20 Powerful Abundance Affirmations to Fast-Track Your Wealth

20 Powerful Abundance Affirmations to Fast-Track Your Wealth

Abundance affirmations

Find here listed some of the most powerful abundance affirmations that can help you get rich quickly.

Manifesting wealth using the law of attraction is an easy way to get what you want in life. However, because of our troubled relationship with money, we make it more difficult than necessary to succeed, by adding anxiety and stress into the equation.

Sometimes all you need to attract abundance in life is a powerful mantra or affirmation. Prosperity affirmations have a unique place among the law of attraction techniques. Money affirmations work the same way as any other.

Here are 20 Abundance Affirmations to get you started:
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    Some money manifestation tips

    Be Specific: When you are asking the Universe, include as many specifics as possible. Find answers to the questions such as

    • How much money do you want?
    • When do you want the money?

    Change your attitude: Only your limiting beliefs stand between you and abundance. You need to feel positive about acquiring wealth and not look down upon money as the harbinger of evil. Think of all the good things you can do with the money in life.

    Start believing that you are worthy of the wealth you are wishing for. There is no need to feel that you are being greedy and selfish for wanting large sums of money. It may help if you can figure out why you want the money. If it confirms with your moral values, you may be able to shake off the negative vibes.

    Trust the Universe: When following the steps to manifest wealth, if you have doubts about its success, your life’s desire may remain unfulfilled after all. There is no point in doing something in a halfhearted manner. Just believe that the Universe is going to make your dreams come true. You only need to follow the steps of manifestation faithfully.

    Visualize: Imagining yourself amid abundance does a lot for the success of the process. It will put you in a happy and positive frame of mind. As the Universe is averse to changing the status quo, your wishes will be granted to keep you in a joyous state.

    Use sensory powers: Include your senses in the visualization process to make it more intense and effective. Use your sense of touch by handling crisp new notes and shiny coins. Feast your eyes on bundles of cash. Smell them. The purpose of this exercise is to get you familiar and comfortable with money.

    Be Grateful: Gratitude is a trait that the Universe loves from you. Be thankful for all good things in life you have received up to now. Even if you have not received much money until now and are having a hard time paying bills, it is important to feel thankful in your heart.

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    A few powerful affirmations for abundance

    Affirmations of abundance are carefully worded statements created to capture the power of the law of attraction to summon abundance, prosperity and financial well-being in your life. You can either chant them like a mantra or repeat them in a normal tone. Including meditation in your routine can enhance the effect of these affirmations for money.

    The list of affirmations for abundance is endless. You can write up your affirmations as well. From among all the prosperity affirmations available, you need to choose a few that you feel are the right fit for you. You have to repeat them every day to attract abundance easily and effortlessly.

    Here are a few powerful affirmations about money that you can consider for your shortlist.

    I would welcome all the wealth that life offers me.

    This is an open invitation to affluence into your life. With this, you are making it clear to the Universe that you are receptive to wealth and welcome it with open arms.

    I deserve to be rich.

    Most people are haunted by limiting beliefs. Even when they want to have money, they think that it is greedy and selfish to desire wealth. By saying out loud, you are sending a message to the Universe that you have no such doubts.

    My wishes are coming true.

    This is one of the most basic requirements for a successful manifestation. Repeat this with utmost faith to keep your spirits high and negativity at bay.

    The Universe is benevolent.

    Develop unshakable faith in the generosity of the Universe. Believe without a doubt that the Universe is abundant and is always ready to grant your wishes.

    Wealth is within my reach.

    This affirmation for money will help in boosting your level of confidence and happiness. Acknowledge that wealth exists at an arm’s length and all you need to do is reach out.

    I have enough wealth and more.

    With this assertion, you are chasing away financial worries and negative thoughts. Believe that you have money in abundance and need not worry about insufficient funds.

    I am flushed with cash.

    Just the thought is enough to give you goosebumps. Sets your mind at rest and puts you in a happy frame of mind.

    My prosperity is essential.

    This abundance affirmation will come in handy if you are having any doubt about desiring wealth and abundance. Accept that in life you deserve every bit of wealth you want to have.

    Wealth can’t resist me.

    Imagine yourself as a powerful money magnet. Wealth is drawn towards you without any effort. Money can’t help loving you. Recognize the special connection and watch the deluge.

    I feel abundance around me.

    Look around and see the abundance surrounding you. Acknowledge that you just need to reach out to get it.

    I am successful and wealthy.

    Admit to the Universe and more importantly to yourself that you are successful and wealthy. As ‘like attracts like’, more will follow.

    I trust my ability to attract abundance.

    You are what you believe to be. With this affirmation for abundance, you are allowing the Universe to make your dream come true.

    I possess the power to make money.

    Raise your self-confidence with this affirmation. Why worry about money, when you have the power to create wealth at will.

    My bank account is overflowing.

    Believe this with all your heart even if it is not yet true. It removes anxiety and stress and keeps you confident and happy.

    I am in command of my finances.

    Dispel doubt and say with conviction that you can summon wealth whenever you want to in life. Believe that you are in the driver’s seat.

    I am about to receive enormous wealth.

    Chase away your worries about money with this affirmation. Your confidence and a positive outlook can work wonders.

    I can reach out to wealth anytime.

    The truth is wealth is always within reach in life if you care to look for it. With this statement, you are just stating the obvious.

    I am getting richer every day.

    Manifesting money is not a once-in-a-lifetime event for you. It is a continuous process in life. You are making it clear with this assertion.

    I spend money wisely.

    Constant financial worry is not conducive to manifesting abundance. Overspending is a common cause of anxiety. By repeating this affirmation, you can drive away the negative vibes.

    Money comes to me easily.

    Say this with full faith and watch wealth flow freely towards you.

    Would you like to create your own affirmation? You may also want to look at our advice on how to write an affirmation for beginners.

    Manifesting abundance is simple and easy with the right tools and techniques. The most difficult barriers to demolish are your limiting beliefs about money and wealth. It is going to take some effort on your part to overturn the negative mindset and start accepting abundance as a source of joy. Once you accomplish this, your path ahead is clear and straight. Make use of these powerful financial abundance affirmations to make your dreams come true.

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