70 Positive Affirmations for Emotional Healing

70 Positive Affirmations for Emotional Healing

70 Positive Affirmations for Emotional Healing

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world, in our race to get ahead of the pack, we hurt each other deliberately as well as inadvertently. The resultant emotional traumas have become too common. These can prevent you from being happy and content and living a life filled with love and peace.

The next obvious question is can you do something about this? Can you change the way you think and perceive things and heal the emotional wounds? Is it possible to make these negative aspects that have been weighing you down go away and start living with a clean slate?

The simple answer is yes. The answer to all these problems and similar ones is positive affirmations.

Have you tried using healing affirmations to heal the wounds and pains of your heart? If not, you should.

This article offers you more insights on positive healing affirmations and how they can help you deal with your emotional wounds. You will also find here listed some powerful healing affirmations to get you started.

Positive affirmations for healing 

In the general sense, affirmations are positive statements aimed at building self-worth and confidence. When using affirmations for healing, you are focusing on changing your misguided perspectives and undesired emotions. These simple positive statements can heal deep wounds and take you towards self-improvement.

Words said at the heat of the moment can hurt you badly. The same thing can be said about actions as well. With the wrong perspective, you may feel hurt and traumatized. And, these feelings will remain with you and torment you, depriving you of a happy life. 

On most occasions, the actions and words will hurt you even if they are unintentional. One of the basic reasons for this turn of events is your refusal to accept things as they are. You prefer to see the world and everything in it with your own narrow perspective. You see what you want to instead of accepting them for what they are.

When the mind is filled with negative emotions that you refuse to part with, you are asking for trouble. It is like digging your own grave or being your own worst enemy.

The solution to this dilemma is to broaden your horizons and widen your outlook. In this context, positive self-talk can do you a world of good. Positive healing affirmations can change the way you perceive things and also heal old wounds. It can get you to develop positive thoughts and find a resolution to your existing pains and wounds of the mind.

Healing affirmations for the soul

The affirmations for self-healing listed here are general and can be used by anyone looking for emotional healing. You can tweak it to make it more personal and more relevant to your situation.

When these affirmations are used in conjunction with positive mantras, you can make your emotional baggage disappear in no time. Of all the affirmations for healing, “I am…” healing affirmations are the most effective as they are more personal and their impact is the most.

  1. I attract happiness and healing.
  2. I believe that all wounds heal with time.
  3. It is time for me to move forward and experience the joys of life.
  4. I deserve to have a happy and peaceful life.
  5. Happiness and peace of mind are my birthrights.
  6. I choose peace of mind over temporary gains.
  7. I know that my past doesn’t define my present or the future.
  8. I know my limitations. I know that I can realize my life’s purpose.
  9. I respect my boundaries and am ready to work with them to realize my dreams.
  10. With time, I can see things differently.
  11. I deserve a positive mindset.
  12. I can sense peace and appreciation filling up my mind.
  13. I have the power to heal myself.
  14. I stand for love, peace, and happiness for everyone including myself.
  15. Beauty is not skin deep. It is the beauty of the mind that matters most.
  16. I accept my imperfections and am ready to work with them with positivity.
  17. I have no expectations and won’t allow anything to affect me.
  18. I know how to enjoy life and have fun.
  19. Everything happens for a reason.
  20. I know that something good is about to happen to me.
  21. I can sense the arrival of a loving person in my life.
  22. I have the courage to handle what life throws at me. 
  23. I can accept reality and know how to take care of myself.
  24. I love myself.
  25. I accept myself for who I am.
  26. I deserve the best and all the happiness in the world.
  27. I can love again and feel the warmth of deep love.
  28. My heart is brimming with love and happiness.
  29. I can handle my stress, anxiety, and anger.
  30. I have no doubts or fears about my ability and skill.
  31. I breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity.
  32. I inhale happiness and exhale anxiety.
  33. I view obstacles on my path as challenges and opportunities to prove myself.
  34. Life is a beautiful gift from God.
  35. Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy.
  36. No one can make me feel inferior. I am not inferior to anyone.
  37. I can survive this as well and come out the winner. 
  38. I have found my life’s purpose and I am working on fulfilling it.
  39.  I love everyone unconditionally.
  40. I choose not to dwell on my problems. 
  41. I am okay.
  42. I am not a victim and I refuse to see myself as one.
  43. I am determined to heal past hurts and wounds.
  44. I am giving myself space and time to heal my mind.
  45. I am happy, talented, deserving, and worthy to enjoy good things in life.
  46. I am not scared anymore.
  47. I am healing and I am getting healthier every day.
  48. I am working with my higher self to heal my mind.
  49. I am filled with energy and pure love.
  50. I am letting go of my grudges and anger. 
  51. I am kind and compassionate.
  52. I am releasing all emotional blocks that are preventing me from enjoying life.
  53. I am grateful for all the blessings I have had and will have.
  54. I am letting go of my emotional baggage as I want to feel happy and carefree.
  55. I am ready to share my happiness with everyone.
  56. I am good at heart.
  57.  I am proud of my achievements.
  58. I am filled with happiness and positive energy.
  59. I am opening my heart to love once again.
  60. I am creating an environment to let go of the past and heal my mind.
  61. I am ready to start over.
  62. I am healing well from the hurts, losses, and heartbreaks.
  63. I am ready to give my best.
  64. I am ready to conquer hearts with my positive attitude.
  65. I am positive. I know that setbacks are temporary.
  66. I am resilient. I have my back.
  67. I am sure that I can live through bad days.
  68. I am unique and special.
  69. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me to be who I am.
  70. I am radiant and attract happiness and peace of mind. 

Concluding thoughts

The world is filled with stress, anxiety, depressing news, and ill-mannered people. And, you can do nothing about it or the fact that you are sensitive. It is a good trait and there is no need to change that. All you need to do is change the way you see things and how you absorb them. Developing a positive mindset can help you absorb only the good in the world and reject and ignore the negatives.

You can use affirmations to heal your physical pain as well. If you are suffering from serious health problems like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, you can use affirmations to boost your mental strength. This will give more courage to fight back and the battle for life.

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