9 Signs a Guy has Never had a Girlfriend Before

9 Signs a Guy has Never had a Girlfriend Before

Signs a Guy has Never had a Girlfriend Before

If you’re thinking of getting into a relationship with someone who has never been in one before, be prepared to take on the role of teacher and nurturer!

This blog post will explore common signs that a guy has never had a girlfriend. If he displays any of the following behaviors, this is likely his first relationship: he’s overly charming, he’s brutally honest to a fault, he’s shy around people he’s attracted to, etc.

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Clear signs a guy never had a girlfriend

1. He is intense from the word go.

Call it love, devotion, enthusiasm, or clingy. The truth is first-timers come across as eager to please and highly passionate. The moment you agree to be his girlfriend, he will bombard you with texts and calls. 

The intensity of his affection is something you would notice the most. He is always thinking up activities for the two of you to do together and making over-the-top plans for the future.

He doesn’t even wait for the two of you to know each other well enough. This behavior clearly exposes his inexperience in relationships.

A guy with experience will know that rushing through the initial stage is a big no-no. He needs to give you time and take it slow, even if he wants to go faster. 

So, if you’re dating a man and he is doing this, chances are he has never had a girlfriend before.

2. He is unsure how to respond to you.

You might have caught him staring at you from afar or blushing when you two lock eyes. This shyness can also be a sign that he has never had a girlfriend before.

You cannot blame his inexperience alone for this malady, as most guys are equally bad at this. But first-timers are the worst. 

He doesn’t know how to express his feelings or how to respond to yours. He is clueless about how to deal with difficult situations that seem to crop up in your relationship.

He is incapable of understanding your actions, thought processes, needs, and wants unless you spell them out clearly. He avoids eye contact and acts guilty.

He seems oblivious to your need for more space, attention, or moral support. Be patient and be supportive; he is sure to learn.

3. His reactions are overly dramatic.

A guy who has never had a girlfriend before is bound to get carried away by the littlest things.

This is often said about women in general, but it holds true for guys who have been single forever. His lack of experience will be painfully revealed in situations that require measured responses or situations that don’t warrant them.

For instance, if you change your date plans because of unavoidable work at the office, he will start over-analyzing the situation and come up with non-existent reasons.

Most probably, he will blame himself for having done something wrong to offend you and get into a sulking mood. He understands a relationship only in its ideal and pure form and not from a practical perspective.

Don’t get offended by his overly dramatic reactions, as he can’t help it.

4. His responses are off-key and jarring.

This is another sign he has never had a girlfriend before. You may think that he is insensitive and deliberately rude.

The guy may come across as a player, trying to toy with your emotions. It’s nothing of the sort if the guy is inexperienced.

He doesn’t know the right thing to do in situations and ends up doing all the wrong things.

For instance, in between intense talk, he may come up with a light-hearted joke that is not appropriate for the occasion.

You may find it weird, tactless, or even offensive. On the other hand, when the atmosphere is casual and fun, he might take offense at your playful comment.

Just remember that his behavior is not intentional. He’s a nice guy and new to the relationship game.

5. He’s insecure.

None of us are perfect. We all have our own set of insecurities. But those with experience know how to handle theirs.

Whenever there is trouble in the relationship, your guy’s insecurities and vulnerabilities will be in full glare for you to see and deal with. 

Then, it’s entirely up to you to decide how the scene will play out. He is scared that he will be outed and ridiculed.

If you care about him and want to save the relationship, you have to act maturely in such situations. Be sensitive and try not to make fun of him. Give him time, and he’ll learn.

So, if you see any of these signs a guy has never had a girlfriend before, don’t be too quick to judge him. He might be a nice guy who is new to the relationship game. Be patient and understanding, and he’ll learn with time.

6. He is overenthusiastic and overplans.

When you are talking about the far or near future, he is enthusiastic about planning it. Often he ends up overplanning it. 

For instance, if you are planning a holiday together in six months, he will go hyper and dig up the flight/train timings, list of hotels, places to see, and more. In the end, he will give you an estimate of how much the vacation is going to cost. 

Your guy may not understand the nitty-gritty of love and relationships, but his expertise is quite evident in his lists, calculations, and route maps. 

This may be creepy behavior from a regular guy, but you need to factor in his inexperience and not judge him for this.

7. He is uneasy and anxious in the early days.

He is not sure of what to do when you’re around or how to please you. His inexperience is easy to notice. He doesn’t make eye contact. 

Should he open the door or draw the chair for you? Is it alright to kiss you or hold your hands? Should he ask for your consent every single time? How many calls/texts a day is normal? Should he dress up or go casual? Is he the odd one out, or is this normal?

His mind will be spinning with so many questions that he acts uncertain when you’re around. You can put him at ease by spelling out what you want and do not want.

8. He doesn’t appreciate you or your time.

It’s actually not that he doesn’t appreciate you, but his actions imply this. Unfortunately, there are so many jerks and players in the dating scene who will do just this deliberately. That makes it hard for you to recognize this as a sign of a naive partner. 

He finds it hard to understand the concept of too much and too little. This can be about time, attention, love, or gifts he gives you. One day he will be all over you, smothering you with too much attention. The entire next week, he will vanish from your radar without a word or a reason.

He is continuing to live his life the way he always has – doing whatever he wants and whenever he wants. He may take out some days to be with you and give you his entire attention. On other days, he will go back to his routine without a word to you or considering how you will feel about it.

Try not to take offense. Your nice guy needs to be house-trained. 

9. He is extremely honest and blunt.

He may be too honest for comfort if he has never had a girlfriend before. He has no idea how to sugarcoat things. When you ask him a difficult question, he will give you an honest answer without mincing his words.

He doesn’t know how to lie or play games. For instance, if you ask him why he broke up with his last girlfriend, he will give you a detailed account of how and why it happened without mincing his words.

This quality is both good and bad. You can always be sure that he is telling you the truth. But, at the same time, his brutal honesty may hurt your feelings sometimes.

Final thoughts on a guy who has never had a girlfriend

Dating a guy who has never had a girlfriend before can be challenging, but it is also rewarding.

If you notice any of these signs a guy has never had a girlfriend before, don’t be too quick to judge him. He might be a nice guy who is new to the relationship game. Be patient and understanding, and he’ll learn with time.

These tips will help you nurture your budding romance without getting frustrated. Good luck!


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