7 Twin Flame Runner Characteristics

7 Twin Flame Runner Characteristics

Twin Flame Runner Characteristics

Have you ever heard of a twin flame runner? 

Twin flames are two halves of the same soul, so it’s only natural that they would be drawn to each other. 

Unfortunately, not all twin flame relationships are destined to last. In some cases, one partner may feel the need to run away from the relationship.

You may have heard about how pure and unique this soul connection is in a twin flame relationship.

This doesn’t mean a twin flame relationship is all sunshine and roses. Like anything in this Universe, both tangible and intangible, this too comes with its share of pitfalls. 

A twin flame relationship is not similar to any other run-of-the-mill regular relationship. Not even a soulmate connection can hold a candle to this relationship. But trouble exists even in paradise. A twin flame relationship is also not free from heartbreaks.

In fact, breakups are an integral part of a twin flame relationship. This is vital for maintaining the health of the relationship on various fronts. But a breakup isn’t final here like in a regular relationship. They are almost always followed by reunions. 

During a lifetime, twin flames go through multiple separations and reunions. While breaking up, both twin flames may not react the same way to it. One will be the runner and the other the chaser. Most separations happen with a twin flame runner chaser routine.

This article focuses on the twin flame runner and lists the easiest-to-identify twin flame runner behavior.

Who is a twin flame runner?

What makes a twin flame a runner? Why do they run?

If you haven’t yet come across a twin flame runner, you would be naturally curious to know the answer to this question. 

A twin flame relationship is a high-intensity union of two individuals who possess the two halves of the same soul that happened to split up. It’s as demanding as it is giving and generous. 

Some may find the magnitude of energy involved too much to handle. They experience fear of unknown origins. Usually, they start doubting their own ability to match up to the love and affection of their twin flame. 

This strange feeling of fear may come out as:

  • Avoiding or escaping from you
  • Reluctance to be around you
  • Unwilling to talk to you
  • Shutting you off from their life
  • Feeling confused and dazed
  • Inability to differentiate reality
  • Running away without reason

7 twin flame runner behavior characteristics

1. They run away when you open up.

They are uncomfortable when you talk about how you are feeling. Neither do they understand how you feel nor know how to empathize with you.

Twin flames are meant to support each other and push each other to become the best version of themselves. However, expressing emotions and verbalizing them are scary prospects for a runner. They feel as if you are losing your way and straying away from your real goal when you open up.

They will try their best to deflect or stop your emotional outpourings. When they are unsuccessful at this, they feel that the only choice left for them is to get as far away from you as possible. They consider you a bad influence as too much emotions can detract them from their purpose in life. 

2. They can make you feel confused and unreasonable.

As a twin flame runner cannot endure the high emotional turbulence of this soul connection, they will act in ways that will force you to question your own sanity. You feel muddled, irrational, and even a bit off the rocker when dealing with a runner twin.

Twin flame runners are hard to comprehend, to say the least. As your twin flame is a mirror of yourself, you feel as if you are in a relationship with yourself but at the same time running away from yourself. You feel torn and bewildered. 

If this goes on for long, you will begin to question your own sanity, which is only normal under the circumstances. You need to understand that your feelings are a result of the irrational behavior of your twin and not of your own accord.

Staying calm and refraining from overreacting may save the situation and the twin flame relationship. 

3. They can’t stand intimacy.

Just like runners tend to run away from emotions, they are scared of getting too close to anyone, including you. Most probably the reason for this behavior is their lack of experience.

For most of their lives, they’ve been alone and learned to live with loneliness. They never feel the need for anyone in their lives, nor do they grasp the concept of close relationships. In fact, when someone tries to get close to them or reveal their innermost thoughts, runners feel confused and scared. They do what they feel is the only choice left for them – run.

With runners, you need to be extra careful in your approach. Every step you take towards them, they perceive as a threat. You will need every ounce of your mental strength, patience, and determination to overcome the wall runners build around themselves. 

4. They just want to be friends with you.

Even though they are aware of your deeper connection, their hesitation to be intimate makes them behave as if you are just their friend and nothing more. They try their best to keep the relationship casual and resist every one of your attempts to get close to them.

They prefer to maintain a distance in the twin flame connection to avoid the fact that you are soul partners and meant to be together for life. This is their way of avoiding getting entangled in complicated emotions and situations that they are unfamiliar with.

Being loners, they are also used to keeping their secrets to themselves and not sharing them with anyone else. They fear that allowing you to get closer means you will learn about their closely-held secrets. This makes them extremely uncomfortable.

5. They are constantly seeking your validation.

As they are confused and feel lost, they need someone else to tell them that they are doing good. Validation is essential for runners to feel good about themselves. Or at least to avoid feeling bad.

To help them feel good in the twin flame connection, they need to feel worthy and wanted. They tend to doubt their place in the relationship and feel that they are unworthy of your love, attention, and time. Runners feel as if they are imposing themselves in the relationship. To avoid and overcome all these misplaced thoughts, they need to be reassured constantly.

Twin flame runners typically feel overwhelmed by the emotions associated with a twin flame connection. They feel they don’t deserve to be in such a relationship. It’s on you to make them feel wanted and loved.

6. They can’t see beyond their own needs.

Twin flame runners have had a secluded life until they met you. They are used to being alone and have made peace with loneliness. The more difficult part is that they don’t know how to adjust to the new setup. They are so set in their ways that they refuse to budge.

They are not used to thinking about the feelings of others when they interact with them. This comes across as an uncaring attitude in your relationship. It will seem as if they are not bothered about your hurt feelings because they can think only about themselves. 

For instance, they want you to spend every moment with them, whether you are free or not. Your convenience just doesn’t matter to them.

7. They say something, and they do something else.

Matching their words with their actions is not a strong suit of runners. Their words and actions rarely match.

For instance, they may tell you that they want to build a future with you. But when you start talking about commitment, they seem evasive or back out. This may be hard for you to digest. At some point, you are sure to feel frustrated by the entire situation. 

You try talking to them to understand why they are behaving this way. However, your efforts seem to meet with a brick wall. They seem to enjoy living in a fantasy world where they are allowed to dream the life they want without actually doing anything to make it happen.

Final thoughts on twin flame runner

Runners can’t help themselves from running away from you, but they also suffer from twin flame runner regret. It’s a misconception that only chasers suffer from the mental anguish of twin flame separation.

As a twin flame chaser, you cannot do much to ease the situation for the runner. Runners need to fulfill their life goals before it’s time for the reunion. Meanwhile, you can focus your attention on self-care, self-love, and self-improvement.


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