How to Write a Manifestation Journal?

How to Write a Manifestation Journal Using the Law of Attraction?

how to write a manifestation journal

The basic principles for manifestation using the Law of Attraction are simple and easy to understand. However, practicing them is a different ball game altogether for most of us. 

For example, you need to maintain a calm mind and stay focused and positive for the law to work its miracles. This is easier said than done. Especially when you are going through a rough patch.

It is for people like us that the law of attraction offers an array of tools and techniques. These are exercises devised to help achieve the state of mind required for manifestation.

Manifestation journal is one of the simple and easy-to-follow manifestation techniques to maintain a positive attitude, gain clarity of the goal and sustain mental focus for a successful manifestation.

This article will take you through the steps in creating a manifestation journal and ways to derive the utmost benefits from it.

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    What is a manifestation journal?

    As its name suggests, a manifestation journal is a journal that you use for manifesting your desires. It is a dedicated book in which you can write down your thoughts and feelings. You may also use it for jotting down your ideas, hopes, and dreams.

    A manifestation journal serves as a record of your manifestation journey from start to finish. It helps to jog your memory about how your views and goals changed during the process. It also serves as a reminder of the goal and helps you stay on track.

    How a manifestation journal works

    A manifestation journal is a systematic way of writing down your thoughts during the process. It helps if you use a template to maintain consistency. 

    Staying focused on the goal is not an easy task in the long run. ‘Getting into the zone’ is something difficult to achieve for most of us. 

    Dedicating a journal for recording every single one of your thoughts and feelings during the manifestation process not only helps in keeping things organized and efficient but also acts as a trigger. Once you make journaling a habit, the moment you have the journal in your hands, you will automatically ‘get into the zone’.

    Maintaining a journal is a time-tested law of attraction technique for sustaining focus and a positive attitude. It gives you the impetus to move forward with the process without fatigue and boredom creeping in. 

    The journal helps in revealing your limiting beliefs and mental blocks in due course. Ultimately, it also motivates to overcome these negative feelings that otherwise would have stayed hidden and impeded with the manifestation.

    How to start a manifestation journal?

    Writing a manifestation journal is similar to penning any other journal. Uniformity is key to making a journal useful. Periodical entries and adopting a template are helpful to achieve this.

    A point to remember here is that the journal is a notebook of the physical kind and not the electronic version. Maintaining a law of attraction journal on a computer or phone doesn’t have the same effect as one created using a book and pen. 

    Getting started: Decide the template

    It is natural to feel enthusiastic when you start but when you actually get down to making entries in the journal, you feel at a loss of words. You can easily get over this affliction by adopting a template.

    There is no right or wrong way to make journal entries. So, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all template for everyone. A template is more about providing inspiration and helping you focus on the task on hand.

    A template is about offering guidance and ideas for making journal entries. These scripting techniques are found to be immensely helpful in getting started.

    A few techniques to help in writing

    1. Use manifestation journal prompts

    As the name suggests, these are interrogative statements meant to prod and provoke your thought process. Here are some manifestation journal prompts to get you going.

    What got you interested in the law of attraction?

    Sample Answer: To manifest desires, to lead a fulfilling life, just curiosity

    If you are granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

    Sample Answer: A loving partner, lots of money, a successful career, a flourishing business

    What are your top 5 priorities in life?

    Sample Answer: Quality time with family, healthy relationships, successful career, physical health, financial security, sustainable happiness, meaningful friendships

    How do you define success?

    Sample Answer: Fulfilling life, achieving goals, being happy, staying healthy, to love and be loved, material possessions

    What do you like the most about yourself?

    Sample Answer: never-say-die attitude, ability to overcome challenges, staying calm in adverse situations, being happy and cheerful, helpful mentality, lots of patience

    2. Positive affirmations

    Affirmations are powerful positive statements meant to outline your goal. Repeating them serves as a motivation to move forward towards the goal. 

    The law of attraction taps the power of the mind to help us realize our goals. Affirmations, written in the present tense, when repeated, make us believe that the goal is already achieved. Once our minds accept this as the truth, manifestation follows naturally.

    Among the affirmations, the ones starting with ‘I am’ are the most powerful. Here are a few manifestation journal ideas to get you started.

    • I am happy and content.
    • I am fit and healthy.
    • I am strong and powerful.
    • I am loved and cherished.
    • I am capable and can achieve anything I want to.

    3. Make a manifestation list

    This is a list of all your dreams and goals in life. As you get more ideas about your goals, you keep revising the list. Making a list like this helps in overcoming your inhibitions about the goal itself or your doubt about your ability to achieve it. It is sure to fill you up with positive energy and purpose in your journey towards the goal.

    4. Include a gratitude list

    Feeling grateful is an important aspect of the law of attraction. It is a proven technique to overcome setbacks and negativity that you may encounter in the manifestation path. While a gratitude list is all about what you already have in life, a manifestation list pertains to what you want to have in the future.

    Everything in your life that you feel happy and satisfied about should find a place on this list. Naturally, this is bound to fill you up with happiness and positivity and act as a motivation to realize your dreams.

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    gratitude journal

    5. Make a record of your visualizations

    Visualization is another powerful manifestation technique provided by the law of attraction. In this, you visualize your future when you have already realized your goal. Repeating visualization exercises can help in convincing the mind that the goal is already achieved. This done, the manifestation will happen without much delay.

    You may use the details of the visualized scene from your future to write entries in the journal. Remember to use the present tense for the entries as if you have already reached the goal. This will provide an extra stimulus to work towards the goal. 

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    Tips to make journaling a habit

    Forming a habit is not as easy as it sounds. You really need to work on it to make it happen. Here are a few helpful hints.

    1. Find time in your daily routine for journaling.
    2. Ensure that you are calm and undisturbed for this activity.
    3. Set the mood by creating the right ambiance.
    4. A short meditation before is found to be helpful.
    5. Find ways to make the activity appealing and entertaining rather than dull and dreary.

    Manifestation journal examples

    Final thoughts

    Journaling helps you to wield your pen like a magic wand to make your dreams come true. Not only does it chronicle your journey of manifestation, but it also provides the driving force to help you reach the goal. A manifestation journal also serves as a treasure trove of information for your future manifestations. 

    Do you want to write affirmations for yourself? You may also find our guide on How to write affirmations for manifestation very helpful. The following article will show how to create powerful self-affirmation statements that help us achieve our goals!

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