19 Signs from the Universe That Your Ex is Coming Back

19 Signs from the Universe That Your Ex is Coming Back

Signs from the Universe That Your Ex is Coming Back

It’s human nature to have second thoughts.

No matter who initiated the breakup, life apart may not be easy for you. You may miss your ex deeply and wish for your life back. You may be reluctant to take the first step to reconcile with your ex unless you know for sure that your ex also wants the same. This is where signs may come in handy for you.

Do you know that the Universe is fond of playing cupid? It plays a huge role in bringing couples together. If you care to notice them, the Universe will give you enough signs to prepare you for the event. The same applies to the reunion after a breakup.

When you’re unable to read the mind of your ex or see into the future, the best choice would be to look for signs from the Universe that your ex is coming back. If things look positive, with the proper steps, you can reunite with your ex. 

This article deals with the delicate topics of breakup, regret, and reunion. Here you will find signs from the Universe to know whether your ex is thinking about you. Also listed here are the spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you and missing you.

Spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you

At the onset, let’s be clear that spiritual signs don’t have anything to do with spirituality. While spirituality is the search for the ultimate truth and purpose of one’s life, spiritual signs refer to figuring out the meaning of symbols we see around us and linking them to our life. 

Here are some of the common spiritual signs your ex is missing you after a breakup.

  1. You get a call or a text from your ex immediately after you think about them.
  2. You come across their name in unexpected places.
  3. You have good dreams about your ex.
  4. You chance upon your ex on random occasions. 
  5. You hear “your song” too often to ignore.
  6. You discover things belonging to your ex.
  7. You see angel numbers that point to your ex miss you.
  8. You just feel it in your bones.

Such spiritual signs can help keep your hopes alive that your ex is coming back. 

Positive signs from the universe that your ex is coming back

Breakup is tough, especially if it is your ex who broke up with you and it happened out of the blue. In such a scenario, it is natural that you want your ex to come back. You must be missing them and life together so much. 

However, you’re also aware that something must have been wrong for this sudden turn of events to happen. So, the best place to start your quest to find answers to your unanswered questions is the Universe itself. The Universe is constantly sending us signs to convey important messages about what is to happen to us in the future. You can use the same method to figure out your current dilemma.

Here are a few powerful signs from the Universe that your ex is coming back.

1. Your ex hasn’t cut you off

In short, they haven’t blocked or unfriended you on social media. Your ex hasn’t reached out to you about closing your shared account or getting their things back. If your ex is adamant about the finality of the breakup, they would have initiated these actions immediately.

As long as your ex hasn’t cut off ties with you, there is a possibility of a reconciliation. Even if they don’t comment on your photos or posts, you know that they have seen them. You may not get a reply from your ex but you can see that they have read your messages. This is a positive sign your ex is coming back.

2. Your ex recollects the good times

Whenever you talk to your ex, they enthusiastically talk about the wonderful memories the two of you share. It’s clear that your ex isn’t bitter toward you and still remembers the amazing relationship you had. This is an encouraging sign your ex wants to come back to you.

Constantly reminding you of those good times is an indication that the relationship is still not a closed chapter for your ex. They’re still keeping the options open for a reunion. Your ex definitely doesn’t want you to forget the love and affection you had for each other. 

3. Your ex stalks you on social media

It’s not just that your ex hasn’t blocked or unfriended you. They’re always the first ones to see your photos or read your posts. Your ex may even go as far as “liking” them. They may not even hide that they’re checking out your social media profile.

This is definitely not the act of an angry or vindictive ex. They still like you and want to stay in touch with you. They also must be aware that your presence is a deterrent for others to have a romantic interest in you. In all probability, they must be planning on coming back to you.

4. Your ex wants to remain friends with you

As if explaining their continued presence in your life, your ex will explain that you’re “just friends”. Is your ex telling the truth or is there anything more to read between the lines?

You need to realize that this is a tricky sign. There is always a possibility that your ex is being truthful and wants the two of you to remain friends. If by “just friends” your ex means everything other than a sexual relationship, you need to be cautious about it.

However, there is also a real possibility that your ex is using this as a cooling-off period and wants to come back to you when things are calmer.

5. Your ex continues to honor the commitments 

Weird though this may sound, nothing much seems to have changed about the plans the two of you made together though you’ve broken up. Your ex is keen on carrying out the commitments you made earlier. Such as attending events and trips. 

Your ex could have canceled those plans you made together and attended them alone or with someone else. Instead, you went together as “friends”. 

Whether this is a sign of your ex coming back into your life remains to be seen. But definitely, your ex wants to be part of your life, albeit as a “friend”.

6. Your ex never stopped communicating with you

Usually, breakups are synonymous with anger, frustration, and bad blood. Most couples bring in the no-contact rule to recover and heal from the trauma of a breakup. However, nothing like that happened for the two of you. You parted ways amicably.

You talk and text your ex every day. Sometimes it feels impossible to believe that you’re not together anymore. Though there isn’t any assurance of a reunion as of now, as long as the two of you’re on talking terms, there is always a possibility that your ex is coming back to you.

7. Your ex talks about how they remember you every day

Whenever your ex has a piece of news, good or bad, they reach out to share it with you. It’s just like old times. Even when there is nothing much to say, your ex sends you texts asking how you are. Maybe there is nothing to read into these gestures; your ex is just trying to be nice and friendly with you. 

Your ex could have easily walked away from your life and not maintained any contact with you. Being friendly with your ex is a choice and not an obligation. Maybe they’re reconsidering their decision to part ways with you.

8. Your ex is in a rebound relationship

Doesn’t this mean they have moved on in their lives after breaking up with you? Not exactly. In fact, this is the opposite of that. 

Partners get into rebound relationships when they miss their ex too much and want someone to fill the void. It’s clear that your ex is missing you and missing your life together. They’re trying to recreate the same with this replacement. 

Just for your information, rebound relationships never last long. There is a definite possibility that your ex will come back to you.

9. Your ex stays away from relationships

This is the other possibility after a breakup. They’re so heartbroken by the breakup that they won’t even consider dating anyone. Clearly, your ex is still missing you and hurting. They haven’t healed and moved on.

Has your ex announced their single status to the world? Or are they looking for a new partner? If “no” is the answer to both these questions, most probably, your ex is reconsidering their decision to break up with you. Maybe you’re the reason why they’re unable to move on in life.

10. Your ex never came for their things

It cannot get clearer than this. If your ex has no plans to come back, they would have taken their things from your place immediately. They should know that by letting things remain in your place, they’re giving you clear signals. 

In case you have left your things at your ex’s place and not collected them, they would have sent you a “Come and take your stuff” text multiple times if they weren’t keen on coming back. Either your ex isn’t ready to let go of your memory or may be thinking of coming back. Either way, there is still hope.

11. Your ex wants to know about your dating life

Naturally, your ex is curious about your relationship status. Especially if the breakup was not an acrimonious one. It’s ok for your ex to ask you casually if you’re dating anyone. But to ask you who you’re dating and insist on more details is not normal. 

Your ex may have secret intentions for doing this. They may still be interested in you and want to get back together with you. If this is the case, their behavior makes sense.

12. Your ex is always trying to get your attention

If you find your ex indulging in attention-grabbing tactics, it is a sign of their continued interest in you and intention to come back to you. Your ex may be commenting on your every post and photo on social media platforms or highlighting their new single status. Or they may be posting striking and eye-catching photos themselves and tagging you. Your ex may pop up in your daily haunts or flirt with others in your presence.

These are all crying-for-attention maneuvers. The reason for such behavior can be anything but often this is a tactic used by exes to get back together.

13. Your ex talks about you to others

When you break up and want to move on in life, there is no reason why you will show continued interest in your ex. You will try every means to block them out of your life. Instead, if you hear that your ex is mentioning you to their family or friends, it is clear that they haven’t gotten over you. 

Even if there is no direct communication for you with your ex, you may hear from your mutual friends about how your ex was mentioning your time together. You still have a chance for a reunion.

14. Your ex keeps in touch with your friends and family

The two of you broke up but your ex continues to keep their connection with your family and friends. This may be uncomfortable for you but your ex and your family members seem to take it in their stride. 

If you dumped your partner, this may be something your ex would do to keep their hopes alive for a reunion. On the other hand, if your ex was the one to dump you, they may be genuinely interested in your family members. They may want to continue the relationship despite your breakup.

15. Your ex posts your old photos together

You’re naturally confused by their behavior. Does your ex still love you? Do they want to get back together with you? What is your ex trying to convey?

If you’re in a no-contact period, it becomes all the more intriguing and difficult to figure this out. Just think what can your ex do to get your attention? Will posting old photos together help? Isn’t what your ex accomplished with this move?

In fact, your ex couldn’t do better than this if they want to get your attention. It definitely got your thinking and aroused your curiosity. This is the opportunity your ex wants. 

16. You find your ex’s things with you

You thought your ex took all their things with them when the two of you broke up. But while searching for something, you come across something that belongs to your ex. This will bring back a horde of memories, both good and bad. 

Along with memories will come regret and yearning. You feel sad that the relationship didn’t pan out the way you desired. You also wish for their presence and wonder whether your ex feels the same way about you. This is the Universe’s way of bringing together couples who broke up.

17. You really care about them

Even though the breakup was hard and painful for you, you don’t feel any animosity towards your ex. You still love and care for them. 

It’s true that after the breakup you tried to move on and build a life for yourself. That doesn’t mean your feelings for your ex are completely gone. You still feel love for your ex is an indication that something good is in store for you. Probably your ex feels the same way and will come back to you.

18. Your ex confesses to regretting the breakup

At times we make decisions in the heat of the moment or without thinking out the consequences of our actions. If the breakup was a hot-headed decision, your ex is bound to regret it later on, especially if you have been together for a long time. Only after walking out does your ex realize how important you’re to them. This is something they’re proud of.

However, it is something to regret about it but something else to openly admit it, that too to you! If your ex is coming clean on this, there is a good chance that they want to reconcile with you. 

19. Your ex admits to still loving you

Finally, your ex gathers the courage to tell you the truth – that they still love you and have never stopped loving you. The breakup was just one of the downswings in every relationship and was inevitable. Now your ex can see things with clarity and is sure about their love for you.

Just remember that just love isn’t enough to get back together. But your ex admitting it is definitely a positive sign.

Bottom line

Now that you have seen all the signs from the Universe that your ex is thinking about you, your next question would be, now what? 

There are clear indications for a reunion but you need more than signs for it to actually happen. You want positive action. Before you or your ex make those moves to reconcile, you need to think deeply about what this means to you. Do you want your ex to come back?

You broke up for a reason. Has this been sorted out now? If not, you’re bound to break up again, causing more pain and broken hearts. Identify and work on the root cause of the breakup before you consider reuniting with your ex.

You don’t want to be caught in an unending cycle of breakups and reunions for sure.


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