How to Manifest a Boyfriend in 6 Steps - Law of Attraction

How to Manifest a Boyfriend in 6 Steps

How to Manifest a Boyfriend

So, you are single and looking for love and a relationship. More specifically, you want to manifest the boyfriend of your dreams. 

You may have already heard about the law of attraction and how it is possible to manifest any desire you have, even the wildest ones. Yes, you heard it right. This is true.

Do you know that you have been manifesting all your life without being aware of it? To manifest your goals all you need to do is to channel your focus and energy in the right direction. 

The fundamental principle of the law of attraction is “like attracts like”. This means you attract into your life people and things with the same vibrational energy as yours. 

In other words, to manifest love with a specific person, you just need to raise your vibrational frequency to that of your boyfriend.

This article takes you through the steps of manifestation to make your boyfriend fall in love with you. Here you will also find sample affirmations to help you find love and how to use the 369 method to make it happen quickly.

Things to remember when manifesting a boyfriend

Manifestation happens consciously or unawares when your energy vibrations match that of others you are focusing on. This is the reason why you are warned to be careful about what you focus on.

The Universe doesn’t distinguish between good and bad. When your mind is focused on negative things, you automatically attract them into your life.

Before you begin to manifest a specific person, you need to ensure that this is the right person for you. And not just an infatuation or physical attraction. You need to be double sure that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

The process of manifestation involves raising your energy to match that of the object of your desire. You do this by feeling the way you want to feel and living the life you want to live in your dreams in the present. 

You need to augment this with an unwavering belief in the experience itself, the process, and the power of the Universe to make it happen.

The energy you have and the energy you send out assume utmost importance. Because the Universe understands your desires and goals through this energy and responds to it. This happens even when you are not aware of it. 

This means when your energy is low and in the negative range, you attract negative experiences. It is your choice to use this knowledge to raise your energy vibration as high as possible and attract the experiences you desire.

Realize that the Universe is always in your corner, looking out for your interests without exception. It is always striving to give you what you want and make you happy. All you need to do is ask the Universe in clear, unambiguous language.

Also, to make your requests reach the Universe, you need to establish channels of communication by aligning your energy with the Universe.

6 steps to manifest a boyfriend

Step 1: Find the answer to the question “Why?”

The success of your manifestation attempt depends on the objective behind your goals. Do you want to have this person in your life because you love him and everything about him? Or is it because you are feeling lonely and jealous?

Negative emotions attract negative experiences. So, you must ensure that the reason behind your desire is positive and only positive.

Step 2: Visualize that you have successfully manifested

Visualization is one of the most powerful and effective tools of manifestation. It involves using your imagination to live the life you are dreaming about. In this instance, with your boyfriend. A point to remember here is to think and feel it in the present tense.

You also need to pay attention to your energy level and what you are focusing on. What you will be manifesting will depend on this.

Set aside time for visualization in your daily routine. You can make the experience better by doing it right after a session of meditation.

Step 3: Do away with limiting beliefs

These are the roadblocks and hurdles in your manifestation path. Limiting beliefs can derail your manifestation journey. To eliminate this possibility, you should revisit your belief system and get rid of all beliefs that are detrimental to your desire before you set out on the path.

When you are manifesting a boyfriend, some of the common limiting beliefs you may have are:

  • I am not good at relationships.
  • I will never find true love.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I am not beautiful or attractive.
  • True love is a myth.
  • Most relationships end in breakups.

You may have acquired these beliefs from your own past experiences or from that of others. However, as you can see, your desire for a boyfriend and such negative beliefs cannot coexist. So, if you want to manifest a boyfriend, you need to eliminate them. 

The first step in this direction is to acknowledge and accept their existence. You can list your limiting beliefs and turn them around into positive statements. For example, you can change “I am not good at relationships” into “I am good at relationships”. 

Repeating them daily can help in shifting your mindset and eventually in getting rid of them. Do remember that this is not an easy or overnight process. Patience and perseverance can get you there.

Step 4: Repeat affirmations of love

Affirmations are positive statements to help you gain self-esteem and confidence. If repeated with focus and dedication, affirmations can work wonders.

Make sure that the affirmations you choose strike a chord with you. They need to be framed in the present tense, even if they refer to the goals you are trying to manifest.

Here are some sample affirmations for you.

  1. I deserve to be in a loving relationship.
  2. I attract love into my life with ease.
  3. I am lovable and worthy of being loved.
  4. My heart is open to receiving love.
  5. I welcome a loving and long-lasting relationship.
  6. I approach this relationship with love and positivity.
  7. I give up all adverse, judgmental thoughts.
  8. My soulmate is eager to meet me.
  9. I am excited to meet the man of my dreams.
  10. I trust the Universe to bring me the right partner.

You can repeat these affirmations whenever you want to and as often as possible. The more the better. 

You may also want to download our Free printable affirmation cards together with the law of attraction planner to help you manifest your boyfriend faster.

For instant manifestation, you can try the 369 method. This “manifest on paper” method involves writing down one chosen affirmation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at the end of the day. The idea is to combine the special power of the number 369 with extra focus.

Step 5: Trust the Universe

Trust is the key element in the manifestation process. Without this, none of your other actions will be fruitful. 

Just telling yourself that you trust the Universe is not good enough. Your actions and feelings need to be in conformation with this. 

When you are obsessed or worried about the success of the process, it points to your distrust. 

It is easier to have trust in the beginning but as the process drags on with the goal nowhere in sight, the trust may get drained. You need to be cautious about this. Manifestation will succeed only if you maintain the same level of trust in the Universe.

Step 6: Let go and surrender

This is the last step of manifestation. Once you have finished the steps of manifestation with belief and dedication, it is time to let go of the goal. This doesn’t mean to abandon it or forget it. You need to continue your affirmations and visualization exercises. However, you need to let go of your obsession with the goal.

This gesture is a display of trust in the Universe. You are taking a step back to give the Universe enough room to work its magic. 

Concluding thoughts

You need to be aware of the possibility of the Universe manifesting a different person in your life. This just means that the person of your choice is unsuitable for you and the Universe has brought you the perfect match. 

Don’t feel aggrieved by this turn of events. The Universe is only concerned about your happiness and future. The person you wanted to manifest may not be the right person for you. There may be hidden facts about him that you may be aware of.

And the Universe brought you the best person who will make your future happier and brighter.

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