Twin Flame Marriage: 17 Signs You’re Marrying Your Twin Flame

Twin Flame Marriage: 17 Signs You’re Marrying Your Twin Flame

Twin Flame Marriage

So, you have found “the One” and are about to walk down the aisle with them.

You are pretty sure that this is your twin flame but you would like to be 100% sure.

Is there a way you can figure out the person you are going to marry is your twin flame? Do twin flames get married?

Your mind would be teeming with so many questions right now. In your search to find answers, you turned to the internet.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. This article is written just for you. Here, you will find all your questions about twin flame marriage answered in simple and easy-to-understand language.

So, let’s get started. But first things first. Let’s tackle the all-important question first.

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    Can you marry your twin flame?

    Twin flames share the same soul. To be precise, the two halves of the same soul. For this reason, they are also known as mirror souls.

    The twin flame relationship is a soul mate connection. This means the souls of the two individuals are linked. This bond transcends lifetimes. After every rebirth, these two souls come together, no matter where they are reborn. The Universe also has a role to play in bringing the twin flames together in a relationship.

    However, none of these directly answer the above question. Are twin flames supposed to get married? Can you actually marry your twin?

    It is hard to give a simple, straightforward answer to this question. In simplest terms, it can be said that there is no need for twin flames to marry as they are already bonded in every sense of the term. But you definitely can if you want to.

    Before you say “I do”, you need to ensure that your twin is your romantic partner. Being twin flames need not imply that you are romantically involved. Often twin flames are of the same gender and you are neither homosexual nor bisexual.

    Before you take the most important step in your life, it helps to know what you are getting into. Here are 10 suggestions to help you make the right decision.

    1. Marrying your twin flame may change your connection forever. The ultimate goal of a twin flame journey is to support each other and help each other learn, grow and reach your potential. Do you want to risk this? It’s up to you to decide.
    2. Being mirror souls, you will find it hard to tolerate each other and act as triggers. Living together forever in this context may not be an easy choice. However, it is not a bad choice either.
    3. A twin flame connection is not a smooth sailing bond. There will be a series of breakups and twin flame reunions in a lifetime. A twin flame separation phase is hard to endure. Are you ready to deal with this in your married life?
    4. There is no guarantee that your twin will be in the appropriate age group for you. They can be too old or too young. Are you ready to deal with the age difference?
    5. Being in a non-romantic twin flame relationship is a world apart from being in a romantic one. When you are romantically involved, it means an altogether different level of intimacy and togetherness. Are you okay with this?
    6. Typically twin flames do not get married. Whether their relationship is romantic or not, they usually stay together in an unofficial relationship. This makes it easier at the time of twin flame separation. Don’t let societal norms force you into a marriage. Don’t think you need to marry. Marry only if you want to.
    7. As mentioned earlier, twin flames may belong to the same sex. Unless you are bisexual or homosexual, it would be impossible for you to get romantically involved with your twin. You just need to realize that there is no compulsion on you to marry your twin. If this is the case, you should find someone else you are romantically attracted to.
    8. Are you ready to get married? This is unrelated to your twin flame connection. Don’t feel compelled by other factors and rush into a marriage. Be patient and wait for the right time.
    9. The most important question of them all. Are they really your twin flame? You are considering marrying them because you believe that they are your twin flame. Are you 100% sure? Marrying someone for the wrong reason is the perfect recipe for a disastrous marriage. Take your time and think it through.
    10. If you are sure about your relationship with your twin flame and want to make it official, you should go ahead with it. Your twin flame is the best friend you are ever going to have. Marrying your best friend is highly recommended by relationship experts. This is the kind of marriage that will survive the longest.

    Ultimately, it is for you to take the decision. Others can only point out the obvious and give you suggestions. If you are still unsure, you may approach a relationship counselor to help you figure out the right path.

    Here is some more help coming your way. If you want to make sure that you are marrying your twin flame, there are clear signs to look out for.

    twin flame relationships

    17 signs you’re marrying your twin flame

    You‘ve been dating for a while now. You and your partner share an amazing connection that can only be described as out of this world. Everyone comments on how you are made for each other. 

    For a while, you have an inkling that your partner is your twin flame. Before you walk down the aisle, you would like to know for sure. That is no problem. All you need to do is check these signs.

    1. You bond with each other on multiple levels.

    As you know already, a twin flame energy relationship is a soul mate connection, bonding you on various levels. In addition to the physical and mental levels, it also links on emotional and spiritual levels. This connection has to be experienced to understand its full impact.

    So, one of the obvious ways to check if your partner is your twin flame is to check the level of connection you have. However, though these connections are an intrinsic part of twin flame relationships, it takes effort from both partners to develop them completely. You may have to overcome hurdles and roadblocks on the path to discover the relationship in its purest form.

    To help you with this, here are some hints on how to find them.

    Physical connection: This is something beyond love and lust. The best way to describe this is the feeling of “oneness”. You feel that you have merged together with your twin to form a single entity. You feel as one, you act as one, and you speak as one. 

    Mental connection: Being mirrors of each other, twins are so similar in so many aspects. However, in some other ways, you complement each other so well that you make a perfect pair. 

    Emotional connection: When you are with your twin flame, the rest of the world melts away. For the first time in your life, you learn to love yourself because your twin is just a reflection of yourself. You tend to have intense and fulfilling conversations with your twin.

    Spiritual connection: When you bond spiritually with your twin, you will begin to experience unconditional twin flame love. You help each other heal, grow, and realize your potential. In this relationship, there is no room for ego, manipulation, exploitation, or co-dependence. 

    2. Your partner is your lover and your best friend.

    Relationship experts always recommend couples be best friends. This, they say, is the secret to a successful marriage. When you are marrying your twin flame, this is exactly what is happening. You need not do anything more.

    Your twin flame is your mirror soul and a reflection of yourself. No one can understand you better than your twin flame. But don’t expect everything to fall into place when you meet your twin flame for the first time. Though the bond exists, you may have work to do before it is perfect. Any relationship, for that matter, is a work in progress.

    A twin flame relationship is unique in the sense that you don’t need words to convey your thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Your twin can sense them and will be there for you whenever you want them. No need to add that you will do the same for your twin.

    3. You have similar life experiences.

    After you meet your twin flame for the first time, you will be amazed at the level of similarities and coincidences you two have. Even though you grew up in two different families and had different backgrounds and upbringings, you will find so many similarities in your life at present, such as.

    • Your interests and goals
    • Your beliefs and values
    • The hardships you have overcome in life
    • The kind of people in your life
    • Education and career
    • The relationship with your parents and siblings

    These shared fortunes and misfortunes will act as the glue in your relationship.

    4. You heal each other’s wounds.

    One of the important functions of a twin flame journey is to help each other heal. If you have any doubt that your partner is your twin flame, you can check this out. 

    Being a mirror soul, your twin flame cannot help from driving you mad. However, they also work on resolving your issues. They soothe and comfort you and help you calm down. A twin flame relationship is a confluence of contradictions.

    5. You feel complete and whole.

    It is often said that after marrying your partner, you become one entity. This may be true in the eyes of society. But not all couples feel this way. Usually, it takes hard work on the part of both individuals to reach this level of oneness. When you are marrying your twin flame, this is natural and obvious. You feel this way right away.

    The reason is simple enough. Your twin flame has the other half of your soul. You think the same thoughts and you feel the same emotions. You are one soul in two bodies. When you two decide to hitch up, the union is complete. You feel whole.

    6. You have weathered many storms.

    Life and marriage are not just about love and happy times. Hard times are also an inevitable part of them. In fact, it is during these difficult periods that you know the true value of your twin flame. They will never abandon you or let you deal with the situation alone. They will hold your hand all the way. 

    A twin flame energy comes with its own issues. Though considered one of the purest forms of soul connection, a twin flame relationship is hard to sustain. The main reason is that you mirror each other. Living with your twin flame is like living with yourself. You have nowhere to hide from your own frailties. This means hurdles in your relationship.

    Twin flames relationships often witness frequent breakups. However, these breakups are not permanent like in a regular relationship. As they are bonded at the soul level, they come back together at a later date. Multiple breakups and twin flame reunions are part of the relationship. 

    Though it is hard to be in a twin flame relationship, the positive aspect of it is the forgiving attitude of both twins. Despite their disagreements, conflicts, and difficulty in seeing eye to eye, they always manage to come back together with love and forgiveness. 

    7. You feel marriage is not necessary.

    For regular couples, marriage is the culmination of their love story and their journey together in life. They exchange vows to promise each other their love, support, and commitment to stay together for the rest of their lives. However, the story is not the same for twin flames. 

    Twin flames already share a deep bond on multiple levels and there is no way for them to bond more or better. This means there is no need for marriage to bond the union. Often twin flames feel that the wedding ceremony is superfluous and unnecessary. They may even consider the money, effort, and time spent on it wasteful. 

    Twin flames may not enjoy their wedding as regular couples do. It won’t have the same magical aspect for them. But some may go ahead and do it because of other compulsions.

    8. You may experience wedding jitters and cold feet.

    The twin flame relationship tends to bring out the deepest of your fears and anxieties in the open so that they can be dealt with and resolved. The wedding, being the most important day of your life, will trigger more insecurities and apprehensions than usual. 

    Being mirror souls doesn’t help in the matter either. Your fears and anxieties get reflected and amplified to such magnitudes that there will be an inordinate level of disagreements and conflicts between you and your twin flame. 

    When you factor in the stress of wedding planning, it is a perfect recipe for discord and bad blood. You may have doubts and rethoughts about getting married. Go back to the basics of a good marriage and take the help of good communication to get your twin flame journey back on track.

    9. You can’t imagine not marrying your twin flame.

    Even when you are battling your fears and anxieties before the wedding, you will also realize that life is not worth living without your twin flame by your side. You are mortified that you are even considering walking away from the marriage.

    This is your deep soul connection playing its part. You realize that by not marrying, you will be losing the best chance to be happy. No one else can replace the twin flame in your life. 

    This conflict can be hard for you to go through. However, being in a twin flame relationship, you will survive the wedding jitters and walk down the aisle with your twin flame.

    10. You fulfill your promise to help each other. 

    Just because you have married your twin flame doesn’t change anything about your relationship. Being in this relationship means you have to help each other overcome obstacles, grow, and reach your potential. Whenever necessary, you confront and challenge each other to help each other move forward. 

    Every time the relationship faces a roadblock or it stagnates, you figure out new ways to make it stronger and support and motivate each other. Even if the experience is uncomfortable or painful, you will continue to do the same because that is what you are meant to do.

    11. You view marriage in the same light.

    Being twin flames means more to you than anything else, even marriage. As the bond is strong, you find it easier than regular couples to open up and discuss things to arrive at a common viewpoint. This means you agree on most aspects of marriage and your life together.

    Normal couples have trouble figuring out how to share responsibilities, make financial arrangements, or even whether or not to have kids. The topics like buying a house or the place of residence are all contentious. However, this is not true for couples in a twin flame connection. They sail through such topics with ease because they are already in agreement. Even if they do not agree, they discuss and find an amicable solution.

    12. You witness synchronicities leading up to the wedding.

    Even as you are experiencing wedding jitters, you will also notice synchronicities. Such as the same dreams, thoughts, emotions, opinions, or decisions. This is the Universe’s way of assuaging your doubts and fears and keeping you together. 

    All you need to do is take note of these “meaningful coincidences” and take cues from them. The Universe is trying to tell you that you are meant to be together and asking you to sort out your differences. 

    Some examples of synchronicities you may witness are:

    • You call each other simultaneously.
    • You say the same thing together.
    • You know exactly what your twin is thinking.
    • You get a strong intuitive feeling.
    • You talk about the same topic simultaneously.
    • You and your twin flame have a similar reaction to a situation.
    • You agree on when, where, and how your wedding is going to be.

    13. Everything points to the wedding.

    You may experience fears and doubts about the wedding but you will also witness numerous signs telling you that you are destined to be together in this life. 

    The more you have doubts, you will see more and more of such signs. This is the Universe’s way of reassuring you that you are doing the right thing. All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for such signs. It can help you feel relieved and comforted. 

    Here are some examples of signs you may see before your wedding.

    • You see angel numbers conveying the right messages.
    • You notice that love is in the air.
    • You hear others talk about similar problems. 
    • You dream about your twin.
    • You come across your song anywhere you go.

    14. You know that you are doing the right thing.

    Intuition is one of the tools used by the Universe to convey important messages to you. When you are in doubt about the wedding, the Universe will rush into the scene with reassuring messages like this to calm you down. 

    Despite your misgivings, you feel deep down that your twin flame is the right partner for you and the wedding is not a mistake. You don’t know the explanation or the logic behind it, but it just seems the correct step in the right direction. 

    15. You feel you are on the home stretch.

    Wedding jitters can be hard on you and difficult to overcome. When you are finding it tough to calm yourself down, you experience a feeling out of the blue that you just need to take one more step to be home safe and sound. 

    The Universe cannot be clearer than this. It has helped the two of you meet up and then held your hand all through the relationship. It has come to your rescue whenever you had doubts and fears. Now that you find yourself on the home stretch, the Universe is again helping you with such thoughts.

    All you need to do is listen to your gut feeling and do what you consider the right thing.

    16. You find yourself more in love than ever.

    Despite all the trials and tribulations of the time leading to the wedding, you are surprised that you love your twin more than ever. You never thought you were capable of more twin flame love. If this isn’t a sign that you should go ahead with your wedding plans, you don’t know what it is.

    The emotions you are experiencing are not just love or lust. It is much more than that. When you try to describe it, you find it hard to verbalize it. All you know is that you are experiencing an intense form of all-encompassing twin flame love on multiple levels.

    17. You just know.

    This is the best of all the signs you are ever going to come across. This is a direct communication from the Universe to assuage all your fears and doubts. When your intuition is sharp and doing its job well, you know that you are in perfect sync with the Universe. With the Universe always having your back, you know for sure that it will not allow anything bad to happen to you.

    What more reassurance do you want to calm yourself down? Just know that marrying your twin flame will be the best thing you ever did in your life.

    Bottom line

    If you come across one or more of these signs, the chances are high that you are marrying your twin flame. Remind yourself that this marriage is not necessary for strengthening the relationship. Neither should you feel compelled to take this step. Do it for the right reasons and be assured that you are taking a step in the right direction.

    If you are still in doubt about marrying your twin flame, rest assured that you cannot go wrong with this. You already share a wonderful bond few people are fortunate enough to experience. You can take this a step further with marriage.

    Before you walk down the aisle, it is recommended that you make sure that your partner is indeed your twin flame. You may use these signs to figure this out. Once you confirm this, there is no need to look any further. Go right ahead with your wedding plans and enjoy the day to the fullest.

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