10 Steps How to Manifest Beauty with The Law of Attraction?

How to Manifest Beauty with the Law of Attraction?

How to Manifest Beauty with the Law of Attraction

Most of us have faced ridicule and bullying for the way we look since childhood. This is bound to scar our minds for the rest of our lives.

This is not a solitary incident that happened to a few alone. Even without such experiences, the societal pressure is so high to conform to certain beauty concepts and standards that it is leading to serious mental issues.

Low self-esteem and a negative self-image are the common fallouts. You cannot fault such a person for wishing for more beauty and wanting to change their physical appearance all through their lives.

Even the best of the best are unhappy and dissatisfied with their appearance and are constantly trying to change how they look with plastic surgeries, Botox treatments, and more.

Sad though it is, the truth remains that we are born with certain facial and body attributes. So, what exactly can we do about this?

Will you be able to change the way you look using the law of attraction?

Read on to learn the answer to this intriguing poser.

What is the definition of beauty? 

And, what is the common perception about it? More importantly, who defined it? 

The dictionary defines beauty as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”.

In simple language, beauty can be described as the aggregate qualities in a person that make them pleasing to the senses. Though all senses are involved in gauging the beauty of a person, appearance gains prominence as sight is the dominating one among all senses. 

This means the public perception of beauty mostly revolves around the exterior physical appearance. Though unfair on many counts, changing public opinion is not an easy task. 

As this has devastating consequences on a person’s mental health, the better alternative would be to learn how to process it. How much value you assign to it and how you deal with it.

However, beauty is also about who you are and how you feel inside. The inner beauty cannot be seen and hence is mostly overlooked for the exterior one.

changing your appearance

Why are we so concerned with our physical appearance?

There is some truth in the fact that your good looks can make you feel good. The reasons for this are numerous.

Good-looking people have an advantage in social situations. Appearance can give you an edge in relationships, at work, and in most situations involving interactions with others.

A beautiful woman or a handsome man is much admired in society. Naturally, this makes them want to look their best when they appear in public.

The desire to look attractive as per society norms is so strong in us that we tend to ignore the other aspects of beauty.

Can the law of attraction really help you to change your appearance?

The answer is both yes and no. If you are considering this as an alternative to beauty treatments and procedures, you got it all wrong. But if you are searching for a way to feel beautiful, you have come to the right place.

The law of attraction relies on developing and maintaining a positive mindset to help you in realizing your goal. To this end, one of the first steps taken to manifest your goal is learning to love and accept yourself warts and all. This involves embracing the appearance and who you really are.

So long as you have a poor self-image and consider yourself unattractive or even ugly, your mind would be filled with negativity. If you are talking down to yourself about your own appearance, you are sending the wrong message and prayer to the Universe.

The negative energy released by you is bound to work against your goal by bringing down your vibrational frequency. “Like attracts Like”, the basic principle of the law of attraction, makes sure that you attract negative things with your negative energy vibrations.

Even if your ultimate aim is to change your appearance and feel happy, content, and positive, the place from where you start matters the most. When you are trying to attract a goal, it is important to eliminate all traces of negative thinking from your mind and replace them with positive ones.

When you are trying to manifest beauty, the place to start the transformation is your perception of yourself. Once you are ready to surrender yourself to the principles of the law of attraction, you will be able to change many things in your life. It can make you feel and look beautiful, not just in your eyes but also in how others see you.

How does the law of attraction help?

The fundamental principle of the law of attraction says that a positive mindset helps in attracting good things. The reverse is also true. With a negative attitude, you will end up inviting undesirable things and events into your life.

Another vital step in manifesting with the law of attraction is belief and trust. You need to have an unwavering belief that your goal will materialize. You need to trust the Universe to make your wish come true. 

You should be able to believe in your ability to follow the steps of manifestation, even when the goal is delayed for no apparent reason. Only child-like faith in the process can bring you success. 

Ask. Believe. Receive. These are the mantras of the law of attraction. 

These may sound simple enough to follow in theory but not so easy in practice. To help practitioners with the steps to attract goals, the law offers a range of tools and techniques. The most prominent and powerful among them is visualization. Others include affirmation, gratitude, and meditation.

Here is a step-by-step guide to manifest beauty with the law of attraction.

Step 1: Ask the Universe

You may say aloud, “Universe, make me more beautiful” or “I want to have hips like that model in the magazine spread”. You can wish for anything you want to achieve and ask the Universe to make it happen.

Asking the Universe may be done in many ways. Saying it aloud or in mind are the most popular methods. You can also write them down or put them on a vision board and keep it places you frequent. You may also record an audio or video of what you are wishing for and listen to/watch it. 

The idea is to keep the wish on top of your mind so that you will not forget it and work towards making it a reality.

Step 2: Believe the change is possible

Trust and belief are the cornerstones on which you can build your manifestations. Simply put, without these, your effort will go to waste.

Trust in the powers of the Universe and in its ability to bring about change. Believe in yourself and your strength and capability to follow the steps of manifestation sincerely and faithfully. You need to believe that manifestations of your dreams are possible.

Only when your mind is convinced, will it cooperate in realizing your dream. You also need to believe that the change will be easy to achieve or else the attempt would witness a premature end. Believing that it will be easy can get you started working on the goal. It can help you overcome the initial resistance.

Step 3: Let go of the resistance

Resistance to manifesting beauty can come in many ways. Disbelief in the process, the perception that the change would be too difficult, or in the form of limiting beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs are part of your belief system that goes against what you want to achieve. For example, when you are wishing for a beautiful body, your limiting belief would be telling that physical beauty is a frivolous idea and there is no need for that.

When what you want and your belief system are at odds with each other, you won’t be able to move forward in your manifestation path and reach the goal.

Identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs are key to a successful manifestation. Affirmations are immensely helpful in achieving this.

Step 4: Visualize 

This powerful technique involves seeing in your mind’s eye how your world would change after manifesting your desire. This can raise your energy vibrations and fill you up with positivity. 

Imagine your appearance when your wishes come true. Don’t leave out any details. Include as many specifics as you can come up with. This makes your visualization experience more convincing and effective.

Step 5: Affirm your goal

Affirmations are positive statements you repeat to raise your self-belief and confidence levels. They are also helpful in getting rid of limiting beliefs and providing a boost to vibrational frequency. Choosing goal-specific affirmations can help you stay on track in your manifestation journey. 

Affirmations need to be framed in the present tense even if they relate to the goals you are trying to attract. When you want to change the appearance using the manifestation approach, you may choose affirmations like “I am beautiful” or “I have a perfect body”.

Step 6: Take action

The action or initiative, one of the most important steps in the manifestation process, is something often ignored or forgotten. Wishing for something with all your heart and having a staunch belief that the Universe will make it happen is not good enough. Taking concrete action is vital.

When manifesting beauty or a perfect body, the action can be following a diet regimen, visiting a spa, or joining a gym. Set aside some time for yourself, find ways to pamper yourself, and figure out ways to boost your positive energy, confidence, and self-worth. Change your lifestyle to help you feel happy and content. 

Having a positive mindset about your appearance and being comfortable in your own skin is crucial for successful manifestation. Our guide to manifest clear skin in 6 steps may be of interest to you

Step 7: Love yourself

This aspect cannot be emphasized enough. A major source of positive energy, your ability to appreciate yourself is an unavoidable step. 

You may want to change your appearance because it doesn’t conform to your concept of ideal body or beauty. There is nothing wrong with that. However, a positive mindset is key to help you move in the right direction and achieve that change. A positive mentality starts with loving yourself. In fact, it is impossible to have positive energy when you dislike yourself. 

20 Positive Things to Say About Yourself

Step 8: Replace envy with admiration

You may be inspired by the qualities you see in others and want that for yourself. There is no issue with wanting to change yourself. It turns into a problem when you start envying the qualities in others.

The reason is simple enough. Envy gives you negative energy and that is bound to set you back from your attempt at manifesting the same qualities in yourself. Instead of envying what others possess, learn to admire and appreciate them. This may not come easy in the beginning but you will get there if you persist with it.

Step 9: Behave as if your wish has come true

You must believe that your goal has been manifested and behave as such. This will raise your positive energy levels which is vital for manifesting your goal. When your mind is preoccupied with the absence of something, you are sending the wrong message to the Universe. 

Step 10: Gratitude, meditation

Round up the manifestation steps with meditation and practice of gratitude. Meditation can help you focus on your goal and keep your mind calm. Gratitude can boost positivity levels. While practicing gratitude, it is important to think that your goal is realized and feel gratitude for the same.

Concluding thoughts

Once you complete the steps to attract beauty, it is crucial that you sit back and relax and allow the Universe to work its magic. You should take care not to get obsessed with the goal. 

Just remember that beauty is not about being perfect. After all, perfection is subjective. It isn’t your body features that make the appearance perfect or look beautiful in the eyes of others. It is the way you carry yourself and your confidence that will help you look and feel beautiful. 

This is exactly what you achieve when you manifest beauty with the law of attraction.

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