20 Signs of Hidden Male Attraction

20 Signs of Hidden Male Attraction

20 Signs of Hidden Male Attraction

So, you have a crush on this guy but would like to know if your feelings are reciprocated before you reveal your attraction. Mutual attraction is vital for a healthy relationship.

At times, you feel as if he is into you but is that just friendship? You find the signals confusing and can’t seem to make up your mind whether he is attracted to you or he finds you attractive.

Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. This article explores the topic of relationship, its beginnings, and how to read his signs accurately. 

Do you know that all of us are giving out signals to the rest of the world without being aware of it? Whatever is on our minds comes out in diverse ways so that anyone watching us closely can get an inkling of what we are thinking and feeling.

You can use the same strategy to gain knowledge about what is on another person’s mind, including this guy you are attracted to. When a man likes you, he doesn’t hesitate.

Let’s see some of the most obvious yet hidden powerful signs of male attraction.

20 signs he is secretly attracted to you

Instead of resorting to the game of chance “He loves me, he loves me not”, picking off petals of a flower to know whether he is returning your affection, you can use a more reliable and psychological assessment by watching out for these signs.

1. He leans toward you

Every time you are having a conversation, you find him leaning forward in your direction. This is an involuntary action we all follow to show our interest in the person or the topic of conversation. If your guy is doing this more than normal, such as bringing his face closer to yours, it is a definite sign that he is attracted to you.

2. He is displaying open body language

Is he crossing his arms or legs? Or is he keeping his hands close to the body? These are signs of closed male body language. If the guy is doing the opposite, such as uncrossed arms and legs and a relaxed body, it is a good body language sign for you.

3. He angles his body towards you

In addition to the open body language, you can also notice the way he positions his body when in your presence. Is he facing you or turning his back on you? If you find him positioning his shoulders, chest, and pelvis facing you, it is a positive sign of attraction.

4. He appreciates you

He may do it as part of a group conversation and not to you directly. This may be something small and inconsequential. However, it is proof that you have caught his eye and he likes what he has seen of you. This may be related to something you said or did. When a guy takes the effort to compliment you, it means something is up.

5. He often makes eye contact

If this is happening naturally, eye contact is a definite sign of attraction. However, in recent years, so much has been written about the importance of eye contact that people have learned to fake it. So, take this with a pinch of salt. Though eye contact alone cannot be used to confirm attraction, you may use it together with other signs of secret attraction.

6. You often find him looking at you

Whenever your gaze shifts to him, you catch him stealing a glance at you. In a crowded room with him present, you could feel his gaze on you, without even looking in his direction. It seems as if he cannot take his eyes off you. You don’t need to look any further. Stolen glances and sneaky looks are guaranteed signs of attraction.

7. He gives you special attention

Even when you are in a crowd and you don’t know each other very well, he makes a beeline to you and engages you in small talk. Or in a group setting, you find him directing questions at you, either mentioning your name or looking in your direction when asking something. Whenever he laughs at a joke, he looks you in the eye as if inviting you to join in. He is initiating conversations or flirting with you at every opportunity he gets.

8. He seems to gravitate towards you

As if he simply cannot help it. If he is already in a room full of people and you enter, he will automatically come towards you, even if you are not well-acquainted. It is as if you are the only person he can see in the room and wants to be with you. Even when he is talking to another person, all his focus is on you.

9. He wants to be alone with you

You usually meet him in a group but he doesn’t seem to be satisfied with that. He wants to have private conversations with you and wants to have alone time with you. He may not come right out and say so in so many words. But he keeps making excuses and finding ways to make this happen. This is a good sign that he is interested in you.

10. He gets touchy-feely with you

You find his hands casually grazing yours when passing dishes around, or you find him putting his hands on yours during conversations. When he is passing by you, his body may brush past yours. You may also find him using every opportunity he gets or even creating some for touching you and making physical contact.

11. He makes plans to meet up

When you find him making plans or initiating dates, he is making it clear that he wants to know more about you. He is interested in what he has seen of you so far and would like to know you more closely. This is a sign of genuine attraction.

12. He gets back to you after a date

If he was not interested in you, he would have kept quiet and wouldn’t have come anywhere near you. Why would he? On the other hand, when he is attracted to you and wants to know more about you, one date is not enough for him. The day after, he will text or call you up on some pretext and try to make more plans with you.

13. He follows a pattern

He is not like that someone who is on again, off again. Some people show interest in you for short intervals and disappear from your life for some time. But they reappear after a while with the same intensity. It is hard to make anything of such a person. However, your guy is not like that. He is consistently persistent and persistently consistent. That is a good sign.

14. He replies immediately

Whether it is to your texts or calls, he always answers quickly as if he is waiting for you. Some people are always late in replying to your texts or returning your calls because they are genuinely busy. It would be unfair to hold this against them. However, if your guy responds immediately, that surely is a good sign.

15. He connects with you on social media

You may have met him offline, but he takes the effort to find you on social media and sends you a friend request. Once connected, you will find him reaching out to you often and initiating conversations with you. He would want to know your opinion on various topics. If you care to notice, you have a steady private conversation going on with him on something or the other.

16. He keeps pulling you back into conversations

When one topic ends, he brings another and then another and then another. It seems as if he doesn’t want to let you go and enjoys these conversations. If you have noticed, he always has so much to say in his messages to you. It is never a single-word response. He will draw you into conversation with more questions.

17. You have often caught him blushing in your presence

He is the one always initiating conversations with you, whether in person or on social media. However, you have often found him flushed red. He seems to be experiencing shyness and trying hard not to show it to you. He may be having intimate thoughts about you and being an honest person, feeling embarrassed about it. Whichever way you look at this, it is a positive sign of attraction.

18. He is shy and uneasy around you

Men are usually self-assured and never bother about what others think of them. However, if he is attracted to you, he would want to make a good impression and that may be the reason for his nervousness. He may show signs of being nervous either in his words or actions. Or he may be experiencing sexual tension. You can easily notice them if you pay attention.

19. He seems to be happy when he is with you

This can either be because he is truly enjoying the time with you or making a good impression on you. His laughter may seem a bit too exaggerated but his smiles are often genuine. Look into his eyes to gauge if he is really happy. Real happiness shows in the eyes. In case, he is faking the smiles and laughter, he must be trying to make an impression on you.

20. He gets rid of distractions

When he is with you, you find him avoiding distractions like TV and phone. He gives you his full attention. In his effort to make himself closer to you and more accessible, he will remove anything that comes between the two of you. Such as cushions, cutlery, or menu cards. This is his subconscious way of showing his devotion to you.

Bottom line

The signs mentioned above work perfectly with most people, but some are not good at expressing their feelings or some hide them purposely. There are still some out there who fake it for their own selfish reasons.

Ultimately if you want to know for sure, the best way is to ask him directly. This may sound awkward or scary but it need not be so. You can make it part of your casual conversation. “I think you are a cool guy and I like you. Do you like me?”

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