How to Know If Someone is Your Soulmate? 13 Clear Signs

How to Know If Someone is Your Soulmate?

How to know if someone is your soulmate

A soulmate is a concept ascribed with diverse meanings, and conflicting ones at that. 

In its truest sense, it means two people connected at a spiritual or soul level. It is believed that their souls made a pact to reunite with each other in the previous birth. And their coming together is just the fulfillment of that promise. 

Some do not subscribe to this definition. For them, it is inconceivable that there can only be one perfect match for each one of us among the billions of people in this world. 

For others, soulmates just mean partners. Its most commonly accepted meaning is that it is a person with whom one has a feeling of natural, instant, and deep affinity. This connection may involve love or romance or can be platonic. It can include trust, comfort, compatibility, affection, intimacy, passion, or sexual activity.

One of the points most agree is that a soulmate is a person who accepts you for who you are and urges you to greater heights to become a better version of yourself. 

A spiritual connection can come in any form – a partner, a friend, a parent, a sibling, or a teacher. 

This bond is often romanticized to such an extent that it is viewed upon as the perfect connection in which everything is so pure and flawless. The picture painted is that of absolute bliss – a person who is meant only for you and one who completes you. The reality is nowhere close to this. It is anything but easy and breezy.

This spiritual connection is often filled with conflicts and challenges that can test the patience and tolerance of both parties involved. However, those who persist and persevere are richly rewarded by one of the most fulfilling and complete of all the relationships you are ever going to come across.

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The struggles and difficulties, in fact, end up strengthening the bond and act as a glue that keeps you together. 

However, identifying your soulmate among the multitude of people you come across during your lifetime is not so easy. This is made more difficult as most of these connections have a rough beginning. How to find your soulmate and how to know your soulmate are things that trouble many people. 

Though it may transform into a symbiotic and synergetic union in the long run, it typically starts on the wrong note with hiccups or even fireworks. They may look like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that do not fit together. With a bit of flipping and turning, things will ultimately fall into place.

Many people spend their lifetime searching for their soulmate among the people they come across. Even with a checklist of what you want or expect, you can still miss them. Not everyone is fortunate to meet their soulmate and recognize them. 

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Instead of looking for your soulmate with a checklist in hand, it would be a better idea to go about your life with an open heart, willing to accept people as they are and willing to go with the flow.

It would still be helpful to know what to look out for and expect when you are searching for your soulmate. Or at least you should be able to recognize one when you meet them. Or else, you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

You must be wondering how to find your soulmate. How would you know that you’ve found your soulmate? 

13 signs your soulmate is about to enter your life

1. You can sense it

Call it intuition or clairvoyance or ESP. You just feel it in your bones that this is the person. Your gut feeling will tell you that the person you met is the One, your perfect match. 

This may sound silly if you try to rationalize it or find the logic and reasoning behind it. And, you cannot prepare yourself for this feeling because this is experienced only once in a lifetime and it is indescribable. Just feel reassured that you will know it and recognize it when the time comes.

Here is an attempt to describe this feeling. You will feel pure joy and light-heartedness. You will be energized in their presence. You will feel comfortable enough to talk freely without inhibitions. You feel as if you are floating in the air and seventh heaven.

2. You are best friends

Any relation based on friendship cannot go wrong. The same is the case with soulmates. It is founded on respect and understanding. Most often, it starts as just friends and then gets to the next level. 

3. You find their presence calming

Though the relationship may have started on a bad note, it will get to a point where your soulmate is the go-to person in times of crisis and when you are feeling depressed or agitated. This is important as you would be spending lots of time together and it is imperative that you feel comfortable in their presence.

4. You can feel their joy and sorrow

You are so much in tune with your spiritual partner that you can feel their emotions as if they were your own. The feeling of empathy is so strong that you do not see your partner as another person but as an extension or a part of you.

Their happiness is yours; their sorrow is yours too. Their achievements give you as much pleasure, contentment, and pride as if they are your own. There is no competition between the two of you. No tussle or one-upmanship but just comfort, support, and encouragement.

5. You have immense respect for each other

Respect for each other has an important role to play in the success of a relationship, as much as friendship. Regard and admiration are key components of a good relationship. They are an essential part of a spiritual connection as well.

No connection can survive without respect for each other. Respect for feelings, individuality, freedom, and ideas form the foundation on which a good relationship can be built. Appreciation and love go hand in hand. 

6. You complete and balance each other

Your soulmate is the ying to your yang. This means you can have a spiritual partner who is not a replica or mirror reflection of yourself. You need not have similar interests, character, or viewpoints. Still, you can be kindred souls.

It is a wrong perception that soulmates are like peas in the pod. You can have different experiences, personalities, and outlooks. The more important part is how you see each other and how you react to each other. As long as your attributes complement each other – the cool nature of one to the anxious or angry nature of the other – you will be great together.

7. Your beliefs match well on major topics

Indeed, you need not have to agree on every single thing in life. You can have diverse opinions about the small inconsequential day-to-day things. However, to come together and exist harmoniously, you must agree on the important aspects of life. 

You may find it difficult to agree on who will take the trash out, or which show to watch, or where to go for holidays. And, you may end up irritating each other a lot because of these daily skirmishes. But when it comes to important things in life such as the ones about family, health, life goals, and faith, you are on the same page – in total agreement.

8. You motivate each other

One of the important functions of a soulmate is to push each other to greater heights. Even as you accept each other without conditions or judgment, you encourage each other to find a better version of yourself. 

Human connections succeed when there is a value addition for both parties involved. Helping each other grow and progress in life is the best possible way a connection can enrich the lives of both. This may require a nudge here or a prod there. There is no need to take it in the wrong way. Use the great opportunity to get ahead in life as well as have a great rapport. 

9. You can be your true self

Relationships usually entail expectations and this can lead to heartbreaks and disappointments. There is a reason why this is so. You come into a relationship with a prior idea of how you want your partner to be. So, from the beginning, the partner is trying hard to be that someone you want in your life. This fake front cannot last in the long run. It is bound to come out and it may end in disappointment. 

On the other hand, one of the basic tenets of a spiritual connection is non-judgmental acceptance of each other. There are no preconceived ideas or expectations. So, no disappointments either. 

This allows you to be yourself in the best possible way. You are accepted and loved for all your strange preferences, weird mannerisms, unusual behavior, and unique personality. It adds to the charm rather than putting them off. 

10. You don’t give up on each other easily

Breakups and parting ways are integral parts of regular relationships. You try to stick around and make it work for a while. When that is not working, you do not hesitate to call it quits.

This is not the case with kindred souls. For the simple reason that soulmates are not just another person, you are involved with. It is a once-in-a-lifetime relationship – a special kind of connection that is predestined. So, parting ways is not an option. Whether you are together or not, you will remain soulmates forever.

So, unlike in a regular connection, you fight harder to make it work. More compromises, more changes in yourself to accommodate the wishes of the other, more resolving conflicts by talking it out. You will be working on your shortcomings and improving your behavior so that the relationship stays strong and is successful.

Your willingness to put in so much effort is a clear indication that you are soulmates.

11. You can communicate without words

This is one of the best aspects of a spiritual connection – silent communication. You don’t find the need to spell out every single thing; your partner understands your needs without being said out loud explicitly.

Call it telepathy, insight, or perspicacity. You find it natural to sense the emotions, moods, and needs of your soulmate without a word being said. The comfort level that this brings into a relationship is enormous. The reassuring feeling that there is someone in your life who will always be there for you and will always have your back is something that can keep you together for a lifetime.

12. You feel as if you have known each other well 

Though it is a mystery to you, it is no secret that soulmates are linked to each other across lifetimes. You may have been closely related in another lifetime or at least may have met and known each other well enough to remember it later.

Even if you have not met before in this lifetime, you would be surprised to discover common points in your lives. Such as coming from the same town, studying in the same school/college, or having common friends, though you never came face to face before or exchanged words. 

13. You give more importance to the happiness of your partner than yours

This can also happen in an unhealthy, co-dependent, or abusive relationship. When you forget yourself and pay more attention to your partner, there is a possibility that you can be taken advantage of. When this is the case, the relationship can only head in one direction – a breakup.

With kindred souls, it is a different story altogether. The more you give, the more you receive. Because your partner also feels the same way and is not there to exploit your generosity and magnanimity. When the main goal of a spiritual connection is to make each other happy, there is no chance of it going wrong.

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Final thoughts

We all need someone to help us scale new heights, realize our potential, and become better people. All that you may need is a nudge or a push and the reassuring feeling that someone is there for you and loves you no matter what. That is soulmates for you in a nutshell.

Though, in the end, results may be great for both, the process may not be as easy and pleasant. There are bound to be conflicts and skirmishes when you push each other out of your comfort zone. If you can overlook and overcome these hiccups, you would have the most perfect of all relationships you can ever wish for. 

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