Why Do I Keep Having Dreams About the Same Person?

Why Do You Keep Dreaming About The Same Person?

why do i keep having dreams about the same person

We all have dreams. Babies to old people and everyone in between have dreams. Some of us remember what we dream when we wake up but for some, it remains a mystery.

If you are among the lucky few who can remember their dreams, you would be racking your brains as to what it means. There are so many theories floating around about dreams and their interpretations. 

One of the most intriguing of all dreams is one about the same person. What does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly?

This article explores the topic of dreams, especially the recurring kind about the same person. You will find here its meaning and what you should do about it.

Dreaming about the same person

When you realize that you are dreaming about the same person every day, you will find it confusing and unnerving. You may want to dismiss this as nothing but feel forced to pay attention because you continue to have the same dreams every night.

When you dream about someone constantly, it can be one of the two options.

They may mean nothing

One such theory is that these dreams mean nothing. Dreams are considered to be just random electrical brain impulses. Random thoughts and images are extracted from your conscious or subconscious mind and you construct a story with it. 

These random images and thoughts may not even have a background or relevance, nor do they form a story. It is you who make it into a story. According to this theory, all you remember when you wake up are some disjointed images or thoughts and feelings. And to make sense of it, you weave them into a story.

They may mean something

Then the question is what do they mean? As the primary images, thoughts, and feelings for the dream may come from your subconscious mind, you may not be aware of their existence or their meaning. In most cases, dreams reveal what your subconscious mind is focusing on. 

You tend to dream about things that you were thinking about when you fell asleep. Maybe this has been tormenting you during the waking hours. Some people even focus on what they want to dream about just before they go to sleep. 

You may dream of the same person even if you have not thought about the person in the recent past. This is when it gets intriguing. When you wake up and remember this dream, you will want to know why you had such a dream. And, if you continue to dream about the same person night after night, you can’t rest until you dig out the truth.

6 reasons for dreaming about the same person

1. You like the person.

This person may be someone you met recently and felt an attraction for. Or, it may be your ex and you are having a hard time moving on. You feel attracted to this person and this is playing in your mind all through the day.

Your dream is just an extension of your reality. Your subconscious mind will continue to think about this person even after you fall asleep. And, this comes out in your dream. As you continue to focus on this person during the daytime every day, you continue to dream about him/her every night.

2. You want the person to like you.

This is the next stage of attraction. You are attracted to this person and you want them to like and admire you. Again, you will be thinking of ways to make this happen during waking hours and at night, these thoughts and feelings come out as dreams. 

As long as these thoughts persist with you, you will have these recurring dreams. You may even have an intimate dream if you have such thoughts during your waking hours. 

3. The person is thinking about you.

Some believe that dreams are about telepathy. Someone is missing you or thinking about you a lot and this message is conveyed by telepathy to you. This message is revealed to you through dreams.

Sometimes who you dream about is all that matters and the content is irrelevant. At other times, you need to take in what is happening in the dreams as well. With experience, you will acquire the expertise to decipher how to interpret your dreams.

4. It is a warning sign from the Universe.

There is a spiritual meaning to dreams. As you may well be aware, the Universe is always trying to do the best for you. As direct communication is not a possibility, the Universe sends messages to us through synchronicities. A dream is one such synchronicity.

Dreams can be advance notice of something good about to happen in your life. Most often it is a warning of something bad about to befall you. If this is the case, you need to pay attention, interpret its meaning correctly and avert the disaster.

5. Dreams are like test runs.

You may be feeling unsure about this person. You are still not convinced whether to take the relationship seriously and take it to the next level. This thought may be tormenting you for days.

You may dream about life with this person to see how it is working. You want to get a feel of your future life if you said yes to this person. Your dreams are similar to test runs to check if it is working out.

6. You are lonely and long for companionship.

You are single and alone and are craving company. You may have had a chance encounter with this person. Maybe in a professional capacity. Nothing personal or intimate. 

Out of the blue, this person turns up in your dream night after night. Even you may feel confused and amused. In your conscious mind, you never had entertained intimate thoughts about the person. It must be the workings of your subconscious mind.

When the person your dream about is a stranger

It is comparatively easy to understand why you are dreaming about a known person. But often strangers may appear in your dream. Or it may also happen that the face of the person is blurred and not recognizable.

On most such occasions, the stranger is a male and is aggressive and threatening. You may be worried about something before going to bed. This anxiety and the perceived threat come out as recurring dreams about an aggressive stranger.

You may wake up from such nightmares feeling sick and worried. However, you can dig deeper and find out more about this stranger by yourself. What is the story that unfolds in the dream? Based on this and your thoughts during waking hours, you can use your common sense to find its meaning.

Such dreams are more common in your REM sleep. This is when your brain is active and you are not in deep sleep. One of the main characteristics of REM sleep is intense dreams. 

Bottom line

What should you do if you have recurring dreams about the same person? You must be eager to find the answer to this question. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this.

One thing is for sure. When you dream about someone a lot you should try to get to the bottom of it. Based on who it is, what happens in the dreams, the feel of it, what is going on in your life currently, and whether you know this person and how, you can interpret the meaning of the dream. 

You may not get it right on the first few occasions but keep on trying and with experience, you can make sense of your dreams with ease.


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