How to Manipulate Energy?

How to Manipulate Energy?

How to Manipulate Energy

Though we may not understand the dynamics of energy in our body – how we get it, where it goes, and what we gain from it – most of us do understand how much energy we have at a given point in time.

We refer to our energy levels as tired and sluggish, lazy and inactive, “so-so” or mediocre, or lively, active, and even invincible. 

When we feel low on energy, we try to figure out the reason. Lack of sleep, sickness, wrong food choices, overexertion, and high levels of stress and anxiety are the most common reasons for low energy levels. 

Is it as simple as our lifestyle choices? Then it would mean that we can sustain high energy levels, if we want to, all through our lives just by making the right choices. 

This explanation seems too good to be true. All these factors affecting our energy are physical in nature. Maybe our energy is influenced by much more than these. We also need to consider the influence of mental, emotional, and spiritual factors besides mental blocks that we may have picked up along the way.

This article is an attempt at understanding the way energy works in our bodies. In this article, we explore the possibilities of energy manipulation. Here, you will also find how to sustain high energy levels all day long through mental conditioning.

What is energy?

Energy is that intangible thing that we can feel and experience rather than see or touch. Like every intangible thing, we try to explain the meaning of energy using its physical manifestation. Such as, we feel energetic when we are active, optimistic, and boisterous. And, we feel low on energy, when we feel lazy and lethargic. 

This is just one manifestation of energy. When we are focused and able to stay in the present, we are sound and sensible. When two individuals feel connected or disconnected, there is an exchange of energy involved. When we are happy or sad, it is an opportunity for the release of energy.

Some environments, situations, and individuals can raise or lower our energy levels. We put up boundaries to prevent energy drain and open our hearts to allow the energy to flow unhindered. 

All these observations boil down to the law of conservation of energy. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another. Energy can be amplified or depleted, accelerated or decelerated, channeled or diverted, and let loose or restricted. 

Though energy can make or break the lives of an individual, it is still powerless on its own. It can be influenced, controlled, and manipulated. This is possible through our minds and consciousness. 

Before we learn how to manipulate energy, let’s understand more about energy blocks.

Why do we suffer from energy blocks?

Our body resorts to blocking energy as a defense mechanism against undesirable emotions, impulses, happenings, and people around us. This is a method used by our body to deal with and adapt to unwanted situations.

We may block out the free flow of energy when we know from our own experience that something about to happen will be unpleasant. We may gain this knowledge from experiencing similar situations multiple times in the past or learning from the experiences of others. 

For instance, if you have faced rejection in the past, again and again, you may restrict your actions, as you know you are going to end up getting rejected in the future as well. When you make a negative decision even before attempting something, you are closing your mind to possibilities and opportunities. You are creating an energy block.

To cite another example, you may use the same experience of rejection differently. Since you face rejection every time you attempt, instead of waiting for one more rejection, you may force your way in, demanding acceptance and trying to take charge of the situation. Here, again, your mind is closed to possibilities and you have lost belief in the process. You are again blocking the free flow of energy.

Types of energy blocks

Mental block: When you close your mind to choices and when you hold on to a fixed belief system, you are suffering from a cognitive block. 

Thrust: Instead of believing in ourselves and the process, when we force ourselves onto people or situations, we are artificially creating an energy block. We are not ready to open our minds and surrender to the process. Instead, we force our way in, trying to demand and control.

What are the consequences of energy blocks?

As long as our energy is blocked in some way, we will be unable to manipulate energy levels in our bodies. So, we need to figure out why we get energy blocks and how to get rid of them.

When our mind is relaxed, open, broad, and spread out and our breath deep, healthy, and rhythmic, we can experience our consciousness expanding without limits and boundaries. This is when energy is free-flowing. 

You have blocked energy when your mind is stagnant, narrow, stressed, and bounded. Then your breath will be shallow, controlled, and uneven.

When your energy is blocked, you feel detached, disconnected, entangled, or disintegrated. In this state, the free energy exchange is not happening. 

A person suffering from an energy block will either be too defiant, assertive, and aggressive or too accommodating and compliant. They will be prone to obstinacy, obsessive thinking, excessive individualism, perfectionism, mood swings, procrastination, and submission. 

How to restore energy flow?

As your mind has rejected exploring and considering possibilities, getting rid of energy blocks is no easy task. To make this happen, you need to overcome the resistance from your mind. This takes patience, perseverance, time, and willingness to take risks.

The first step toward free energy transfer is to raise your consciousness level and become more grounded. When your energy is completely blocked, to even think about restoring energy flow is a huge step. You will need to summon all your willpower to help you open your mind to change.

Raising the consciousness level means becoming more aware of what is happening within you, to you, and around you. You may start by turning inward and understanding the energy flow within your body. Once you gain the power to recognize your energy, you will find the rest of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.  

When you get to know how you can use your energy to your advantage, you would no longer want to block it. You go from partial unblocking of energy to complete opening of the mind in the blink of an eye. When you begin to appreciate what you can achieve with free-flowing energy, there is nothing to hold you back.

With your energy flow fully restored, your life force will be fully active and alive. Only then, do you get to live your life to the fullest and achieve your potential.

How to maintain healthy energy flow in your body?

Even after you restore the energy flow, you cannot sit back and relax. Increasing positive energy in your body needs constant attention and effort.

Here are a few tips to manipulate energy with your mind.

  • Your thoughts and feelings are also energy. So, be conscious of what you are feeling and thinking. Assess your present mental state by paying close attention to what is going on in your mind from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. If you have any fixed beliefs, work on them to make them more flexible.
  • Pause now and then in the middle of the day and turn inward to examine your mind. How conscious are you? What are the thoughts and emotions filling the mind? Are you placing restrictions on anything? How is your body reacting? Are you relaxed or stressed? Are you brimming with energy or tired? Do you feel alive or lifeless? If you are detecting any negative energy, take immediate action to set things right.
  • Try moving your body in different ways. Are you noticing effortless movements? Or is it strained? Even if it is strained, how do sustained movements make you feel? Energizing or taxing? Do you like the feeling when your body is moving effortlessly? Pay attention to your body and its movements. It is an easy way to detect energy blocks.
  • Raise your voice and make a sound either when you are alone or in the presence of others. Trying to say “yes” and “no” aloud. Are you able to? Are you willing to? Assess your mindset without judgment. Slowly build up the courage to speak your mind with clarity and without fear.
  • Notice your energy levels when you are in the presence of others. Is it expanding or contracting? Take steps to ensure that it is not shrinking. 
  • Watch out for how you are interacting with others. Are you forcing your will on others and being too demanding? Learn to manage your urge to control every situation. Relax and let nature take its course.
  • Test your energy boundaries. You can take the help of a friend for this activity. Stand at a distance and take one step at a time toward each other. As you get closer, what do you notice in your energy level? When your friend’s energy field overlaps with yours, do you feel ungrounded or imbalanced? Do you notice any changes in your behavior? With practice, you can stay unaffected by others entering your energy field.
  • Pay close attention to your feelings. Notice how your body is altered by your feelings. Take steps to disassociate your feelings from your body.
  • What is your strong suit? Are you a thinker (reasoning), feeler (emotions), or doer (will)? Which one among the head, heart, and body do you feel the most comfortable with? Learn to overcome your weak points.
  • Observe your energy interaction with others. How do you feel? Do you feel welcomed or rejected? Instead of using your head to figure it out, use your mind to feel the reaction. Gain a deeper understanding of your energy system.

Bottom line

You can also use your physical body to help you with maintaining energy flow. Meditation, deep breathing exercises, prayers, visualization, affirmation, and practicing gratitude are all positive steps to achieve this. 

Learning how to harness energy is vital for a healthy body and mind, as well as sustaining good relationships with others. 

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