How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth?

How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth?

How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth

“Born under a bad sign, been down since I began to crawl

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all”

Remember the blues song of the 60s by American blues singer Albert King?

Some people seem to have all the luck in the world and others none. 

Why do some have good luck with money and wealth while the rest are left to envy them? Love and relationships seem to favor a select few while the rest fail miserably in the affairs of the heart.

This leads us to the question – what is luck? Is it something that we are born with? Is it possible to develop it? Is luck an attitude? 

Are lucky people lucky all the time? If yes, gambling operations and casinos would have to close shop. A lucky few would win sweepstakes and slot machines every time. Attracting wealth would be child’s play.

The American Playwright Tennessee Williams puts it in perspective when he quipped, “Luck is believing you’re lucky”.

So, is that all that luck is?

This article takes a good and deep look at the topic and outlines ways to have good luck in life.

What is luck?

The dictionary defines luck as “success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s actions”. 

In other words, it is something that a person possesses that skews the probability of winning or losing for them, despite the effort invested in the action. 

In every culture around the world, there abounds hundreds and thousands of superstitions to tell you how to raise your luck quotient. Or things or events that are considered unlucky. Such as walking under the ladder, a black cat crossing your path, breaking a mirror, knocking on wood, crossing your fingers, …

On the other hand, we can take a pragmatic approach and think of luck as the probability based on past experiences. 

However, the fact remains that your luck or lack of it is not dependent on how often you won or lost in the past. Nor does it count how many black cats crossed your path.

If you are seeking good fortune to succeed in life, your best bet lies in developing the right attitude. It still offers no guarantees to attract success but having the right attitude gives you the ability to notice opportunities and act on them. 

It is all about being in the right place at the right time. And, you can have a big say in that, only if you care to keep your eyes open and willing to grab the opportunities. An open mind is where luck is made.

Let us see how you can open up your mind and develop the right attitude to attract luck and fortune.

1. Think positive

You may have heard about the “glass half full” or “glass half empty” attitudes. People with the “glass half full” attitude are already on the right path with a positive outlook on life. 

A positive attitude can do a lot of things for you – bring more happiness, relieve stress, provide inspiration and motivation and help achieve goals and attract success. But can it help you win at the roulette wheel or win sweepstakes?

Maybe not in the sense you expect. But yes, it can help in a big way. 

You give yourself a chance to win when you play roulette or enter sweepstakes. Without a positive attitude, that voice in your head would be discouraging you from trying, telling you that your chance of success is near zero. This voice makes its point so convincingly that you would find it hard to ignore. Thus, dissuaded from participating, you are robbed of any chance of succeeding.

On other hand, with a “can-do” attitude, you are giving yourself a shot at winning. 

2. Enhance positivity with visualization

Maintaining a positive mindset needs constant work. Without consistent effort, negativity can creep in unawares. 

Visualization is a time-tested technique to raise your positive outlook and thereby luck. It involves imagining your success and your consequent feelings and emotions. 

When you visualize yourself winning at casino slot machines, your approach would be optimistic and constructive, thus raising your chance of winning.

You can use the same tactic to attract success in anything you are attempting – interviews, exams, or even love.

3. Affirm for better luck

Affirmations are simplistic positive statements meant to amplify your self-confidence and self-worth. 

In psychology, the illusory truth effect is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. In other words, your mind would accept anything repeated often enough as truth.

When you replace the “false information” with things you want to believe or happen, the result is miraculous. When you repeat “I am happy” or “I am confident” or “I am successful”, you are planting the seeds of happiness, confidence, and success in your subconscious mind. 

As the Law of Attraction says, as long as your mind is convinced, it manifests. 

Make sure that the affirmations you choose are in the “I am” format and framed in the present tense even though it is something you are wishing for in the future. You may repeat them out loud or write them down at least once a day. Early in the morning and before bedtime offer the best results.

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4. Good karma brings more luck

Karma is a concept in Hinduism and Buddhism that says a person’s actions or words decide his/her fate or luck. The same concept is conveyed by the metaphor “What goes around comes around” and the bible verse “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”. 

The idea of cause and effect is simple and easy to understand. This has been part of moral education for ages. It just means that if you do good deeds, good things happen to you.

Karma doesn’t mean going around looking for good deeds to do to earn luck. In the course of a day, as opportunity presents, when you have to choose your course of action or words, choose the good ones.

5. Get spiritual, get lucky

Spirituality means acknowledging and accepting the all-embracing nature of the Higher Power or the Universe. The Law of Attraction teaches us the benevolence of the Universe in keeping us happy and content and bringing us anything we ask for. All we need to do is believe in the process and ask for it.

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Being spiritual is given diverse meanings by different people. For some, it is saying prayers, while others turn inward and use meditation to connect with the Universe. Irrespective of how you relate with the Higher Power, you just need to ask with a purity of intent and unflinching belief, success and luck shall be yours.

6. Feng Shui for luck

An ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui uses energy forces to bring balance with surroundings. The principles of this practice when applied in the right way can attract money, health, love, and even luck. It can help in enhancing positivity, happiness, and productivity and keep away negativity and distress.

One of the basic principles of Feng Shui relates to messy and disorganized spaces. If you think about it, chaos and confusion can only make matters worse and bring in negativity. When things are in a jumble, it would be difficult to accomplish anything or get anything done. This translates to less chance of success.

When things are clean, tidy and in order, it would be easier to get things done, making it effortless to attract abundance and making you feel luckier.

7. Lucky charm for more blessings

Lucky charms and rituals have a special place in the life of some while others feel skeptical about their value. Lucky symbols like a horseshoe or four-leaved clover can help in raising the confidence level, thus increasing the chance of success. The same applies to wearing lucky clothes such as a favorite t-shirt or a piece of special jewelry. 

Some people believe that some specific rituals will bring them luck. Such as not stepping on a crack or crossing the fingers. Some even play special songs to bring them luck.

Before writing these off as just superstitions with no value, it would be beneficial to see how these acts can help the practitioner. These simple things and gestures can help build a positive attitude, an abundance mindset, and raise the confidence level, thus increasing the chance to attract prosperity and success. This means they indeed bring luck.

Final thoughts

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”.

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You may take the help of any one of the choices listed here to attract good luck but ultimately, it is the hard work that will bring you success. However, luck has an important role to play in developing the right mentality and thereby eliciting hard work. 

Besides hard work, the secret ingredients for success are patience, perseverance, and persistence. Bring it all together and success is yours.

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