How to Manifest Someone Back into Your Life in 5 Steps

How to Manifest Someone Back into Your Life in 5 Steps?

How to Manifest Someone Back into Your Life

Maybe you recently broke up with your partner or friend. And, parted ways.

But you are finding it difficult to get over the relationship. You continue to feel that you two are meant to be together and should never have separated. You just want to have them back in your life. You want to give it another shot.

Your search may have led you to the law of attraction and manifestation. You may have heard that you can manifest anything or anyone. You must be wondering if people come into your life for a reason and what if you can get your ex back with the law of attraction.

The answer is a simple yes. You heard it right. You can manifest your ex back using the law of attraction.  Or for that matter, manifest anyone.

You are constantly manifesting things and events in your life without being aware of doing it. By learning more about it, you can channel your energy in the right path and manifest what or who you want. 

How to manifest someone?

The law of attraction is one of the Universal Laws. It states that like attracts like. This means people, things, and events with the same energy vibrations as yours are drawn towards you. 

Looking at this from the other end, by raising your energy vibrations to match that of the object of your desire, you can ensure that your desire is realized. Here, it is a specific someone, most probably your ex. This is how the process of manifestation works.

Now, we come to the part of elevating the vibrational frequency. The law of attraction offers tools and techniques to help you manage this. Such as visualization, affirmations, and practicing gratitude.

Manifestation is a systematic approach to get what you want. One of the most crucial steps in the manifestation process is unwavering trust in the Universe. You just need to believe that the Universe will always have your back and is constantly working for your welfare.

Before you try to manifest your ex back, you need to ensure that you are not committing any mistakes that can topple your manifestation attempt. 

Mistakes to avoid when manifesting your ex back

Manifestation is all about getting into vibrational alignment with your desire. So, the question is how to make this happen. How do you know the vibrational frequency of your ex so that you can match with that?

The answer again is simple. Instead of looking at the object of your desire, consider the feeling associated with it. For example, when wishing for abundance, the corresponding emotions can vary vastly from person to person. Some may want the money to live the life of their dreams. While others may want the same money to avoid worries of making ends meet. 

While the first approach is positive, the second one is negative. The negative approach can bring your overall energy vibrations down and create roadblocks in the manifestation path.

Apply the same rule when manifesting your ex back. The desire has to come from a positive place within you. The reason why you want your boyfriend or girlfriend back has to be something positive. 

If you have any negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions associated with this, throw them away before you begin your manifestation journey.

Some of the common negativities you may have concerning your ex are:

  • You call or text them all the time, even if they don’t respond. Put a full stop to this.
  • You permit your ex to mistreat or demean you without being aware of this. There is no point in having them back in your life if they continue to treat you the same way. The relationship will meet the same fate in no time. So, if you want them back, let it happen with your dignity intact.
  • When your ex broke up with you, you resorted to throwing tantrums or crying, begging, and pleading for them to come back. None of these are positive actions. Show maturity in your behavior and maintain a positive outlook. 
  • You entered into a rebound relationship out of spite for your ex, self-pity, or just for the sake of having someone in your life. If you are looking forward to getting back together with your ex, this is not the right thing to do.
  • Bringing a third party into the equation is also not a good idea. You may think that contacting your ex through mutual friends or their siblings will do the trick. Just remember that this is something that needs to be resolved between the two of you. Involving others can mess it up.

Things to remember when trying to get back with your ex.

  • Your ex has free will.
  • Give your ex the space they need to make a decision.
  • Maintain a low profile on social media.
  • Practice self-love.
  • Take good care of your physical and mental health.

How to manifest your ex back into your life?

You can get your ex back in your life with these 5 steps.

Step 1: Find out why you want your ex back

The “why” of the desire is an important factor in manifestation. The question “why” will give you a fair idea of the kind of thoughts and feelings associated with the desire.

If the reason for wanting your ex back is loneliness or depression, their negative energy will prevent you from succeeding in manifestation. Your attempt is doomed to fail unless you change your mindset.

Instead, if your reasons are positive such as you still love your ex and feel happy and secure with them, go right ahead with manifestation.

Love and happiness are the emotions with the highest vibrational energy. The more you have them, the easier and faster your manifestation will be.

Step 2: Visualize you are back together

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools in the manifestation arsenal. Use it to your advantage by visualizing the future together with your ex. Give wings to your imagination and add in ample doses of emotions. Bring in your senses to feel, smell, or hear your ex in your imagination.

Remember all the good times you had together. Let the feelings of love and happiness well up inside you. Play it like a movie in your mind.

Wait and watch your energy vibrations shoot up in an instant.

Step 3: Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs

This is the bane of manifestation. Even when you are aiming for the moon if you believe in your heart of hearts that you cannot jump even one foot above the ground, how can you aspire to succeed? The entire purpose of manifestation is lost because of this negative thinking.

Dig deep in your mind and identify all the beliefs that are potential hurdles in your manifestation path. Make a list of them. You need to work to get rid of them. Only then do you have a chance to manifest your ex back into your life.

This is easier said than done. Mindsets do not change overnight. Patience, perseverance, and dogged determination can help you with this.

Step 4: Repeat affirmations for love and happiness

Affirmations are your best bet. With each limiting belief in the list, change the statement from negative to positive. For example, “I am a failure at relationships” can be changed to “I am a success at relationships”. And there you have a set of targeted affirmations to help you overcome limiting beliefs. Repeat them multiple times every day until you start believing in them.

Here are some more positive affirmations to bring love back.

  1. I am grateful to have my ex back in my life.
  2. My heart is overflowing with joy now that I am reunited with my ex.
  3. I feel so blessed to have my ex back in my life.
  4. Second chances at love are sweeter and more enjoyable.
  5. We are soulmates and will stay together forever.
  6. I am happier than I have ever been before.
  7. You make me feel so special, cherished, and secure.
  8. We complement each other perfectly.
  9. I am so happy that we are back together.
  10. We are the perfect couple.

You can adopt the 55×5 method to repeat affirmations to get your ex back. This is an intense short-term approach that requires you to repeat one chosen affirmation 55 times in a single sitting each day for 5 consecutive days.

Step 5: Allow the Universe to do its part

Once you have finished all the steps, it is time to sit back and relax. You need to let go of the desire and place your trust in the Universe.

Getting obsessed with your desire has negative energy and can hamper your manifestation. Moreover, by taking a breather, you are reinforcing your faith in the Universe. All you need to do is maintain your belief in the Universe without faltering.

Your desire may manifest fast or it may take more time than you expected. Irrespective of what happens, continue to have confidence in the Universe and keep up your positive attitude.

Concluding thoughts

You can try some of the other manifestation techniques to feel and think positive and raise your energy vibrations. Meditation can help you focus and keep calm. If writing is your strength, you can turn to scripting. This is the written form of visualization. Practicing gratitude is another powerful technique to maintain high levels of positive energy.

Instead of wallowing in pity and drowning yourself in sorrow, you should come up with a definite plan to get the girl/guy you want back. Back it up with manifestation techniques and your ex will be back with you before you know it.

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