7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

7 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

You were over the moon when you finally managed to meet your twin flame and your soul-halves reunited. But here you find yourself all alone once again.

Now you know more about twin flame relationships and how short-lived the spells of togetherness are. While you are together sparks fly and then you see twin flame separation symptoms, break up, and go separate ways.

Don’t worry, your twin flame journey is not over yet. Do you know that the twin flame connection transcends lifetimes? After every rebirth, you reunite with your twin flame. So, this parting ways is only temporary. You will get a chance for a twin flame reunion.

When you break up with your twin flame, you carry on with your life, finding another partner and even moving to another city. You may forget all about your twin flame in the hectic pace of life you are leading. Then, out of the blue, you will remember your twin flame and begin to miss them. 

Do you know that the Universe is playing its part and triggering a twin flame reunion? The same way you remembered your twin flame, your twin flame will also begin to remember the good old days with you. Twin flame missing each other will gain in intensity and soon you will feel the urge to meet up and then, get back together again, leaving the life you had been living until then.

When you start missing your twin flame, it will often make you wonder whether your twin flame is missing you. Since it is a life you walked out of and didn’t bother to keep in touch with, you would be naturally hesitant to contact your twin flame right away. Instead, you can look for these twin flame signs and symptoms to figure out whether your twin is missing you.

This article lists the signs your twin flame is missing you to make it easy and convenient for you. All you need to do is recognize these signs your twin flame loves you to make sure that your twin is also pining for you. Then, you can make your next move to reunite with your twin flame.

Signs your twin is missing you

1. You can sense warmth and comfort.

You may come across phases in your life when you can do nothing right. Everything you do ends up in disaster. You feel as if you are always firefighting. Solving one problem after another.

Even though you try your best to keep your spirits high and keep fighting the odds, there will be times when you feel that things are hopeless. You feel overcome by a sense of despair. In short, you feel overwhelmed by the situation you find yourself in.

However, out of nowhere, you feel a sense of hope and warmth filling up your heart. You feel as if you were in the middle of the bleakest winter and all of a sudden, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, bright and shining. Your heart is singing once again!

You get the same feeling you experienced when your mother held you tight in an embrace as a child. Or the safety you felt when your father gave you a bear hug

What you are feeling all of a sudden is hard to describe. It is unconditional love, affection, and security all rolled into one. 

Turns out this is how you will feel when your twin flame remembers and misses you. The thoughts will reach you as energy vibes and turns your life around for the better.

2. You find yourself cheerful, radiant, and smiling.

Just a moment back you were feeling despondent and thought there is no place for happiness in your life. Then, for no reason, your heart started feeling lighter and you started humming a long-lost tune. You are surprised that you are cheerful and happy once again. You even caught yourself smiling.

You are a bit confused now. What in the world is happening to you? You were feeling so low? So, why are you smiling now? What is going on?

When your twin thinks about you and misses you, they are sending positive vibes in your direction. This is the reason for your magical transformation. 

3. You dream about them.

When your twin misses you, it is conveyed to you as telepathic signals. These signals may show up in your consciousness in many ways. Dreams are one of them. 

When you dream about someone, it is a sign that the person is thinking about you. Depending on the content of the dream, you get an inkling of what they are thinking. The same is true another way round as well. When you miss your twin flame, they may also dream about you. This is the Universe’s simple technique to bring lonely hearts back together.

Uncanny as it may seem, there is a distinct possibility that you will share the same dream. As a twin flame relationship is a soul connection and a very strong one at that, this is common enough. 

Dreaming about twin flames is also a sign that the Universe wants you to reunite.

4. They keep tabs on your love life.

After you parted from your twin flame, you were completely out of each other’s lives. However, in the recent past, you find your memory being triggered by unrelated incidents. The same thing must be happening to your twin as well. 

You hear from your mutual friends that your twin is making inquiries about you. They want to know whether you are in a relationship now. If so, how good is it? You also hear about your twin gathering more information about your current partner. 

Your twin may pluck up the courage to ask you these details, most probably indirectly and casually. They will make it appear as if they are catching up with you and nothing more than that. But the truth is far away from this.

When your twin wants to know about your love life, it is a clear indication that they are missing you and want to get back together.

5. They make excuses to stay in touch.

Your twin may come up with all sorts of excuses to call/text you or meet up with you. The excuses they come up with are on the verge of ridiculous such as:

  • Check on your pet dog.
  • Want to know the name of the restaurant you two frequented.
  • The name of that particular brand of pasta that you always bought.
  • Want to know whether you are attending the wedding of a mutual friend.

Come to think of it, none of them are important. Your twin didn’t bother to stay in touch all these years. So, why now? 

You may even run into your twin in public places way too often to ignore. This will make you start thinking that something’s up. You are right. Your twin misses you and wants to reunite.

6. Everything seems to remind you of your twin.

Whichever way you turn, whatever you come across, everything and everyone seems to trigger your thoughts about the twin flame.

You started mistaking people for your twin flame. You start hearing the name everywhere you go. Is it just your imagination playing tricks on you?

The answer is both yes and no. When twin flame missing each other, a whole lot of energy vibrations get unleashed between the two of you. You keep wishing that you would chance upon them in places you go. You may even visit the places frequented by your twin in the hope of this happening. 

Your twin is filling up your mind and thoughts so much that theirs is the only face you can see and voice you can hear. Just understand that the Universe loves to play cupid and bring long-lost twins back together.

7. They want to get back together with you. 

You broke up a long time back and never bothered to stay in touch all these days. Out of the blue, you hear from your twin. They just want to catch up and grab a coffee or dinner. This makes you wonder the reason for this sudden interest.

Maybe they want to reunite with you. Or, they are missing you and just want to check the feasibility of a reunion. They are feeling guilty to have abandoned you and want to stay in touch. Or, they are curious about how your life is now and whether you have actually moved on.

The possibilities are numerous. Irrespective of the motive behind their sudden interest in you, the fact remains that they feel a tug in their heart to see you. All those sweet memories from the good old days are coming back and haunting them. 

Maybe their personal life is not so great and they regret breaking up with you. They realize their mistakes and are missing your stabilizing presence in their lives. Even if your time together was not all great, when reminiscing, it is typical to remember only the good parts and leave out the bad ones.

More signs your twin misses you

You feel unusual sensations in your body. When someone remembers you or misses you, they are sending their thoughts to you as energy vibrations. When you receive these vibes, they cause all kinds of upheavals in your body. It comes out as physically visible or hidden sensations.

Such as hiccups, goosebumps, twitching or irritation of the eyes, burning cheeks, butterflies in the stomach, shivers down the spine, or even slightly raised body temperature. 

Here are some more twin flame reconnection signs for you to look out for.

  • Your twin is stalking you online.
  • You come across white or pink feathers.
  • You gain insight into your twin’s mind using telepathy.
  • Every time you switch on the radio, it invariably plays your special song.
  • Just like in the early days, the chemistry between you is intact.

What is the next step for you?

Once you have recognized the signs and have a clear understanding of what is going on, it is up to you to get ready for the next phase of your life’s journey. You need to take decisive action to get things going. 

Now that you know that your twin flame is missing you and the Universe is signaling that it is time for a reunion, you should also rise to the occasion and play your part sincerely. In case you are in doubt, here are a few reasons why you should give your twin flame relationship one more shot.

  • You miss your twin.
  • Life is so much better and more meaningful with them by your side.
  • You feel so happy and content when you are with your twin.
  • Even after such a long twin flame separation stage, you can still feel the chemistry between you is as strong as ever.
  • This reunion is part of the Universe’s plans for you.

You should not allow the past to define your future. Next time around things might be different. Both of you had the opportunity and time to learn from your past mistakes and become wiser. This is your chance to succeed. 

Bottom line

Not everyone is lucky enough to be part of a twin flame connection. Unfortunately, the turbulent nature of the twin flame journey makes it hard to sustain. Separations and reunions are way too common in this soul connection. However, one thing is for sure. How many times twin flames break up or how badly, they always come back together without fail. 

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