.

7. You feel drained.

The exhaustion seems to overpower you in all senses – physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is understandable as you are experiencing numerous unexplainable feelings and thoughts. Day in and day out, you find yourself in the middle of the drama. The emotional roller-coaster ride will take its toll eventually.

8. Your partner seems to bring out the worst in you.

You feel unsafe and insecure in the relationship. The actions of your partner don’t help either. When these kinds of negative feelings linger in your mind for long, you tend to turn bitter. Bitter at your partner, yourself, and the world, in general. This will ultimately reveal your dark side. And, when it comes out, it may surprise you as well.

9. You have trouble communicating.

You have always felt that you can put your feelings and thoughts into words and connect with people well. However, you find yourself unable to do this in a karmic bond. You could sense something preventing you from opening up and talking freely to your partner.

10. You find yourself undermining your own opportunities. 

Your self-sabotaging behavior comes as a surprise to you. You have no clue why you do it when you wish with all your heart to succeed. The only explanation is your bad karma. It must be coming back to haunt you and rob you of your success and peace of mind.

11. You can’t solve your problems.

For the simple reason that you cannot see them at all. You have learned to ignore the problems and live your life. Once you learn the trick of brushing troubles under the carpet and behave as if all is well, it is hard to resolve the real issues you are having.

12. You feel as if you are a ticking time bomb.

Waiting for some trigger to set you off. Even when things are going great, you dig up something to feel angry about. It is as if you enjoy the feeling and throw your weight around to make others cower in fright and do your bidding.

13. You find the relationship has reached a stalemate.

In the beginning, there was so much love, passion, and happiness in the relationship. Slowly yet surely, the good moments have vanished and are replaced with bitterness, anger, and irritation. You are unsure what is wrong with your relationship and what you should do to make it right. This is so typical of karmic relationships. You are merely repeating the mistakes you did in your previous life. Unless you recognize, accept, and own up to your mistakes, your relationship will go nowhere. It will standstill.

14. Karmic relationships are turbulent and short-lived.

That is the basic nature of this relationship. You are bringing over the negativity from your previous life and refusing to confront them. This will lead to a whole set of undesirable situations. Until one fine day, you will decide to call it quits.

15. You keep searching for a way out.

Even though you don’t know what you are searching for, you continue to look for it anyway. You are unable to figure out what is wrong with the relationship. Without understanding karma from your past life and why you are enduring such a difficult situation, you have no chance of repaying your karmic debt. Some figure things out faster, some others take more time and multiple chances. 

Bottom line

Karmic relationships begin in a whirlwind fashion and often end in the same way in a short period. While it can take you to high heaven in the initial days, it can also take you to low depths without much delay. These contrasts and conflicts can be too much for a person to endure. 

The best way out is to take steps to identify the relationship as karmic. And, take steps to clear the karmic dues of the past life. In fact, if you care to look for them, you will find many red flags. Once you achieve this, you will find your life filling up with fun and laughter once again. To learn more about Karmic relationship, see our article on Karmic Relationship and Astrology.

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