19 Signs Your Ex Is Becoming Interested Again

Signs Your Ex Is Becoming Interested Again

Signs Your Ex Is Becoming Interested Again
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    It’s been a few months, and you’re starting to see signs that your ex might be interested in getting back together. They’ve been more attentive, they’re calling more often, and they even seem to be trying harder in general. 

    What should you do? Is it worth pursuing them again? In this blog post, we will discuss the signs that your ex is becoming interested again and what you can do to make sure the relationship is successful if you decide to give it another try!

    19 Signs Your Ex Is Becoming Interested Again

    While some of these subtle signs are noticeable only if you are physically near your ex, there are others you can detect from afar.

    Here are 19 signs that your ex is becoming interested again:

    1. Your ex restarted having conversations with you.

    After the breakup, you two went your separate ways and rarely talked to each other. As far as you were concerned, it hurt a lot. You tried to keep your distance from your ex to help you heal.

    After a long time, you recently met your ex at a private gathering and started talking to each other. After this, your ex has been reaching out to you. At times to catch up or to say hello. Some days you are pleasantly surprised to receive messages from your ex. Be it on call, on social media, or by text, the tone is always friendly. 

    This could be a good sign your ex is becoming interested again. Maybe your ex is missing you and exploring the possibility of getting back. Your ex surprises you further by responding positively to your comments and suggestions. 

    Every time you try to reach out to your ex, you get an equally encouraging and positive response. They are friendly and respond to your messages with enthusiasm. Your chats get longer and longer as if both of you don’t want to leave the conversation. This makes you wonder whether your ex is keen on getting back together as you want.

    So, these subtle signs show that your ex is interested in you again and might want to get back together. If you are also keen on getting back, then it’s time to have a discussion with your ex and find out their intentions.

    2. Your ex is coming up with reasons to reconnect.

    You two have been out of touch for so long. Now that you reconnected, you find your ex too enthusiastic about staying in touch. They are coming up with all kinds of reasons to connect up. This is significant because when you come to it, they have nothing else to gain from this. You can always argue that it is their guilty feeling or they are just being nice. But all these sound hollow. 

    This makes you dig deeper into the kind of relationship your ex is trying to establish with you. Is it similar to the one you had earlier? Is it romantic or just platonic? Do you think their reasons for reconnecting with you are genuine, or is it merely made up?

    This sign alone doesn’t say much, but with more signs, it definitely means that your ex is becoming interested in you again.

    3. Your ex is stalking you on social media.

    Stalking may be too strong a word. But they know every new photo, post, or story you upload.

    They may also start liking or commenting on your social media posts. They may go out of their way to say hello or initiate a conversation if they see you in person.

    Often they are the ones commenting first as well. This is something new for you. After the breakup, you “unfriended” each other. And after this renewal of friendship, things have been moving too fast, as far as you are concerned.

    After a breakup, exes are typically curious about their former partners’ activities. Are they dating? Did they find someone new to replace you? What exactly is happening in their lives? However, obsessively stalking your ex is surely a sign of more than usual interest in you. Most probably, they regret breaking up with you and want you back. 

    4. Your ex reacts to your reconciliatory efforts positively.

    You have always been keen on getting back together with your ex. After you met up, you tried your best to revive the connection between you. And, the surprise of all surprises, you get a positive reaction from your ex. It looks as if your ex is equally keen on the reunion.

    You were apprehensive about reaching out to your ex because you were unsure how they would react. But they seem happy to see you, and the tone has always remained friendly and genial. You could detect enthusiasm in their response. And they are quick to react. Though at times, you could sense them playing a hard-to-get game to trigger your interest.

    Whenever you are engaged in conversations, it seems as if both of you don’t want to stop it and leave. This means your chats continue forever. 

    5. Your ex has good relationships with your family and friends.

    It’s not just you that your ex got back in touch. They are back in touch with the most important people in your life. This makes you wonder what your ex is trying to convey. Maybe it is a good sign that they are interested in you. Or they always enjoyed the company of these people and want to continue the same.

    On its own, this sign doesn’t say much. But taken together with other key signs, it can mean that they want to have an amicable relationship with the people you care about. Maybe this is their way of cozying up to you and apologizing for the breakup in a roundabout way.

    It’s also a good sign if your ex is trying to maintain relationships with the people you introduced them to. They might want to stay in touch with these people because they see them as a link to you.

    6. Your ex is coming up with excuses to meet you.

    This is something substantial. After all these years of going out of touch, it is one thing to get back in touch. But it is something else if your ex is taking an active interest in seeing you often in person. Maybe they feel peevish to come right out and say they want to get back together. Instead, they often make lame excuses to meet you in person.

    Is your ex trying to make up for the lost time? Do they want to be just friends, or is it something more than that? This is a good sign that they must miss you so badly and they must resort to excuses to see you. Maybe your ex wants to find out whether you are equally interested in reuniting.

    7. Your ex is always reminiscing.

    Most of your conversations seem to be about what a good time you two had together. This is not a one-off comment. The main theme of the conversations with your ex is your golden past. From this, it is very clear that they haven’t moved on. With these conversations, they are also trying to pull you back in.

    Maybe your ex is using these conversations to gauge your reaction and see how open you are to the idea of a reunion. If they just wanted to be friends with you, they won’t be putting in so much effort. Since there is no compulsion to revive your friendship, this can only mean one thing – your ex wants to get back together.

    8. Your ex asks you about how you feel about them.

    That is as direct as it can get. Your ex may have had enough of playing the subtle game and doesn’t care about how they come across. They may ask you how you are taking the breakup and whether you have moved on. They may even ask you outright if you ever miss them and their life together.

    You may not encounter too many emotions and feelings in them when they are asking you this. They may use a matter-of-fact tone and ask you the question as if this has been troubling them for a long and they want to clarify the point. However, there is a good chance that they are interested in you again and want to know how you feel about them now.

    9. Your ex makes it known that they aren’t dating anyone.

    In the conversation, your ex manages to discuss dating and sneaks in that they are single and not dating. Just the fact that they are actively letting you know this is a point worth noting. They may even elaborate on their life after the breakup. How they tried to find someone else didn’t work out.

    On its own, this is just a piece of news about your ex. But with other key signs and the interest displayed by your ex to make you aware of this fact, it is a good sign that your ex is becoming interested in you again.

    10. Your ex tries hard to trigger your jealousy.

    Be it on social media or in person, and your ex tries to project the image that they are enjoying a roaring relationship with a gorgeous partner. They post pictures together on social media from exotic locations and always have a gala time. For all you know, this may be their ploy to get you feeling jealous and make you pine for them.

    After such an ostentatious display of living it up with the new partner, your ex will act mysterious and may not give you a straightforward answer. This is usually aimed at triggering your curiosity and, if possible, making you jealous. From your reaction, they would be able to know that you are interested and care about them. This may also be a ruse to introduce the topic.

    11. Your ex displays clear signs of jealousy.

    They may be trying their best to hide this behind a veil of care and concern. Your ex may ask you pointed questions about your dating life, how you spend your evenings, or who you go out with. Every time you mention that you were out with someone, they may comment, “One more date?”.

    Even your outings with your friends seem to make your ex jealous. The fact that you have moved on and enjoying life seems to touch a nerve somewhere. They must be wondering whether you are enjoying life more now than when you were together. The truth is your ex hasn’t been able to move on and seeing you like this is making them want you back.

    12. Your ex is curious about who you are dating.

    They may ask this directly or in a roundabout way. Whichever way they choose, when your ex is interested in your love life, it is a good sign that they are interested in you and want to get back together with you. Naturally, they don’t want to make a fool of themselves. So, they are trying to know whether you are single and available.

    Whether your ex will ask directly or not depends on their kind of person. Most people are averse to the direct approach because they are embarrassed. Often you will find your ex dropping hints and comments urging you to clarify. If you think about it, there is no other reason why your ex would want to know this other than they are keen on reuniting with you.

    13. Your ex is on their best behavior.

    It is as if you have returned to your relationship’s early days. Once more, they are trying to impress you and grab your attention. They are trying their best to win you over. Whenever your ex is being the best version of themselves and taking extra care to be nice and courteous to you, it can only mean one thing – they are becoming interested in you again.

    You may have broken up because your ex neglected you or was never there for you. Maybe they even misbehaved or mistreated you. Now, your ex is trying to clean the slate and show that they have turned a new leaf. They are not the same person anymore. 

    If you notice this behavior in your ex, it is a good sign that they are interested. But you need to be careful about taking it at face value. Is it a show put on for your benefit to get you back? You need to make sure that this “change” is genuine before you walk down the same path again.

    14. Your ex is actively flirting with you.

    Your ex is using every single opportunity to compliment you and sing praises of you. If you encourage or at least don’t resist this, they may even take a step further and flirt with you. Most probably, they are missing you in their lives and desperately want you back. After all the breakup drama, they are not so sure about approaching you directly. They are doing everything they can to set the stage for a reunion.

    Your ex will probably unobtrusively start this. Based on how you react, they may feel bolder to step up their game. If you are also keen on getting back together, this is the right opening for you.

    15. Your ex is being touchy-feely.

    It’s definitely a good sign that your ex is becoming interested in you again if they’re being touchy-feely with you.

    It is as if nothing has changed, and you two are still a couple. Their hands are all over you, and the physical contact seems natural. Your ex behaves as if you are still together and have love and affection for each other. There is a great deal of eye contact and comfort level between the two of you. To you, it looks as if all your ex needs is a nudge from you to get back into a relationship.

    Maybe you understand each other so well and are in perfect sync with each other. The familiarity and chemistry are still very much evident. You could sense that your ex is lingering a tad bit longer than necessary on that friendly hug or an innocent peck on the cheek. The eye contact says a lot more than you can imagine.

    Both of you are fully aware of what is going on. If you want your ex back, this is the moment to step up your game.

    16. Your ex is connecting with you emotionally.

    This is always a good sign. If your ex is trying to connect with you emotionally, it means they are thinking about you and care about what you have to say.

    The connection is not merely physical. There is emotional attachment as well. All that happened during the breakup seems like a bad dream. It is forgotten and forgiven. The time spent apart has done its job. Both of you are healed and back on good terms once again.

    All that emotional connection you longed for before the breakup is evident now. It is as if your ex is trying hard to prove to you that they can be the person you want them to be. Clearly, they are missing you and want you back in their lives. When you think about it, you don’t see any reason why your ex should take this much effort to bond with you unless they are becoming interested in you again.

    17. Your ex turns to you for comfort and support.

    The breakup was hard for both of you. Now that you both have moved on and healed the old wounds, you can put all those tough times behind you. After reconnecting recently, it is as if you both are restarting your relationship. Someone pressed a reset button on your relationship, and you can only feel love and affection.

    In such a setting, it is natural that your ex reaches out to you for comfort and support in times of need. Having lived together for so long makes you understand each other and your needs better than anyone else. When your ex comes to you when they are the most vulnerable, it is a clear sign of reconciliation. You need to remember that they risk being hurt by your rejection when they take this step. 

    18. Your ex is talking about how changed they are now.

    You broke up because you couldn’t see eye to eye on certain things in life. At that point, you tried to talk it through but didn’t succeed and ended up parting ways. Now, your ex is making it clear to you that they have changed. That they are not the same person anymore. They are trying to throw their hat in the ring and wait anxiously for your verdict.

    Unless they are interested in you again, why would your ex tell you all this? It is as good as admitting their mistake from before. Whether they come right out, own up to their mistake, and offer you an apology depends on the person. Even without this, it is a clear sign of reconciliation.

    19. Your ex initiates a conversation about what went wrong before.

    You have tried to get to the bottom of this many times before. But your ex has always been evasive about it. Now, they are volunteering to discuss what led to the breakup. Understandably, earlier, the wound was so raw that it hurt badly when touched upon. After so long, it is healed, and your ex is ready to open up about it.

    Maybe your ex is seeking closure to the relationship with this move. But if other clear signs are also evident, there is a good chance that your ex wants to get back together with you. 

    Why is your ex considering a second shot at the relationship?

    And why should you? Many studies suggest that an overwhelming majority of couples reconcile after a breakup. There are numerous reasons for this.

    Intimacy and familiarity: No one knows you better than your ex, and the reverse is also true. This alone is a good enough reason to get back together. You had invested so much in each other and the relationship that it seems a waste of time and energy to let it go because of some disagreement. Whatever you said about each other was in the heat of the moment and didn’t mean it. Investing in another relationship is a huge ask in this mad rush of life. Moreover, the dating life is so brutal that this seems an easy way out.

    Commitment and sense of obligation: If you share things or responsibilities such as children or material possessions, there is a high chance that you will get back together. Your shared sense of commitment will pull you back into the relationship.

    Emotional attachment: There was a time in the not-so-distant past when you two couldn’t live without each other. You indeed had your differences that led to the breakup. But the pull of emotional attachment to someone can overcome most conflicts and bring you back together.

    Maturity and reformation: As time is the biggest healer, it also helps transform people. As they say, change is the only constant in life. You broke up earlier because of certain behavior. Now all that is water under the bridge. Now, there is absolutely no reason why you two cannot make the relationship work.

    Better timing: Maybe you two are meant for each other, but earlier, the timing wasn’t right for the relationship. The Universe is the biggest matchmaker and conspires to bring the two of you together again.


    If your ex is exhibiting signs that they’re interested in getting back together, then it’s worth considering whether or not reconciling is right for you. 

    But if they’re only doing it for the wrong reasons, it’s important to be careful. Make sure they’re being genuine about their feelings and not just trying to take advantage of you.

    Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!


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