Recognizing Soulmate Energy Secrets Revealed

Recognizing Soulmate Energy Secrets Revealed

Recognizing Soulmate Energy

If you have already met your soulmate you need no introduction to soulmate energy. You would know it for sure.

It is not something you would miss noticing.

This article is for those who are yet to meet their soulmates and would like to know what is meant by “feeling soulmate energy” and recognizing it. This is also for those who have had their first encounter with their soulmate and want to know what to make of it.

Read on to know more about soulmate connection, the energy transfer that happens, how to recognize it, and strategies to make the best of it.

What is soulmate energy?

If you have already connected with your soulmate, you would know what it feels like. From the word go, the two of you would hit it off and get on like a house on fire. You would be perfectly compatible and in harmony. You would feel an instant rapport and get along with each other well. You would feel as if something clicked and fell into place.

You feel as if you know this person well and for a long time. You know in your heart of hearts that you are fated to meet this person and some invisible force is bringing you together. 

This soul recognition is not one-sided. Your partner also feels the same way as you. They could also feel the same “bolt of lightning” striking them when they laid their eyes on you.

Other than how the energy is felt, soulmate energy is hard to describe or define. When two soulmates meet, energy transfer happens. This powerful energy is too strong to ignore or overlook. The best comparison is with a lightning bolt.  It is this overwhelming connection that knocks you off your feet and makes you feel breathless.

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Recognizing soulmate energy connection

If you have not met your soulmate and read articles about the intense connection experienced, you would be wondering what it feels like and how you would recognize your soulmate. You would even worry “What if I fail to recognize the energy connection?”. It is understandable. But don’t worry. Believe me, it is hard to miss.

When you meet your soulmate for the first time, one of the most repeatedly described feelings is that of instant recognition. You would feel as if you have known this person for a long time though you met them a moment back. You seem to know a lot about this person and you would be confused from where you have all this information.

It will literally knock the wind out of you and you will need some time before you can recover your bearings and come back to senses. Once you recover your balance, the first thing you would recognize is the feeling of homecoming. It is as if something clicked between the two of you and fell into place perfectly like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Then, comes the realization that there is a connection between the two of you beyond what is perceivable to the eyes. You conclude that you are destined to meet and there is some power much beyond your comprehension working behind the scenes to bring the two of you together.

Once you find your bearings and have the time and opportunity to look at your soulmate, you would sense the same feelings in them. They too are being taken on the same emotional rollercoaster ride. The energy, the recognition, and the realization are the same. They also felt the same “lightning bolt” as you.

This recognition and realization will help you settle down in your new relationship. The reassurance that you are in this together and there is nothing wrong with you will put you at ease. Slowly but surely, you start enjoying the company of your partner.

Understanding soulmate energy exchange

If you are interested in the workings of a soulmate connection, read on.

When you meet your soulmate for the first time, a transfer of energy happens. This is what you felt like a “lightning bolt”. One of the fundamental Universal Laws states that everything in this Universe is energy including animate and inanimate objects, tangible and intangible things. And, when the alignment is perfect, the transfer of energy happens.

On a physical plane, this energy exchange can be recognized in many ways. Soulmates have the same thoughts even if they are miles apart. Besides their thoughts, they find that their talking is synchronized. It is not just the content but also their words are in harmony.

Once they start talking and sharing their thoughts and feelings, they realize that they have so much in common and their viewpoints match. They even had similar life experiences before they even met.

As soulmates get to know each other better, they realize that no one “gets” them better than their partner. They never felt like this before in any of their past relationships. Though physical attraction, intimacy, and even sexual chemistry are high and unlike any that they have ever experienced before, emotional intimacy is something on a different plane altogether. 

One of the unique features of a soulmate connection is the vulnerability the partners willingly submit themselves to. They are ready to let down their defenses and expose their weaknesses like never before. 

The energy exchange between soulmates accounts for the high levels of intuition. Soulmates are known to read each other’s minds without a word being said. They are known to carry on conversations using telepathy.

It is common knowledge that soulmates sense the feelings of each other without being told explicitly. Whether they are sad, angry, or irritated, or had a bad day can be easily sensed by their soulmate.

Bottom line

Soulmate energy is so intense and powerful that you won’t need signs to recognize it. If you are searching for tips for recognizing soulmate energy and wondering if someone you met is your soulmate, then they probably are not.

And, whether you are looking up how to attract your soulmate, it would be a waste of time. A soulmate connection is not something that you need to work on. It just happens and you just know it.

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