7 Signs a Relationship is Moving Forward

7 Signs a Relationship is Moving Forward

7 signs a relationship is moving forward

Most relationships start in a casual tone and continue the same way for a long time. Unless one of the partners makes some definite moves to take it forward.

As a partner, how will you know whether your relationship is going to be long-term? Or will it get more serious and lead to a life-long commitment?

How do you know if this is “the one”? Is your partner interested in taking the relationship to the next level? After all, are you in a serious relationship?

Your mind will be teeming with such questions and you are not sure where to look for answers. 

You just need to look out for these tell-tale signs from your partner. You can find the answers to all your questions from these signs.

This article delves into the depths of relationships and comes up with some useful details. You will find here 7 signs to look out for in a relationship to know whether it is progressing in the right direction and getting serious.

What defines a serious relationship?

A relationship may be categorized as a “serious one” if both the partners involved are equally invested in it and are committed to growing together. When you are serious in a relationship, you won’t have any trouble showing your commitment.

The definition of “invested” and “committed” differ from person to person. But as long as the two parties involved are on the same page and in agreement about their commitments and expectations from the relationship, all is well. It is going in the right direction for sure.

For some commitment means exclusivity and the idea of marriage is somewhere on the horizon. For others, it just means being together for a long time, maybe even forever. There are still others, who are happy to be together in the present with no commitment about the future and would like to call their relationship “serious”.

The bottom line of a serious relationship is caring for and understanding each other truly and faithfully.

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7 signs of a serious relationship

In the early days of a relationship, you may hesitate to be frank and ask your partner outright “what is the idea?”. It is always ideal to have open conversations. In a perfect relationship, you should be able to ask such questions and get honest answers.

But we all know that finding a perfect relationship is like looking for a needle in a haystack. They are indeed difficult to find. That doesn’t mean your relationship is not good enough or may not last long. 

In this world we are living in, which is anything but perfect, it would be foolish to believe that only perfect relationships are worth pursuing and will last a lifetime.

Work with whatever you have and you can turn it into something beautiful.

So, here are 7 common signs that tell you the casual relationship is getting serious.

1. You are comfortable in the presence of each other.

There is no awkwardness. There are no formalities or courtesies to follow. There is no dressing up or behaving in a certain way to impress your partner. These are all things of the past. Your relationship has gone beyond this stage. 

At the beginning of a relationship, you will resort to all sorts of showmanship and behavior to make a good impression on your partner. This is a natural human tendency.

But as you get to know each other well, you should be able to discard this facade and reveal your true self to your partner. If you accept each other for who you really are, this means your relationship is entering “serious” territory.

2. You have set aside time for each other.

Your time together is a given – a sure thing. You don’t have to resort to enticements, negotiations, or emotional blackmailing to ensure this.

You may have to adopt underhand tactics when you are the only one interested and invested in the relationship. On the other hand, when both partners equally look forward to the time together and consider it sacrosanct, it is a sure sign of your relationship getting serious.

Does your partner adopt evasive tactics to be together? Is he/she often canceling your dates at the last minute? Does your partner seem distracted or keep glancing at the phone when you are together? Is he/she prioritizing work above your time together?

Answer these questions to know where your relationship is headed.

3. You develop habits, patterns, and rituals.

Maybe it is lunch together on Saturdays or watching games on Sunday nights or partying with common friends on Friday nights. Or it may be attending yoga classes together or jogging or even playing a board game on weekends. 

Watching the first day first shows, or trying out new restaurants is exclusively reserved as a shared experience. Making some space in the cupboard or buying a toothbrush and slippers for your partner is a clear sign of your relationship getting serious.

When you establish a comfortable routine and slip into the life of each other with ease, it is an indication of the formation of a strong bond. This means your relationship is headed for the long term.

4. You are familiar with each other’s best friends.

When you allow your partner into your inner circle or introduce them to your family and friends, it is a sign of the relationship progressing to another level.

As long as you treat your relationship as casual, you won’t bother to let them meet the people closest to you. Introducing them to your inner circle is a big deal and a huge step in any relationship.  A partner won’t make this move unless they are serious, hopeful, and are thinking about a future together.

5. You are open about your relationship.

You are no longer hiding your relationship from the world. Some do this for their own reasons. But eventually shed the inhibitions, when they are ready to take it forward and are serious about the relationship.

Some may have reservations about openly displaying their love and care for each other. It can be a hangover from previous relationships or they are naturally shy in showing their affection. Or it can be their fear and anxiety preventing them from showing their true feelings.

When your partner is serious about taking the relationship forward, he/she will leave the reticence behind and overcome the blocks to reveal their heart. 

6. Your fights never get out of hand.

When you get past the courtship days, arguments and conflicts of ideas will start creeping into your relationship. This is a good sign in the sense that you are more serious about each other. And expect much more from each other which leads to disagreements and maybe even lovers’ tiffs.

This development is a good sign only if both of you are handling it well. When you care for each other, you won’t do anything to hurt each other through words or action. This means, even when you fight, you are aware of how your words can hurt your partner and restrain yourself from losing control.

The fact that you still love and care for your partner even when you are angry at them is a definite sign that you are serious about your relationship. The same rule applies to your partner as well. 

7. You start thinking of yourself as a couple.

Until now, you were two individuals having some good times together. Slowly, unawares, you are making space for your partner in your life. You are including them in your plans and even your friends have started treating you as a couple.

This doesn’t mean you are losing your individuality or you should. This is a natural development when you really care for another person. All it needs are mental adjustments to accommodate the opinions, preferences, and needs of your partner. 

When your partner is also feeling the same way, you can be sure that your relationship is becoming serious.

Bottom line

So, you are serious about the relationship but not sure about your partner. Don’t worry, this simple test will get you the answer you are looking for. An easy way to find out if your partner is earnest about the relationship is to start a conversation on the topic. 

If you feel that the “talk” is flowing freely without tension in the air, rest assured, all is fine. Your relationship is definitely getting serious.

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