11 Signs of Good Luck in Dreams

11 Signs of Good Luck in Dreams

Signs of Good Luck in Dreams

Have you ever been looking for signs of good luck in your dreams?

Most of us dream when we sleep at night but not all can remember what happened in the dream fully.

Maybe a bit of it here and there but very few can remember the dreams in their entirety.  In case you are among the fortunate few, you must be wondering what it means.

Is it a sign from the Universe? Does it have any significance for me in the future? Is it a warning of some danger? Or is it a heads-up of some good luck I am about to experience?

Your mind must be bursting at the seams with questions like these. Nobody can blame you for this. It is natural. 

This article tries to find answers to your questions. You will find here why we dream, what goes into a dream and what lucky dreams are made of. You will also find a list of good luck symbols that may pop up in your dreams. 

What is a dream?

To understand dreams, you need to know how your mind works and what happens when you sleep. 

Your mind is made up of two parts – the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind, as the name suggests, is the part of the mind we are conscious or aware of. 

The other half of the mind, the subconscious mind is a database of everything that ever happened to us. It is a collection of all your memories, most of them removed from your conscious mind.

Besides these deleted memories, the subconscious mind also collects and stores snippets of information, images, and videos that your conscious mind has never been aware of. This is something similar to peripheral vision – things that you see out of the corner of your eye without actually looking at it.

When you sleep, only your conscious mind shuts down. Your subconscious would still be active most of the time. Based on something that was on your mind just before falling asleep or even during the day, data is retrieved by the subconscious mind.

This is similar to Google Search results. Every snippet of information even remotely related will come up in your mind. Sometimes, things unconnected also turn up. It can be information, image, or video. 

Your mind strings all these together in a story-like fashion to form a dream. Sometimes, you see these as they are – disjointed and not making any sense. 

How to decipher the meaning of a dream?

Now that we know what goes into a dream, it doesn’t make it any easier to interpret them. Finding what triggered the dream is hard to find out. Scientists who study dreams and psychoanalysts have come up with dream symbols and their meanings. 

So much has been written about the meanings and interpretation of dreams. Some even consider dreams as a portal to access the world beyond. They believe that you are receiving communication from the other world through your dreams. This means it doesn’t have anything to do with your own memories.

As we cannot prove or disprove any of these theories, we should keep our minds open to all kinds of ideas and interpretations. One thing is for sure – dreams do mean something, whether good or bad luck. They are not meaningless. They definitely need to be looked into and interpreted.

While some of what you see in your dreams have a personal meaning to you, most of them are general. If you understand the language of dreams, you can interpret them. 

Identifying lucky dreams: 11 symbols and signs

Here are some signs of good fortune in your dreams.

1. Precious stone

Dreaming about a gem indicates your happiness and satisfaction with life in general. It may be related to financial security, happy relationships, or a flourishing business. It is a common sign of wealth and prosperity. These are dreams that mean money is coming.

Maybe your subconscious mind is aware of the good decisions you are making and the hard work you are putting in. So, naturally, success will follow.  

2. Tree laden with fruits

This is believed to bring good luck even in real life. When you see it in your dreams, it can only mean good luck. 

The tree rooted in land symbolizes your life. And the fruits relate to the fruits of your labor. The way a tree stands erect anchored to the earth can be an indication of your strong willpower, your firm stand in life, or your uncompromising handling of your finances. The healthy tree symbolizes your strength of character.

3. Fire

Typically, we look upon the fire as a means of destruction. However, dream analysts do not think so. They believe that fire symbolizes your anger and its burning indicates a resolution of the issue. 

Fire is one of the good luck charms, burning your worries and anxieties away. Rather than destroy your life, it is destroying negative emotions. After dreaming about fire, you usually wake up feeling light-hearted and happier. It, in fact, releases you from worrying thoughts.

4. Flying

This one is easier to understand. When you are happy, you feel as if your heart is soaring. So, when you dream that you are flying, it is a sure sign of happy tidings. It may also mean that you desire more freedom and will achieve it. 

On the relationship front, if you are not happy and want to end your relationship, you may get your wish. It can also mean that you resolve your problems in the relationship and you no longer seek freedom. 

On the work front, the meaning is obvious. You are doing great and flying as high as you want to. Dreams about flying are reassurance that you are on the right path.

5. Woman

Dreaming about a woman, whether known or unknown, can only bring good luck. In symbolism, a woman is considered a positive sign, related to warmth, friendliness, kindness, and compassion.

However, the exact interpretation of the dream can be made only after taking into consideration whether the woman is familiar or not. And, if you know the woman, what is your relationship with her. It is a stranger, you need to look for her attire, features, and more.

6. Happiness

When you see yourself being happy in your dreams, it is a good sign. Your life may not be filled with happiness and contentment right now but your desire for it is so overwhelming that it is showing up in your dreams.

However, it is not just a dream either. It is an indication of what is coming. Your wish is about to materialize.

7. Cloverleaf

A four-leaf clover is believed to be a lucky symbol. When it appears in your dreams, it is a sign of things about to happen. You are about to get your heart’s desire and your life is about to be happy and content. This may relate to any aspect of your life, be it a relationship, finance, or work-related.

8. Grains

In any context, grains are considered symbols of good fortune and abundance. One of the earth’s generous gifts to mankind, a rich harvest of grains is associated with prosperity, wealth, and happiness. 

9. Number 8

In numerology, the number 8 is associated with all good happenings – health, wealth, loving relationship, and financial gains. It is a dream of being lucky. The perfect balance and symmetry of the number 8 make it a good sign. When you see it in your dreams, it means good fortune is awaiting you. 

10. Soaring eagle

One of the most majestic of all birds, the eagle is considered a symbol of courage, bravery, and determination. It denotes the untiring spirit of humans and the never-give-up attitude. When you dream about this majestic bird, you are revealing your ambition and determination to achieve it.

11. Lantern

The lantern symbolizes light in the darkness. If you are going through tough times, this may be an indication of how things are going to pan out. You are going to get through it unscathed. It can also mean success in whatever you are attempting. 

What is your favorite dream that you’ve ever had and what made it lucky?

All the symbols listed here have one thing in common – all of them announce the arrival of happiness, peace of mind, and contentment in your life. 

Some of these may be obvious to you but others may clash with your experience. For example, dreaming of a will may remind you of your mortality but it can also mean you are coming to terms with it and evaluating your life. 

You can find the right meaning only with experience. 

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