16 Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

16 Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

When you are manifesting love and romance in your life, you should get all the help that you can find. Healing crystals can help heal past wounds, clear the blockages and regain the balance in your heart chakra, and attract all the happiness, love, and abundance your heart can accommodate.

To achieve success in manifestation, you need to pay attention to various aspects of your life. You need to have a clear intention, a positive mindset, and a razor-sharp focus on the goal. You need to work on getting rid of all the negative energy and align your energy perfectly with the Universe.

For a beginner at manifestation, bringing all these elements together is no easy task. That is why manifestation tools and aids like crystals are available. You should take maximum advantage of such resources to ensure that you manifest love fast and with ease.

Read on to learn more about how crystals for love can make your manifestation journey easier. Here, you will also find the best healing crystals to manifest love and romance.

Why use crystals to manifest love?

Crystals are formed in nature by a combination of geological processes that result in high temperature and pressure. During the formation of crystals, some of this energy gets trapped inside. Crystals release this energy in small quantities throughout their lifetime. 

By keeping the right manifesting crystals near you, you can tap into this energy. This means, without any extra effort, your energy vibrations go up. One of the vital steps in manifestation is to raise your vibrational energy to match that of your desire. Crystals offer you a shortcut to higher vibrations.

However, the energy trapped in each crystal is different. That is the reason why you need different crystals for manifesting money and love. 

Besides boosting positive energy, crystals for love have also proved their efficacy in healing old wounds and promoting self-love. They act as shields against toxicity, protecting you from bad elements and evil eyes. Manifesting crystals also have the amazing ability to attract positive people, things, and situations into your life. 

Crystals for love have been used since ancient times to make lives better for us. Even while warding off negativity, the right crystals can attract more radiance, balance, and love into your life and relationship.

Best crystals to manifest love

Crystals can do a lot for you when you are trying to manifest love and relationship. However, you also need to have a clear understanding of what to expect from manifesting crystals.

Crystals cannot conjure up the partner of your dreams as if by magic. It cannot force you to fall in love with the first person you come across. Or the second or the third. That is entirely up to you. Crystals also cannot make you behave in a certain way or prevent you from doing certain things. 

All crystals can do is create a positive environment for you to work with. They can remove negative energy and fill your heart up with positive energy. Then, it is up to you how you want to make use of it. Crystals can open your eyes and heart to see the love coming your way. You need to decide whether you want to accept that love or not. 

So, if you are ready, let’s take stock of the best gemstones for love and marriage.

1. Agate

This gemstone does its job more subtly by working on the basics rather than attracting love and relationships directly. Available in a wide range of shades and varieties, agate makes a wonderful choice as a fashion accessory as well.
Healing pain and wounds is one thing agate is very renowned for. Being linked to the heart chakra, agate can erase all the hurts from your soured relationships of the past. This can unblock the heart chakra and bring back balance in it. This way, you will be ready to accept new love and romance that comes your way. 


2. Amethyst

Sublime and serene, this soft purple-hued gemstone helps you find love and romance by teaching you to love yourself first. They say that you can’t love another person unless you can love yourself. Loving yourself means accepting yourself with all your flaws and embracing yourself as you are. With self-love comes confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem.

Amethyst also helps in calming you down and inducing peace of mind in you. If you have suffered pain from past breakups, amethyst is the stone to help you heal and recover. This crystal also promotes spirituality if you are keen on achieving enlightenment.


3. Aventurine 

This is another crystal directly linked to the heart chakra. It brings you good fortune in your search for love and relationship. These beautiful green stones can ensure that you don’t lose out on love and romance for lack of luck. This is a good stone to have in your collection at the beginning of a relationship.

Aventurine oozes with positive energy. You can absorb some of this energy by keeping this gemstone close to your body. You may wear it as jewelry or keep it on the bedside stand. This added energy will have positive consequences in all facets of your life, including your love life. 

Besides promoting self-love and abundance, aventurine is known to bring about a calming effect on you. Compassion and the ability to take things in your stride are other benefits of aventurine.

4. Carnelian

This eye-catching red gemstone is a symbol of love, joy, courage, and endurance. Red is the color of love and passion. The energy it exudes is compatible with all these positive traits and emotions. Carnelian is associated with sacral chakra but works well for the health of the heart chakra as well.

Carnelian is often tagged as a talisman for love and relationships due to its amazing effect on people. It helps in expelling negativity and fills your heart with a true love without creating delusions in your mind. When you stay grounded, you won’t let your imagination run wild and overthink. This crystal lures you into getting out of your comfort zone and trying out new things to get rid of your fear and apprehension.


5. Citrine

Resembling the golden rays of the sun, citrine can brighten up your day in every sense. Relationships come with ups and downs and there is no escape from this. However, you can always take help from crystals like citrine to lessen the adverse effect. 

When you are in a relationship for too long, it is natural that it loses the spark and sense of joy in being together. It is easy to take your partner for granted. The new energy that citrine brings into the equation helps in reinvigorating and reinventing the relationship and both your lives. Citrine is capable of bringing back love and happiness in the lives of its owners.

6. Clear quartz

While most crystals are associated with one of the seven chakras, clear quartz has the distinction of not being linked to any one chakra. Rather it works well with all the chakras and is considered the best coordinating crystal to ensure your well-being.

If you are low on energy for reasons unknown, clear quartz can help you with it. It is also one of the most popular crystals for manifestation as it works with any goals. It helps in manifestation by raising your energy vibration to match that of your goal.

Often clear quartz is equated to a blank check in which you are free to enter the amount. Unlike other crystals that carry the energy for specific desires, clear quartz just focuses on your energy levels and not on your goal. 

7. Garnet 

The elegant and alluring glow of this gemstone can melt hearts and heal heartaches. Garnet is well-known as the stone for courage, hope, and positive thinking. Intrinsically linked to the root chakra, Garnet helps you find safety and stability in life. 

Garnet is filled with love energy and can arouse your sexuality and stir up your chi. If you are the kind of person who has second, third, and fourth thoughts before approaching the person you love, garnet is definitely the stone for you. It will get you right into the action by giving you the confidence you need to take the initiative. 

8. Kunzite

Often referred to as a woman’s stone, this beautiful crystal in a soft pink shade is a coveted possession for everyone. Deeply associated with love, wisdom, and inner peace, kunzite can help you bring down those defensive walls you have created around yourself for your protection. This crystal works by reassuring you the world is a safe place and you should calm down and relax.

Maybe your life experiences taught you to be overly careful about others. You may even have had bad breakups to add to your misery and anxiety levels. All you need is reassurance that things are okay and not everyone is out to get you. Kunzite can provide you with this and more.

9. Lapis Lazuli

Improving communication is the key benefit of this captivating stone. Linked to your throat chakra, this gemstone prompts you to open up and be truthful with others. Love and relationships cannot thrive on lies. This may bring temporary advantages to you but in the long run, you are going to get caught. Being truthful and authentic helps you build a long-term relationship based on love, trust, and understanding. 

Lapis lazuli also is a great crystal to have for improving your positive outlook and overall well-being. But love and relationship are its mainstays, with Venus being its ruling planet. 

10. Malachite

Malachite, the life-sustaining stone, is found in nature with its unique color variations and swirl patterns. It reminds us of the fact that nurturing can bring out the best in everyone. Associated with the heart chakra, malachite is an excellent crystal to banish negativity from your mind and heart and fill them up with positive energy.

Malachite works well when there is a trust deficit in the relationship. It helps in calming down your anxiety levels and prompts you to think with clarity. Instead of vague accusations and suspicions, you will be in a position to understand your relationship correctly. With all the misunderstandings cleared, you can attract as much love as you want to.

11. Moonstone

This lovely gemstone is associated with love, femininity, and all things beautiful. Not only does it work wonders with new love, but it is also well-known for its powers to bring back together old lovers. If you broke up with your partner and are regretting it, moonstone is the crystal for you. 

Moonstone is also known for its calming and balancing properties. It reminds you that there is a silver lining in the darkest cloud and after every winter comes spring. It offers you a glimmer of hope to help you move forward in life. Moonstone has a powerful effect on you at a spiritual level, helping reunite lovers.


12. Obsidian

If you can overlook its dark hue, obsidian is one of the best crystals to resolve matters of the heart. Due to various reasons, you may have closed your heart to love and relationships. You can get others to love you only when you are in a position to offer love in return. Obsidian can help you with this.

You may have your own reasons to doubt whether you deserve to be in a loving relationship. With such thoughts, you don’t stand a chance to succeed in manifesting love. The high energy from the obsidian crystal will help in dispelling thoughts and beliefs like these. It will open your heart to love and protect you from further pain and harm.

13. Pink tourmaline

Known as the aphrodisiac among crystals, this pink crystal will bowl you over with its exquisite beauty. This gemstone is related to the heart chakra and will help you attract love and relationship with ease. Even after trying your best to find love if you are not succeeding for reasons unknown, pink tourmaline can help you get rid of the roadblocks on your path. 

Maybe you have leftover negative energy from past relationships. Or you have deep-set fears about intimacy and opening your heart to someone new. This crystal will help you overcome these hurdles and bring happiness and calmness to your life. It will provide the right setting for love to flourish in your life.

14. Rhodochrosite

This crystal in pink and white is connected to your heart chakra and is an excellent addition to your collection of crystals. If you are finding invisible hurdles in your path of love and romance, this is the stone of choice for you.

This layered stone is a reminder of the multiple layers in your own mind. The high-energy vibrations from this crystal can dispel even the darkest of emotions and thoughts from your mind. When you are feeling confused and unsure of your path ahead, this stone can help in sorting through your feelings and point you in the right direction.

15. Rose quartz

For matters related to the heart, one of the most powerful crystals is rose quartz. It is as lovely to look at as it can do wonders for your love life.  This pearly pink love stone is the most prominent among heart chakra stones. 

Rose quartz helps by raising your level of tolerance and your ability to offer unconditional love. It works deep in your psyche to remove all traces of negativity from your failed relationships of the past. Freeing your heart from toxic thoughts and emotions, rose quartz gets you ready to accept new love by building trust in you.

With your heart and mind cleared of all negative elements and blockages, it will be open to welcome true love and romance that comes your way.


16. Ruby

This noble stone fit for kings and queens is also well-known as the best for your love life. Its deep red beauty can captivate any heart, including yours. Though more expensive than most other gemstones, ruby is the choice to set right a blocked root chakra. It provides you with supreme confidence and a good sense of self. With redeemed self-esteem, you will find the rest of the path easy to travel.

Ruby reminds you of the need to love yourself before searching for love outside. It also amps up your sensual nature without letting you lose your grounding and anchoring. If your love life has been in a deep slumber for a long time, look no further. Ruby can awaken you in no time.

Bottom line

Most crystals for love will give you the best results when worn as jewelry. The effect is even better when the gemstone is touching your skin. This ensures that you receive most of the energy emitted by these crystals. To get the best out of them, you should ensure that the crystals you wear as jewelry are cleaned periodically.

If the crystal is too big to be worn as jewelry, you may carry them around in your wallet or purse. You can also leave them on your nightstand to allow them to work their magic on you the entire night. If you have an altar at home, you may leave the crystal on it so that everyone at home will benefit from its energy. It is also common to use crystals for love when meditating.

When crystals open up your heart to love, the most important love for you to practice is self-love. This is the first step in your journey of love. When you are in a position to believe in yourself and prioritize your needs, you are throwing your hearts wide open to love and abundance. 

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