27 Signs Just Before Manifestation - Your Dream is Close

Signs Just Before Manifestation: 27 Ways to Know That Your Dreams Are About to Come True

Signs Just Before Manifestation

The path to manifestation is long and hard, especially if the goal is substantially huge. When you are on a manifestation journey, it would help to keep the spirits high if you get some sort of indication about how far you have progressed and how near your goal is – signs your manifestation is close.

Are you now wondering whether such signs exist?

Yes, they do indeed! 

With your unwavering belief in the law of attraction, together with your dedication and conviction in your efforts at manifesting, you need not seek signs to know that your goal is near. When you are absolutely earnest, conscientious, and confident in your manifestation attempt, once you have placed the request with the Universe, you need not worry about its outcome. It is sure to materialize at the right time.

Despite this, if you want to know whether you are close to the goal or confirmation that you are on the right path, you would be pleased to know that there are such manifestation signs. Most of them reveal themselves to you naturally so that you can see them without specifically looking out for them. However, some of these signs are more hidden and cryptic.

Since you are reading this, it is clear that you want to know more about these manifestation signs and what happens just before manifestation. Without further ado, let us get more information about them.

Here are some of the common signs that say manifestation is coming.

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    initial signs of manifestation

    1. You faced some serious hurdles in the recent past

    You have faced some unusual experiences recently, mostly unpleasant and disagreeable. Though difficult to face and overcome, these experiences have taught valuable life lessons and you have gained a lot from them. In fact, they helped you grow mentally stronger and more confident.

    As you know, to attract more positive experiences and people in your life, you need to raise your energy vibrations. One of the ways to achieve this is facing challenges in life. 

    When you are confronted with a hurdle in your path, your mind automatically searches for means to overcome it. This is an involuntary reaction of your mind that is essential for your survival. This process of overcoming a roadblock in your path triggers a learning process that helps you discover, mature, and mend to become a better you. 

    At that time, you may not feel this way. You may feel angry, depressed, bitter, or let down by the universe. 

    When you look back, you will understand that without challenges, your life will be smooth and eventless. This doesn’t allow for spiritual growth.

    Challenges in life can be a blessing in disguise.

    signs your manifestation is close

    2. You are often dreaming about your life after manifestation

    Dreams are considered a reflection of your subconscious mind. They are expressions of hidden desires and fears. Dreams are also thought of as subtle communications from the Universe.

    When you are experiencing recurring dreams about your happy and content life after manifesting your goal, it is an indication that manifestation is near. 

    If you are attempting to manifest a home, you might dream about living in the exact home you are trying to manifest with all the minute details you have in your wish list. You see yourself cheerful and relaxed. You may also want to check out our affirmations for manifesting a house.

    Or if you are trying to attract love and relationship, you may be dreaming about a scene in your future life when you are spending joyous time with the partner of your dreams. 

    You are having these dreams because your subconscious mind already knows that manifestation is imminent. The Universe is trying to send the message to you about it through these dreams.

    You may also want to take a look at our guide on spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person.

    what happens just before manifestation

    3. You are experiencing a sense of déjà vu

    Déjà vu is best described as the mysterious sensation of already being there and experiencing what you are expecting in the future. 

    When you are attempting to manifest your desire, you feel in your heart of hearts that you already have it. This happens when you are very close to achieving success in your manifestation journey.

    The reason for this is simple. Your subconscious mind already knows the fact that you are on the verge of reaching your goal. This information is just coming out as an unexplainable sensation.

    Whenever you are experiencing this sensation of déjà vu, just revel in it for as long as you can. The exhilaration and excitement you get out of this moment can help in raising your vibrational frequency in no time. 

    4. You are overflowing with excitement

    If you are feeling euphoric for no apparent reason, it may be a sign that manifestation is close. 

    Again, the credit goes to your subconscious mind. The mind has many layers and you are normally aware of only what is in your conscious mind. The deepest of them all is the subconscious mind, which is believed to be used by the Universe to communicate with you. 

    The Universe must have communicated the approach of manifestation success to your subconscious mind. Your excitement without any trigger is most probably your subconscious mind trying to reveal this secret communication from the Universe. 

    When you are feeling elated and upbeat, soak in the feeling and continue the good work at manifestation. Trust the Universe to bring you whatever you are seeking at the right time. This is not the time to get worked up and spoil the show.

    signs manifestation is coming

    5. You feel calm and nonchalant

    When you are starting on your manifestation journey, especially for a beginner, it is natural to feel anxious, scared, and apprehensive about the path ahead. Facing the unknown or something new or going through unfamiliar experiences always evokes these negative feelings.

    At the beginning of a manifestation process, you need to prepare and brace yourself for these eventualities. Your unflinching belief and trust will get you through the initial troubles. 

    After the initial hiccups, you will settle down into a routine of following the different steps of manifestation. At this stage, all you need to do is keep your spirits up and move forward.

    Then there will reach a stage when you feel a strange feeling of calmness and contentment descending on you. You feel as if the outcome of the manifestation is no longer important. 

    There is no particular explanation for this other than the Universe trying to communicate about the approaching success through your subconscious mind. 

    Just take note of it and continue in your path like before. Success will come to you when the time is right. 

    6. You are not agitated or angry like before

    Before you embarked on this manifestation journey or even in the initial stages, do you remember feeling annoyed and angry at the drop of a hat? 

    Manifestation is not just about achieving your dream goal; the process helps you grow mentally and spiritually to a far higher plane. The various tools and techniques of the law of attraction are designed with this mind. 

    When your vibrational energy is low, it is natural to feel angry and irritated. That is what a low energy level does to you and exactly the reason for you to raise it to higher levels. 

    The steps of manifestation will help in raising your vibrational frequency, thereby energy level. With a raised vibrational energy, you will come across a host of new feelings and experiences that are alien to you. While earlier you used to feel annoyed and mad at silly happenings, now you feel a sense of calmness and confidence envelop you. 

    Enjoy the new you and strive to make it better.

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    7. You feel jubilant at the prospect of changes in your life

    Though we all know that change is the only constant in this Universe, we feel fear and anxiety about any change in life. 

    When you started the manifestation process, you were able to overcome this apprehension with joyous anticipation of the fulfillment of your desire. However, as you go further along the path, the negative feeling may sneak back into your mind, if you are not careful. You need to stay vigilant about this.

    However, as you approach the fruition of your manifestation, you will stop having any negative feelings; the feeling of excitement and jubilation will replace it. If you notice this change and start finding the reason for it, you would be perplexed.

    This is similar to the joyous anticipation you felt on the first day of the holidays, or a new job. You feel the same happiness you felt when you moved into your dream home or when you were expecting the birth of your first child. 

    Just enjoy the feeling. But, don’t allow the feeling to consume you or get the better of you. Remember that the Universe will bring it to you when the time is right.

    8. Good things are coming to you easily

    There was a time when you used to wonder why the Universe avoided you when distributing good things and circumstances. Why did everything in your life have a negative aspect?

    Now, all of a sudden, you find yourself being the Universe’s favorite. Things are just falling into place and you can find only positive energy all around you. Naturally, this turn of events is making you feel light-hearted and cheerful.

    At this stage, you may even find kids and animals being attracted to you like never before. 

    There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon. As you progress along the stages of manifestation, your energy levels rise and you experience a spiritual awakening. This makes good things come to you naturally. In fact, kids and animals can sense this better than adults.

    This flow of good happenings in your life may include coincidences that seem too bizarre. You may experience this both in your personal life as well as professional life. It will make you wonder, what did I miss earlier and what am I doing right now?

    Just understand that these strange but welcome changes in your life are the result of your sincere and honest effort at manifestation.

    9. You are witnessing some incredible synchronicities

    Synchronicities are one of the communication tools of the Universe. You may not notice them if you are not looking out for them. Or even dismiss them as mere coincidences.

    The truth is there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. And there is an explanation of why something is happening or not happening. Sometimes we understand the reason if we take the pains to dig deeper. It would be easier to just trust the Universe and carry on with your tasks and responsibilities.

    The takeaway from synchronicities is that the Universe is aware of your existence and hard work. Just recognize the communication from the Universe. 

    Strive to raise your energy vibrations by diligently following the steps of manifestation. This and this alone can help you reach a higher level of awareness, which is vital for a successful manifestation.

    10. You feel content and satisfied 

    So, you have followed all the instructions and steps of manifestation earnestly and with utmost dedication. In the beginning, you may have had a niggling doubt about its successful outcome. As you progressed, you started feeling more and more assured and confident.

    You feel as if you have kept up your end of the bargain and conveyed your desire to the Universe. Your subconscious mind is telling you that your request has been placed with the Universe correctly and the Universe has acknowledged receipt of it. 

    Your consciousness has started believing that your wish has already been granted. You are feeling over the moon. There is a great sense of accomplishment and contentment.

    These kinds of thoughts and feelings are a sure sign of approaching manifestation. Bask in them for long. It will help in elevating your energy levels, pushing you further close to success.

    11. You act as a magnet for great happenings

    Until you ventured into the world of the law of attraction and started your manifestation attempt, your life was insignificant and uneventful, at times even dull and boring. All you could see happening to you and around you had negative connotations. 

    You started noticing a change a few weeks into your manifestation journey. As you diligently followed the steps of manifestation and pursued the goal, you became aware of a dramatic change in yourself, the people around you, and the events unfolding in your life.

    Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

    As you were going through the various manifestation techniques, you were in fact helping to raise your vibrational energy. As your energy vibrations become more and more positive, you find more and more positive things happening in your life.

    You will start noticing that the very same people who ignored you or were rude to you are acting as if you are their best friend. Those who avoided you earlier are ready to go out of their way to please you. 

    The reason for this change is not that they had a change of mind. It is all your energy doing its magic. With higher energy levels, you start attracting positive things.

    12. You are moving away from some people in your life

    As the manifestation process progresses, your raised energy level will help in attracting good things into your life. Those people who kept you at arm’s length will walk into your life to your delight. 

    But at the same time, you will notice that some of your previous close friends start disappearing from your world. These people were part of your life for as long as you can remember. However, for no apparent reason, they drop out of your life, even if you try hard to get them back.

    There is a valid reason for this if you are willing to go deeper.

    With your positive energy on the rise, the people, things, and events you attract undergoes a magical transformation. Earlier, with your low energy levels, the people you were drawing in had similar energy levels. But now with your raised vibrational frequency, you are no longer a pull for those people. They just disappear from your life and move away.

    13. You stopped thinking about your manifestation

    Before you started on your manifestation journey, you were doing so much research about it and you started obsessing about the manifestation itself as well as achieving your goal.

    Even at the beginning of the process, all you could think of was how to improve your chances of manifestation, when you will find success, and how your life will transform after that. The initial signs of manifestation will help you get through this stage.

    As you progress along the path of manifestation, you will find that you are losing intensity in this way of thinking slowly. Your fixation with your desire and the process will start fading away.

    Ultimately, you will reach a stage when you are no longer thinking about manifestation and the goal all the time. 

    The reason for this is simple. As you gain energy with the various manifestation techniques, you become more and more confident in your success. You will start thinking of the goal as a given; something that is already in your pocket. 

    As long as you have placed the order correctly with the Universe, why do you need to worry about it reaching you?

    14. You feel nudged to take inspired action

    Oftentimes manifestation happens without you having to take any specific action other than following the manifestation steps to raise your energy vibrations. But this is not the case always.

    Many a time you are prompted by the Universe to take inspired action to make your dream come true. You will receive instruction from the Universe through one of its various modes of communication on what to do.

    It is believed that the Universe chooses the easiest and shortest route to manifestation. This means that the Universe will opt for more complicated methods to help you succeed, only if none of the simple options are available. This process is best explained through an example.

    If you are attempting to manifest a specific amount, it may come to you as an interest payout or tax refund, if these are due to you. These options don’t necessitate any action from you. However, if choices like these are unworkable, the Universe will have to resort to more complex routes. Such as, buying a raffle ticket or even starting a business venture. The Universe will nudge you into these activities so that you end up with the amount you were wishing for.

    15. You notice minor aspects of your goal manifesting

    As you proceed further along the manifestation path, you will start noticing that parts of your desire are coming true. This will slowly add up to form your final goal.

    Typically, manifestation happens in small doses over time; not as one big surprise one fine day. 

    These small yet significant positive happenings tell you that you are on the right path and you will soon reach the final goal. 

    As an example, if you are wishing to win a big amount in a lottery, you may start winning smaller amounts over time and end up with the amount you had wished for. Or, if you are hoping for love and relationship, it seldom happens as in a movie. You will most probably experience success over a period in different stages like meeting your future partner, going on the first date, and such.

    Treat each of these minor victories as steps that take you closer to the goal.

    16. You are often coming across sequential angel numbers

    Repeating angel numbers, especially 111 and 555 carry special meaning. If you are seeing these numbers, it is a sign that the manifestation is close. 

    Often, they tell you that you are on the right path and the goal is within your reach. They may also mean that things are falling into place or a significant change is on the horizon.

    The numbers 111 and 1111 are more meaningful if you are trying to manifest your desire. These numbers denote the two doorways – one to this world and one to the next. They are interpreted as opportunities awaiting you.

    One of the most common places to see these repeating numbers is on a clock. Seeing 11:11 is a green signal from the Universe. It is a sure sign that the Universe is hard at work in making your dream come true.

    It is easy to miss this message from the Universe or dismiss them as coincidence. You just need to pay attention and look out for them to spot these subtle reassuring messages from the Universe. 

    17. You feel as if you have already succeeded in manifesting

    This feeling is one of the unambiguous of all of the Universe’s message. It says in clear terms that everything is going great with your manifestation and that your dream is within your grasp. 

    Before you started your manifestation process and even during the initial stages, you were feeling anxious, confused, and unsure about its success or whether you were on the right track. All of a sudden you feel this strange sense of calmness descending on you. You feel reassured and confident for no apparent reason. 

    In your mind, you feel as if you have already reached the goal. That you have succeeded in your manifestation. 

    This feeling is a clear sign that you are in complete alignment with the Universe and your desire. All you need to do at this point is to continue to remain calm, work hard, and finish off the manifestation process with utmost dedication. 

    Now, there is nothing that can come between you and your dream.

    18. You just feel that your goal is near

    Until now, you were feeling doubtful and unsure about the whole manifestation process, but suddenly you find yourself washed over with this sense of confidence. You just feel in your gut that the goal is close at hand.

    When you try to analyze it, you find it difficult to pinpoint the reason for feeling this way. All you find yourself saying is “I just feel like this”. 

    Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with you or you feeling this way. It is just your intuition or subconscious mind picking up the message from the Universe and conveying it to you in the best way possible.

    When you find yourself having these unexplained feelings, just trust the Universe and go with the flow. Your intuition will guide you to your goal without fail.

    19. You sense signs from the Universe through others

    The Universe uses various means to send us messages. At times they are direct and clear, at other times, they are subtle and indirect. The Universe is known to send us signals through the words and actions of people around us. The trick is to spot and understand the message.

    It is common to receive messages from the Universe through others when you are the doorstep of manifestation. Especially, when you are trying to choose between different options open to you and you have asked the Universe for guidance, the Universe may send its reply through the words of other people. This is the way of the Universe to show you the right path.

    Such as, you are trying to decide whether the person you recently met is ideal for you. Or, it may be about your job or an investment or a place you are planning to move to.

    Look out for these subtle signals from the Universe and take the cue and make the right decision.

    20. You experience light bulb moments

    You may receive these random thoughts and ideas out of the blue. Or so it seems. It makes you wonder about its meaning or the reason for its appearance.

    Don’t worry, this is one of the ways the Universe sends its messages to us mortals on the Earth. 

    You may be grappling with some decision or thought for some time, finding it difficult to take a call and move forward. This dilemma has been bothering you and has remained unresolved. 

    Without any warning, you get this idea in your head. As you try hard to understand its meaning and context, it will dawn upon you as the solution to your long-standing problem.

    The very fact that the Universe is directly communicating with you is a sign that everything is going great in your life and your manifestation efforts are about to bear fruit.

    21. You can see your desire everywhere

    Anywhere you turn, all you can see or hear is your goal. This is a sure sign of the approaching manifestation.

    This may be a conversation you overheard at a gathering or the RJ talking on the radio or a billboard sign. 

    As you near the end of your manifestation journey, this is a common occurrence. Seeing and hearing about your desire all the time will help you cross the final yard and emerge victoriously.

    22. You relate to common things around you in a deeper sense

    These may be things that you were seeing or hearing every day but never paused to take notice of it or relate to it. All of a sudden, you feel this urge to assign a meaning to it and connect with it.

    This change in your perspective is a sign that you are nearing manifestation success. 

    This may be an ad on the TV or radio or a slogan on a poster or a popular song or a movie dialogue. You never looked at these as signs from the Universe or assigned them any importance. Now you are finding deeper meaning in them. This is natural when you are getting close to manifestation.

    23. You feel as if you are being tested

    Have you ever felt as if the Universe is testing you? This is typical as the manifestation nears its end. 

    The test here is not about how worthy you are of the goal, but whether you are ready to receive it. In the last leg of your manifestation journey, it is not unusual for the Universe to check whether you are ready to be granted your wish.

    Because many a time we make wishes and even work towards achieving it without realizing the real implication of actually receiving the wish. This test is a simple and straightforward way of the Universe asking you whether you are sure that you want the wish. The Universe is just giving you another chance to reconsider your desire to have the wish by weighing the pros and cons.

    Often these tests involve things going wrong at the last minute. This is to gauge your reaction to the failure of manifestation. 

    All you need to do is to maintain your trust in the Universe, stick to what you consider is right, and work diligently towards the goal.

    24. You find stepping stones leading to the goal

    Your path to the goal is not unusually a big leap to the finish. More likely, you take small steps towards the goal.

    The Universe places stepping stones at the right spots in your manifestation path to help you move forward. These may be people, things, or circumstances that you can use to your advantage. 

    The trick is to recognize these stepping stones provided by the Universe and use them wisely. They may not appear special in any way. You need to be aware of this possibility and watch out for the helping hand.

    Oftentimes, these aids offered by the Universe won’t make sense at the moment. Trust the Universe and accept the help offered with gratitude.

    25. You don’t see any signs 

    You read and hear all the time about the signs of the Universe and how to spot them and interpret them. Unfortunately, you fail to see any of them, even after reading up on the topic extensively and trying hard. 

    Don’t worry. Just the fact that you are not seeing any signs after taking much effort itself is a sign!

    It is one of the clearest signs that you are on the right track and close to manifestation. As mentioned earlier, the Universe always takes the path of least resistance to make your dream come true. No sign is an indication that your goal is on the way and you are reaching there without much effort. 

    When you see no signs, you may think that you are on the wrong path and going wrong somewhere. You keep analyzing your manifestation steps to find out where you have gone wrong. 

    Just relax and enjoy the process itself. The goal will come to you all right at the right time.

    26. Ask for a unique sign

    It is common to feel confused and lost when traveling along the path of manifestation, especially if it is your first experience. Even after repeated attempts, many people feel this way. There is no need to worry.

    So many questions will pop into your mind. The foremost being, am I on the right track. You would start wishing for some sort of reassurance from the Universe. 

    Really? Is that even possible?

    Yes indeed. You may ask the Universe to send you a unique sign to tell you that things are going great.

    You may also want to take a look at our guide on how to ask the universe for something you want.

    The best part is that you get to choose this unique sign. It can be a song or image of your choice or just simple phrases. 

    Once you place the request for the sign with the Universe, all you need to do is look out for them. It will appear to you within a couple of days, sometimes even multiple times. Like the song you chose as a sign playing on the radio or someone singing.

    Feeling reassured, you can move forward with your manifestation.

    27. What if your manifestation doesn’t materialize?

    Theoretically, there is very little chance of failure in manifestation. There may be delays, sometimes it may take too long. Ultimately, it will materialize, if you are willing to keep your faith in the Universe and work hard.

    But there are instances, though rare, that manifestations fail to materialize. There are many reasons for this.

    The most obvious reason is that you couldn’t understand some of the aspects of manifestation steps and doing them the wrong way. The ideal way to correct this is to get help from an instructor.

    Some of the common reasons for the failure of the manifestation process are the presence of limiting beliefs, karmic blocks or your chosen desire doesn’t conform to what is known as the higher good. 

    You just need to work on these problem areas, resolve them, and continue with the manifestation.

    Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us are manifesting all the time. Deliberately manifesting your desires with the law of attraction is not something you need to feel guilty, ashamed, or foolish about. It is a gift from the Universe that you can choose to use knowingly or unknowingly.

    Manifestation is neither a selfish nor a self-indulgent act. Any positive happening, whether individual or collective, in this world, raises the positivity of the entire humanity. When you are attempting to manifest something, in real terms, you are raising your positive energy vibrations. This act has a butterfly effect on everything around you. 

    Another myth about manifestation is that you need to be perfect. For one, perfection is a relative term. And, if you are perfect, your energy vibrations will be at a maximum and automatically, all good things are attracted to you. In reality, during the manifestation process, we are trying to move closer to the perfect state.

    A point to remember is for a successful manifestation, your conscious and subconscious minds need to be in perfect alignment. This means both should have the same wants, desires, and the same set of moral values. If you can convince your subconscious mind to think and act along the same lines as your conscious self, your dreams come true.

    Trust the Universe to know what is best for you and the right time for the fulfillment of your desires. Do bear in mind the basic tenet of the law of attraction – you attract what you are. Not what you desire. By altering what you are using the various manifestation techniques available to you, it is possible to manifest your desire.

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