9 Powerful Twin Flame Reconnection Signs

9 Powerful Twin Flame Reconnection Signs

9 Powerful Twin Flame Reconnection Signs

“I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times… In life after life, in age after age, forever.” — Tagore

Understanding and surviving the separation stage of a twin flame journey is the hardest, albeit important. Filled with anguish and doubt, you would be left wondering whether the person you met is your real twin flame after all.

It is not easy to differentiate a false twin flame from a real one. You wouldn’t want to carry on with the wrong one. Read on to find more about twin flame relationships and reconnection signs.

What is a twin flame?

In Greek mythology, it is believed that our souls were divided by Gods and the two halves seek each other out on earth and merge to become complete. There is another line of thinking that says a soul separates on attaining high vibrational frequency and enters two different people.

Irrespective of the story you want to believe, there is enough evidence to suggest that twin flames do exist and gravitate towards each other during their lifetimes.

When you meet your twin flame, you feel as if you have found a part of yourself; something that you felt you lacked. You feel complete and whole. You feel a deeper connection with your twin flame more than what you have with any other person. There is unconditional acceptance of each other and pure love, untainted by expectations and circumstances.

A twin flame is your mirror image – a person who will who accepts you with all your flaws, a person who helps in your growth, a person who remains in your heart even when separated.

Soulmate vs twin flame

A soulmate is someone who has the same energy as you; whose soul exists side-by-side with yours but never fused. On the other hand, twin flames share the same energy levels, but with opposing frequency. You may find many soulmates during your lifetime, but there can be only one twin flame. Soulmates are considered a perfect match for each other, while twin flames are perfect mirrors.

The only way to truly identify your twin flame is by connecting with the person at a spiritual as well as emotional levels.

Twin flame relationships

They can elevate you and knock you down in the blink of an eye. They are exceedingly intense and can drive you crazy. Best described as a roller coaster ride in which you don’t know what is coming next, twin flame relationships are anything but easygoing, dull, or uninteresting.

The purpose of twin flame relationships is to jolt you out of your senses and experience the feeling of awakening. These relationships help you reveal your true self – show you who you really are rather than the image you want to project to the world or who you aspire to be.

So much unlike from any of your other relationships, twin flame prompts you to look at the world and consequently yourself in a different light. This can be hard to adapt to, which makes twin flame relationships tough and tumultuous.

With such intensity and upheavals, twin flame relationships are rarely long-term and often encounter separations. However, they are destined to reconnect without warning. You may watch out for these twin flame reunion signs to know that you are close to your twin flame and twin flame separation is almost over.

1) You are excited for no apparent reason

You feel happiness and excitement welling up inside you, but don’t know why. You may not be able to understand the reason for the sudden surge of emotions. The real reason is your soul is happy in anticipation of the twin flame reunion.

2) You feel pulled to certain locations

Have you felt compelled to visit certain places? When the time is right for reconnection, the twin souls are drawn to certain places at particular times to engage in specific actions so that they would have a chance to reunite.

3) You witness evidence of reawakening

When the reconnection is imminent, you will start seeing symbols of new beginnings such as the number 11.:11. This is known as the Twin Flame Code or the Awakening Code.

4) You notice specific images and symbols

You keep seeing certain images and symbols that you don’t understand, but can’t avoid. Such as pair of birds like swan or animals like dolphins. These are good omens of impending reconnection.

5) You feel complete

As your twin flame reunion approaches, you start feeling complete and whole. You feel happy and content in whatever position you are in life. You feel unbothered by anything, even reconnection with your twin flame. This is an indication that your energy vibrations are rising and a reunion is on the cards.

6) Your thoughts gravitate towards your twin flame

Without any obvious trigger, your thoughts start straying a lot in the direction of your twin flame. You can’t understand why it is happening. Nor, can you do anything about it. You find it impossible to shake them off. It is believed that your thoughts will trigger a similar reaction in your twin flame. This may be a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you.

7) You can communicate with your twin flame on a spiritual plane

This is the whole idea behind twin flames. They are connected at a deep, spiritual level. The bond is so strong that separation is only temporary.

8) Your twin flame often appears in your dreams

Dreams are mediums used by the Universe to send us signals. Your twin flame appearing again and again in your dreams is a straightforward sign of the forthcoming reconnection. At times you may find yourself unable to concentrate on the work on hand and daydream about your twin flame. Twin flame dreams signal that reconnection is about to happen.

9) You can sense the presence of your twin soul

You may go crazy sensing the physical presence of your twin flame close to you and not finding them. You may be aware that they are far away, but could still feel the presence. This is the essence of twin souls. Wherever they are, how far apart they are, they can still feel each other’s proximity.

Unpredictable and difficult, a twin flame relationship is anything but easy and smooth sailing. Grasping the significance of separation and reconnection phases of your twin flame journey is vital for a quick twin flame reunion.

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